PS3 Sega Genesis (P-GEN) now playable on PS3Xploit HAN (via PS2 Emulation - uLaunchELF)

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 18, 2018 at 7:31 PM
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    While there is no native PS3 Homebrew support with the release of PS3Xploit HAN (for 3k/4k models) , that is not stopping from other forms of homebrew from launching. Since the emulators of (PS1/PS2/PSP) are now unlocked,, this has open the possibility for custom pkg to use on the PS2 Classic Emulator. That means some homebrew's are capable of running on those newer PS3 console's. While there is limitations, PSP itself being the biggest as the PS3 simply at this time has been nable to boot much of any significant homebrew of the platform.. However that has not been the case for the PS2 and likely the PS1. First we seen SNES Station (Super Nintendo / Famicom Emulator) a PS2 Homebrew that has proved to work with HAN. Now psx-place user @NiHuShu has launched UlaunchELF (ps2 homebrew app) and has managed to get PGEN (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive) emulators (ps2 homebrew) running through the utility (a standalone package should work as well) working on those console's running PS3Xploit's "HAN". This release also contains SNES Station (unlike the other SNES Station released this will boot within ULaunchELF itself not from the XMB). View all the details along with instructions that may get even more PS2 homebrew running in the link provided at the bottom of the article.

    • PGen
      • It works well did not find any bugs and games running 50 FPS.

      Few Random Screens from a PS3 Running PS3Xploit HAN
      IMG_20180318_194535.jpg IMG_20180318_195030.jpg IMG_20180318_184529.jpg

      Prepare P-GEN for use on PS3Xploit HAN:
      • Download This ISO (It's 1GB ISO packed to 23MB :D)
      • Download UltraISO
      • Open Downloaded ISO with UltraISO
      • Put Your Roms Inside Roms folder
      • You Can Test Other Emulators By Putting Them Into Emulators Folder
      • Then Save ISO
      • Conver It With PS2Classics GUI
      • Sign With Resigner
      • Transfer it To PS3
      • Install

      • D-pad = D-pad
      • [ ] = A
      • O = B
      • X = C
      • / \ = X
      • R1 = Y
      • R2 = Z

    Additional Details / Info about this release: @

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 18, 2018.

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