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    Following the release of SEN Enabler v6.1.0 that gave support for 4.83 CFW CEX there was an issue with how the application was handling the Cobra Payload and while it would not interfere with the functionality of SEN Enabler and its feature it was having a side affect of things like PS2 ISO's not working, the developer has done alot of work the past month to resolve the issue with this new update of 6.2.0 that is now available for download (see links below). From here I (STLcardsWS) will allow for Evilnat to take over with all the details pertaining to this update that also include a number of other new additions and fixes.


    Cobra 7.55 SRC GITHUB

    • Improvements v6.2.0
      • Updated Cobra data to 7.55 in all supported CFW
      • Improved disable syscalls option
      • Removed syscalls patch modes
      • Removed IDs patch mode
      • Improved Cobra hash fix
      • Patch syscalls/IDs/XMB option is now firmware independant (Plugin too)
      • Fixed randomly crash while disabling syscalls
      • Removed flag files from SEN Plugin
      • Added patch IDs on startup in SEN Plugin
      • Added disable syscalls on startup in SEN Plugin
      • Added patch files source option in SEN Plugin (USB/Internal HDD)
      • SEN Plugin updated to v3.33
      • Improved code

      New version 6.2.0 released after one month of hard work and a lot of tests in all supported CFW, this time i tested it myself in CEX and DEX.


      SEN Enabler's Cobra will not load embedded webMAN MOD in flash, you need to install it instead:

      The most important update is about Cobra, all SEN Enabler's Cobra stages have been updated to 7.55 and uploaded to my Github account, feel free to download or update it and thanks to everyone involved updating Cobra. :clap:

      PS3/PSX/PSP/PS2 ISOs must work without issues, if PS2 ISOs doesn't work with old/new stage2 maybe you need to update ps2_emu.self, ps2_gxemu.self, ps2_netemu.self, ps2gxemu_stage2.bin and ps2hwemu_stage2.bin, here are the files, just choose the ones corresponding to your version: PS3 Flash [ps2emu]

      Cobra hash fix option will install the appropriate stage2 to the current FW version, check Cobra data and fix all current hashes.

      SEN Enabler uses Cobra stage for the following CFWs:

      • 4.46 CEX
      • 4.50 DEX
      • 4.53 CEX
      • 4.53 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.55 CEX
      • 4.65 CEX/DEX
      • 4.65 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.66 CEX
      • 4.70 CEX/DEX
      • 4.70 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.75 CEX/DEX
      • 4.75 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.76 CEX/DEX
      • 4.76 REBUG LITE/CEX/DEX
      • 4.78 CEX
      • 4.78 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.80 CEX
      • 4.80 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.81 CEX
      • 4.81 REBUG CEX/DEX
      • 4.82 CEX
      • 4.82 REBUG LITE/CEX/DEX
      • 4.83 CEX

      Syscalls/IDs/XMB Modes

      Patch syscalls/IDs/XMB modes are now firmware independant, you can use it on newer CFW without waiting to new version with support, but CFW spoof and all related will be unavailable until i add support to avoid issues.

      Syscall and IDs patch modes have been removed, they are unnecessary.

      SEN Enabler Plugin

      SEN Enabler plugin is now completely firmware independant, all options will work in any version.

      Syscall and IDs patch modes have been removed too, and replaced with Patch IDs on startup and Disable syscalls on startup, these options works with Patch files, it depends on the option chosen will search in USB or internal HDD, with HDD option will search in /dev_hdd0/game/NPEA90124/USRDIR for ConsoleID.txt, MAC.txt and PSID.txt, you can import these files with Import patch files option in SEN Enabler settings menu (Page 2).

      Flag files have been removed too, with the new two options are more than enough.

      Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW
      Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:

    • Improvements v6.1.0
      • Added support for CFW 4.83 Cobra
      • Added support for XMB modes in 4.83 CFW

      Improvements v6.0.9
      • Spoof to 4.83 (Online works again)
      • Added support for CFW 4.83 CEX/DEX (Not tested, there is no CFW 4.83 atm)
      • Updated Cobra data for Rebug 4.82 CEX/DEX
      • Updated SEN Plugin to v3.1
      • Fixed issue if plugins folder doesn't exist while installing plugin

      Improvements v6.0.8
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Added support for CFW Rebug 4.82 D-REX

      Improvements v6.0.7
      + SEN Enabler
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Cobra version is now showed in PS3 Info
      • Cobra support for DEX CFW (4.50/4.65)
      • Cobra support for CFW Overflow/Spy
      • Fixed Cobra stage2 for 4.76/4.78/4.81 Rebug/4.82 Rebug
      • Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
      • Real MAC/SPOOFED is now showed in PS3 Info
      • Fixed XMB Modes on CFWs 4.82
      • Improved code

      + Plugin
      • Updated to v3.0
      • Fixed memory issue with webMAN MOD on CEX
      • Fixed MAC patch on newer Firmwares
      • Plugin now uses *.TXT patch files instead default *.BIN
      • Improved code

      Improvements v6.0.6
      • Added Cobra support for Rebug 4.82 CEX
      • Updated Cobra data

      Improvements v6.0.5
      • Added spoof to 4.82
      • Added support for CFWs 4.82 CEX/DEX
      • Added Cobra support for CFW 4.82 CEX (There is no DEX atm)
      • Added custom CFW mode for Ferrox 4.82 [COBRA]

      Improvements v6.0.4
      • Added support for CFWs 4.81 DEX
      • Disables Habib's syscall 15
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Full support for Cobra CFWs
      • Russian language updated
      • Fixed minor bugs in SEN Plugin
      • Updated XMB modes
      • Improved code

      Improvements v6.0.3
      • Added 4.81 spoof (Online works again)
      • Added support for future CFWs 4.81 CEX
      • SEN Plugin updated to v2.2

      Improvements v6.0.2
      • Added support for CFWs 4.80 CEX/DEX
      • Updated Cobra for Rebug 4.78/4.80

      Improvements v6.0.1
      • Fixed bug in XMB while changing modes (Empty GAME tab)

      Improvements v6.0.0
      • Spoof to 4.80 (Online works again)

      Improvements v5.9.3
      • Added support for CFWs 4.78 DEX
      • Updated Cobra data for CFWs 4.78 CEX/DEX
      • SEN Plugin updated to v2.0

      Improvements v5.9.2
      • Added 4.78 spoof (Online enabled)
      • Added support for CFWs 4.78 CEX
      • Added support for CFWs 4.76 DEX (Less PS3ITA CFWs due issues)
      • Updated Cobra data for CFWs 4.76 CEX/DEX
      • SEN Plugin updated to v1.9

      Improvements v5.9.1
      • Improved security against bans
      • Added option to disable epilepsy warning in spoof options (Thanks to Mysis)
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Updated and enabled themes option

      Improvements v5.9.0
      • Added last spoof from OFW 4.76 (online works again)
      • Menu improved
      • Updated Cobra data
      • Added support for CFWs 4.76
      • Added support for CFWs 4.75 DEX
      • Disables Habib's syscall11 in his CFW 4.75
      • SEN Plugin updated to v1.8
      • VSH Menu improved in SEN Plugin from 3141card's last fix
      • Added languages spanish/english/french/italian/russian/danish/deutsch/portuguese/polish in SEN Plugin
      • Added image version from 4.76 in Custom spoof option
      • Added version from 4.76 in Custom spoof option
      • Disabled spoof options in CFW 4.65 PS3ITA DEX due issues (Need more test)
      • Disabled themes until they are updated in next revision
      • Improved code

      Improvements v5.8.3
      • Online works again with OFW 4.75
      • Added support for CFWs 4.75
      • Added option to install themes
      • SEN Plugin updated to v1.7
      • VSH Menu in SEN Plugin from 3141card's POC
      • Added image version from 4.75 in Custom spoof option
      • Added version from 4.75 in Custom spoof option
      • Updated patches on SEN Options
      • Improved code

      Improvements v5.8.2
      • Updated OFW, FULL CFW, APP and PACKAGES modes
      • Updated all menus
      • Menus more fluid than before
      • Random crash on menus seems to be fixed
      • Added progress bar on some tasks
      • Updated Cobra stage data on some CFWs
      • PKG size reduced again (3.84mb > 1.42mb)
      • SEN Plugin updated to v1.6
      • Added patch at startup on SEN Plugin
      • Patch MAC/IDs/Syscalls at startup with flag files
      • Fixed PS button and screen flickering on Title/TitleID task

      Improvements v5.8.1
      • Added more compatibility with CFWs Cobra
      • Disables any other spoof fix
      • Updated screenshots fix
      • Updated act.dat deletion/unsigned act/rif fix
      • Updated Cobra stage for DEX
      • Added fix Cobra hash option
      • Spoof checks/tasks updated for more security
      • Fixed kernel swapped FW detection/patch with new mode
      • Shows recommended MAC Vendor IDs
      • Deleted junk and improved code
      • SEN Plugin updated to v1.5

      Improvements v5.8.0
      • Added support for CFWs 4.70
      • Fixed spoof error 80710A06
      • Deleted flash write option
      • Added option to patch all (Less MAC)
      • Fixed bug while enabling access on Cobra DEX CFWs
      • [Requested] Added option for custom spoof
      • [Requested] Added 9.99 Spoofer
      • [Requested] Added option to restore default spoof
      • [Requested] Added option to choose image version
      • [Requested] Added option to choose version
      • [Requested] Added option to choose passphrase

      Improvements v5.7.4
      • Updated spoof for all supported CFW CEX/DEX *
      • Added support for latest CFWs (Rebug/Cobra)
      • [Requested] Added support for Rebug files (swp/cexsp/dexsp/nrm)
      • Generate hash of vsh files for Cobra CFW
      • PKG's size has been reduced considerably
      • Some bugs on DEX CFWs fixed
      • Quick patch bugs seems to be fixed now
      • Only one PKG for CEX and DEX

        * This version of SEN Enabler is universal, works on CEX and DEX

      Improvements v5.7.3
      • Added support for CFW DEX 4.21/4.30/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.65 *
      • Added line that shows current spoof on checker menu
      • [Requested] Added option to choose mode while shutdown/reboot from SEN Enabler
      • Plugin updated with support for CFW DEX
      • Improved code

        * This version of SEN Enabler doesn't have spoof for DEX CFW

      Improvements v5.7.2
      • Added syscall mode patch
      • Fixed quick patch on some CFW Normal/Cobra
      • Added support for PRX Mamba Loader
      • Fixed SEN Plugin on non Cobra CFW
      • Improved code

      Improvements v5.7.1
      • Added compatibility with CFW 4.66 NORMAL/REBUG/COBRA (future CFWs)
      • Added option to restore IDs (ConsoleID and PSID)
      • Fixed french language (Thanks to winch03200)

      Improvements v5.7.0
      • Updated to spoof to 4.66 (online works again)
      • Syscalls deactivation updated
      • Updated Cobra's compatibility with Rebug 4.65.2

      Improvements v5.6.3
      + SEN Enabler
      • Improved checker for LV1/LV2 syscalls (you can see them in checker menu with L2 button)
      • Improved syscalls detection/deactivation
      • Added new temporary files to delete
      • Fixed graphic bug in settings menu

      + Plugin
      • Added reboot option ([] + L1)
      • Added shutdown option ([] + L2)
      • Added new temporary files to delete
      • Improved syscalls detection/deactivation

      Improvements v5.6.2
      + SEN Enabler
      • Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.65
      • Added syscall detection *
      • [REQUESTED] Universal stealth, you can now make your own SEN Enabler package manually with any ID
      • Back to Stealth ID (NPEA90124)
      • Added colors on checker [L2 button on menu] *
      • Fixed randomly shutdown while disabling syscalls
      • Fixed BDEMU disable on multMAN while hiding syscalls
      • Added option to enable/disable Cobra
      • Added option to import patch files to HDD
      • Added option to restore default settings
      • Improved code
      • Fixed minor bugs

      + Plugin
      • Improved code of SEN Plugin to v1.2
      • Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.65
      • Detection of CFW [NORMAL/COBRA/REBUG]
      • Controls changed to avoid conflict with webMAN
      • Fixed randomly shutdown while disabling syscalls
      • Added spanish, english, danish, russian, deutsch, french, italian and polish languages
      • Language reads SEN Enabler's setup, if not installed language will be english
      • Added CPU/RSX temperature display
      • Added sounds in XMB while doing tasks
      • Fixed minor bugs

      * RED = Not recommended || GREEN = Recommended / safe

      Improvements v5.6.1
      • Added compatibility for CFWs Cobra 4.65
      • [Requested] Change SEN Enabler's PARAM TITLEID (*)
      • [Requested] Change SEN Enabler's PARAM TITLE (*)
      • [Requested] Shows EID ConsoleID
      • [Requested] Enables webMAN XMB folder on Cobra CFWs while restoring folders
      • [Requested] Added IDs protection
      • ContentID modified to his original ID [FSEN03269]
      • Added option to export IDs to USB device
      • Shows flash type [NOR/NAND]
      • Shows CFW type [REBUG/COBRA/NORMAL]
      • Updated SEN IDs Packager
      • Plugin updated with 4.65 Cobra compatibility

        (*) Don't change SEN Enabler's folder name, is not needed

      Improvements v5.6.0
      • Spoofs to 4.65
      • Added compatibility with CFW 4.65
      • Added compatibility with CFW 4.53 Rebug*
      • Added Danish language (Thanks to ChopstiX)
      • Fixed some lines in Italian language (Thanks to Franzes80)
      • SEN Plugin updated

        * I added compatibility without dumps, so maybe some functions can fail

      Improvements v5.5.1
      • Fixed issue on Cobra CFWs functions (Like play with PS2 ISOs)

      Improvements v5.5.0
      • Added compatibility with CFW 4.60
      • Fixed bug with PSN content

      Improvements v5.4.3
      • Added support for OFW 4.60 (bypass, online works again)
      • Updated MAC spoof algorhythm
      • Added OFW 4.60 certs

      Improvements v5.4.2
      • Added compatibility with CFWs Cobra 4.55
      • Added ReactPSN compatibility
      • Added Screenshot feature for spoofed CFW
      • Added umount of /dev_rewrite and /dev_habib while hiding CFW
      • Patched to allow unsigned act.dat & rif files on spoofed CFW
      • Added [SEN Enabler Plugin v1.0] for Cobra and PRXLoader
      • Remove history files up to 200 users
      • Improved code

      Improvements v5.4.1
      • Fixed bug with last Iris Manager on CFW 4.55

      Improvements v5.4.0
      • Added support for CFW 4.55
      • Added option to delete patch files from HDD
      • Updated motherboards revision
      • Updated TargetIDs
      • Fixed minor bugs

      Improvements v5.3.3
      • Added support for OFW 4.55 (bypass, online works again)
      • Remove history files up to 20 users (next update will be unlimited)
      • Fixed bugged string

      Improvements v5.3.2
      • Added support for CFW 4.53 Cobra
      • Added selection of patcher files (USB/HDD)
      • Fixed USB detection
      • Added actual mode function (R1 while starting SEN Enabler)

      Improvements v5.3.1
      • Added support for Cobra firmware
      • Added support for CFW 4.53
      • Added options menu
      • Added restore CFW folders function (L1 while starting SEN Enabler)

      Improvements v5.3
      • Added support for FW 4.53 (online works again)
      • Fixed hang bug while enabling/disabling SEN

      Improvements v5.2.3
      • Fixed hyper speed bug
      • Fixed minor bugs
      • Universal compatibility with CFW 4.50 (All PS3)
      • Added German language (Thanks to chaos)
      • Fixed bug while enabling/disabling SEN (¿?)
      • [Requested] Added language selection memory (Will remember what language you choose)

      Improvements v5.2.2
      • Added online on CFW below 4.50
      • Added compatibility with Habib CFW 4.50
      • Removed Rebug optional files fix (swp and cexsp files)
      • Improved code
      • Fixed some bugs

      Improvements v5.2.1
      • [Requested] Change MAC on XMB
      • Added compatibility with last Habib CFW

      Improvements v5.2
      • [Requested] Disabling lv2 peek/poke
      • Fixed CFW/OFW modes on Rebug CFWs
      • Added polish language
      • Added italian language
      • Compatibility with stealthman

      Improvements v5.1.2
      • [Requested] Patcher from USB/Internal HDD
      • [Requested] Shutdown/restart will set CFW FULL mode (Requested from some people)
      • Added tool "SEN IDs Packager" (PC/PS3)

      Improvements v5.1.1
      • Added advanced option
      • Fixed CFW 4.46 bugs
      • Fixed CFW Rebug 4.30 bugs
      • Added CFW/OFW modes

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Discussion in 'SEN Enabler' started by Evilnat, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. Khabibov
      @pink1 I posted only one link to another post not external website, however i don't want to make the subject about my issue but only when i saw the post here i remembered my account blocking which made me sad then as it was my first registration and when i contacted the site manager over this explaining the issue i received no response unfortunately , anyway thank you for trying to figure out what was the problem with my account
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    2. pink1
      @Khabibov You are right we are going off topic here but anytime you have a problem feel free to post a thread & we will try our best to help you solve it.

      Have a great day bud!
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    3. SiegHart93
      EDIT: finally i did it the solution was quite simple I had to go back to rebug 4.82.2 and set debug menu in xmb and i changed the region from north america to mexico and again from mexico to north america and it worked like a charm now i can play my BLUS games in their correct resolution 480p in my sdtv ntsc. i though the problem was there because my ps3 is banned and i use to change my CID many times to play destiny online i think thats the reason of the problems with the regions ! Thank u very much to @Evilnat and @pinky for their help :D I hope this helps future people with the same problem
    4. Khabibov
      I have just tested SEN Enabler (v6.2.0) and no issues with mounting and playing ps1, ps2 games, the only issue came out is latest unofficial Webman turned to read the firmware as 4.82 and Webman slaunch only shows ps1 games! any ideas ?
    5. bitsbubba
      are you on 4.82?
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    6. Khabibov
      Yes, Rebug 4.82 Lite
    7. bitsbubba
      So why wouldn't webMAN see it as 4.82?
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    8. bitsbubba
      On sLaunch I believe one of the buttons toggles between console types
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    9. Khabibov
      shouldn't Webman see it 4.83 after using SEN ENABLER :confused3: ?
    10. bitsbubba
      No as it's only spoofed & webMAN reads FW version through a totally different way
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    11. Khabibov
      I tried all buttons nothing changed , I will try again with another controller!
    12. Khabibov
      Oky.. I see, Thank you @bitsbubba for the information
    13. complexusername
      I've used the latest SEN Enabler (6.2.0) to spoof one of my consoles so that I could go on PSN. When I try to go into Account Management, I get an 80710A06 error. Is there something that i'm doing wrong?
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    14. Khabibov
      I got an error too when I tried to activate the system but can't remember how eventually I managed to activate it, maybe I turned it off and on again, try this it could help

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    15. complexusername
      It's unfortunately not working for me. :(

      EDIT: I found that there was a newer version of REBUG available for this console. Updating it now and see if that takes care of the issue!
      Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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    16. Khabibov

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