PS VITA / PS TV Screenie [TaiHEN Plugin]: Take HD Screenshot with this new release from Rinnegatamante

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    During the GekiHEN Contest plugin entries was a fairly light area of development, but in recent we have been seeing a number of developer's creating excellent TaiHEN plugins, some devs that come to quick mind are Joel16 and reprep who have had several new plugins but also Rinnegatamante continues to create many useful plugins for the exploited Vita /Pstv devices. Now with Screenie Rinnegatamante gives us the ability to take HD quality ScreenShots. Release details and instruction can be found, be sure to leave any feedback for this new plugin in the comments below:


    • Screenie - HD screenshots plugin for PSVITA

      is the first plugin using kuio module for SD access.
      taiHen plugin that allows to take screenshots without Sony compression in whatever moment you want, in any game and without watermark.​


      • Install kuio.skprx under *KERNEL in your config.txt
      • Install Screenie.suprx under whatever game you want or under *ALL in your config.txt.
      • Screenshots will be saved in uxo0:/data/Screenie (folder will be automatically created by the plugin)

      How to take a ScreenShot:
      • L + R + Select = Take a screenshot

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 29, 2017.

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