PS3 SEN Enabler v6.0.4 - 4.81 DEX Support Arrives from Evilnat

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 11, 2017 at 12:11 AM
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    Developer @Evilnat has released v6.0.4 for SEN Enabler, this multi-functional ps3 homebrew has many features and abilities. For those new or need a refresher of how to use this homebrew, that also has an optional plugin can be seen in the support forum. This update provides support for 4.81 DEX, disables new cfw syscalls that recent CFW releases have introduced, plus a few components have been updated for latest Cobra Support. Checkout the full changelog by the developer in the details provided.


    • Improvements v6.0.4

      • Added support for CFWs 4.81 DEX
      • Disables Habib's syscall 15
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Full support for Cobra CFWs
      • Russian language updated (Thanks to Lightra1n and Kai Kiske)
      • Fixed minor bugs in SEN Plugin
      • Updated XMB modes
      • Improved code

      Thanks to Annonymous Hack, @Joonie, ZrandiScene, RevilingDante, @Lightra1n, @Alexander and Kai Kiske for his help​

      First of all happy new year, hope all of you are fine and happy :) :treedance::presents3:

      This new version have support for CFWs DEX 4.81 and Cobra updated for 4.81. Now has full support for Cobra, in older versions SEN Enabler allowed mounting games for Cobra after disabling syscalls, now it will disable Cobra in all FW and the only way to mount your games again is restarting the PS3.

      On Ferrox 4.81 will use Alexander's Package Manager instead original

      Russian language is updated for SEN Enabler and SEN Plugin thanks to Lightra1n and Kai Kiske.

      An issue was reported in SEN Plugin with empty menu if PS3's font type is other than original, now this is fixed.

      Sorry for the delay, but i modified a lot of the code and need a lot of test

    • Important Notes

      Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW

      Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 11, 2017.

    1. bguerville
      Am terribly confused indeed...
      You say you know what you are doing that is cool.
      However why exactly do you expect the XMB items to disappear? webMAN-MOD, I dunno which version you are using, disables syscalls but does not replace the category_game.xml file, it never did.
      That would be a waste of time anyway imo. There is no tangible evidence that S#ny ever used the xml files to ban people afaik... In practice we know they don't ban people for it.
      Psnpatch does not change the xml either btw, if it was a real problem psnpatch would not be deemed safe & recommended by most devs/advanced users.
      Anyway if you want that feature you need to use SEN Enabler as it is the only tool offering the feature.

      As to not trusting webMAN-MOD, I am testing 1.45.10 full edition right now to disable syscalls & rightly enough SEN Enabler "see PS3 data" shows Lv1 syscalls disabled - lv2 syscalls disabled. I cannot mount games anymore.. Everything is as it should be at my end.
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    2. seekd
      playerkp420 sent me this

      Originally Posted by
      ***ISO rips are required to get 100% support, for ex) after disabling syscalls, games like Call of Duty will not be able to play unless you use ISO rips, please DO NOT expect everything to be fully functional when you are disabling the built-in features from COBRA. Folder rips are NOT compatible with PSNPatch’s stealth mode due to its ability to disable COBRA’s disc-less feature for folder JB rips****

      I guess that is the problem. Folder rips use to be fine for me up to 4.80 cfw but it seems that it does not work anymore. So I need to convert my game rip folders to ISOs.

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    3. dvaxinator
      Could someone help me? I am new to jailbreaking and recently jailbroke my ps3. I'm on 4.81 Rebug CEX and when I tried to get online, I discovered that I need to update to 4.82. I have already installed PSninja and psnpatch to make sure that I don't get banned by Sony. However, I discovered that I need to install SEN Enabler to bypass the system update and automatically go to 4.82. Here is my problem: Every time I open up SEN Enabler, it crashes after a few seconds. Can anybody tell me why this happens and a solution to it? Thanks :)
      P.S. I do not know much about this type of stuff so if you can explain as clear and general as possible, that would greatly be appreciated. Much obliged.
    4. pinky
      psninja is not used anymore, so it's outdated. you need version 6.0.5 to spoof to 4.82. also, there's a bug with sen enabler: if you go into it with a low battery on the controller, it crashes. I don't know if it's been fixed, but that could be the reason. it doesn't error or anything. it just kicks you back to the xmb screen.
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    5. dvaxinator
      Thanks pinky works perfectly fine now. I do have another question. You said that psninja is outdated. So what should I use to not get banned by Sony?
    6. pinky
      sen enabler or psn patch can do this for you.
    7. dvaxinator
      And your sure that I won't get banned? I don't want to go through all the trouble of watching videos on how to get a new cid. Thanks for all your help
    8. pinky
      there are no guarantees. no one knows what sony looks for except sony. from what I've seen, they mostly seem concerned with cheaters though.
    9. dvaxinator
      Can anyone help me please. I just finished installing CCAPI on my computer and PS3 to RTM. Only problem is when I open up my RTM tool, it says "You need to install CCAPI to use this library". I have already installed it on both devices so I don't know why it gives me this error. Can anybody provide a solution? Thanks
    10. bguerville
      Off topic, create your own thread or post in Ccapi thread.
    11. Mavll
      After reading a lot of posts and some videos, i come to ask :).

      After Activating Sen Enabler, of course it will remaing in 4.82 (my its 4.81 rebug). Ok so far so good. I'm accesing to my psn now.

      One Question: I've read people about using first the Psn Patch and later activating the Sen Enabler. How good is this?, it can be combine the 2?.

      2nd Question: Also i've read a lot of people using Psn Patch Over Sen enabler, but since the last version of psn patch came in Januray and the 4.82 OFW came not long ago, my ignorance tells me that Sen enabler its more fresh in terms of security. So, what do you prefer?.

      Thank You Very Much.
    12. bguerville
      1. You should never use several such tools at the same time. Choose one & stick to it. Two tools would be redundant, wouldn't make it safer & might even clash.
      Once you spoofed the few version SEN Enabler is not required per se. Psnpatch plugin is the easiest to use but SEN Enabler plugin is as effective.
      Note that I am talking about the plugins here not the apps, plugins are much more user friendly.

      2. Psnpatch is built in in such a way it does not require updated when a new fw version comes up unless something major gets changed in the system. It is not outdated & it is the tool I would recommend for any noob.
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
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    13. Mavll

      Thank you. I will stick for now with sen enabler. :)
    14. bguerville
      It's a great choice however be warned that it's very easy to mess your system up with the SEN Enabler app. Unless you really need it (advanced user) you should just install its plugin & rely on that.
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2017
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    15. Mavll
      Seeing how it works Sen enabler around the web, the only thing i touch, its "Enable / Disable Sen Access ". Of course its now spoofing 4.82. I see several options, but still i dont want to touch nothing. In my mind its the red big warning: " if you are using 9.99 Spoof DON'T LOG IN ON SEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND NEVER ENABLE PS3'S NETWORK!!

      So its better not to touch nothing,

      At this point, i want to ask, beside enabling sen access, any advice about to activate something aditional?,
    16. bguerville
      Like I said, now that the fw version is spoofed you don't need SEN Enabler anymore.
      For instance your daily usage what you need is to install a plugin that will run in the background. Either SEN Enabler or PSNPatch plugin. Both can be installed from their respective app.
      Once installed, the plugin will get loaded on boot & keep your console safe.
      Whenever you want to connect to PSN, you just trigger the plugin using a gamepad combo. It will prepare your cfw to look like ofw until reboot.
      Once triggered, don't use any homebrew anymore, mount your game before triggering the plugin. If you want to change game or use a brew, just reboot.
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    17. Mavll
      Thank You Very Much !
    18. bguerville
      Go to
      Both apps are hosted there.
      Read the release notes carefully, there is important information for you to read.
    19. Mavll
      Yeah, i'm there since this morning. But i'm looking how to activate the plugin, In Settings, SEN PLUGIN its disable, when i try to enable it is says "Sen enabler unable to find cobra/prxloader/PRX Mamba". Also i press R2 since to activate the app but no action it made. I'm missing something, that's for sure.
    20. bitsbubba
      what version SEN Enabler are you trying to use, current version is 6.0.5 [BETA v3]?

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