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By STLcardsWS on Jul 13, 2016 at 8:45 PM
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    Here is a NEW plugin recently released a few weeks ago on the PSP that i think many may of missed and i would like to thank PSX-Place member and Community developer @Joel16 for making more of us aware of this recent homebrew release. ScanLine v0.1 by PSP developer Omega2058 is a plugin created per request from braders1986 that adds that Retro Scanline effect to PSP Games or Homebrew. This is a BETA release and the developer does warn it could have some issues. Full release details can be seen in the details provided


    • [BETA] ScanLine v0.1

      This is a simple tool to create a scanline effect for PSP games and homebrew. I'd recommend trying this on an 'actual' PSP first instead of a Vita eCFW since it's in beta stages.

      I made this per the request of this thread: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=45810

      I completed this simple POC in under 2 hours with some modifications after googling for information since I had free time before bed. It has a 'shaky' effect from the scan-lines being drawn too (not really intended, but oh well).

      Tested on 6.60 PRO-C (PSPGo).


      • Be warned that I'm not a graphics person and I did the best I could and it definitely needs improvement. Chances are that some games might run really slow. Or the scan-lines may/may not be produced in certain situations (I haven't tested it that much).

      There's no button functionality yet for toggling.

    • How to use:
      • place 'ScanLine.prx' in your plugins folder and enable it in your game.txt file.

    • Source Code via:


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Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 13, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      Ok first this is a VERY welcomed addition to the PSP. But alas I habe no PSP but I did try it on my PSTV. It has issues running 1080i (but I expected this) and runs great via 720p. An interlaced signal isnt quality to staet with but the scan lines are just to big on my monitor. Gonna test on a TV later and report back. All in all BRAVO!!!
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    2. MannyMania
      Freaking Nice!!!! Is there any way this could be ported to the PS3?? To use on PSX titles or any of the old retro stuff.

    3. complexusername
      Similar functionality on the PS3 would be awesome. Manny, you can enforce scan lines within RetroArch. I have fine tuned the shader so well that it looks very identical to a good old CRT except now upscaled to 4k.
    4. MannyMania
      Yeah I meant more for PSX. I've never tried Retroarch but it makes sense they have it in there. Without the scanlines it's just not the same.

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    5. pinky
      it works on the pstv. I can't provide a photo due to computer issues. :-/
    6. teco_rodrigues
      Is it possible change the soft plugin from PS2/PSX classics by this one? Just wondering.

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