PS VITA / PS TV Settings+ (POC) by TheFlow - "Interesting for developers and reverse engineers"

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 24, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 24, 2016 at 8:30 PM
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    TheFlow has been an active VITA / PsTV developer finding many things and unlocking various things such as the PSPemu we just reported about previous to writing this news, but in recent days the developer has also released this POC, as TheFlow stated on his official twitter "Settings+ is a small proof of concept only. Interesting for developers and reverse engineers" but by the looks of it could lead to some interesting new functions possiable modding to the LiveArena from the video Demo presented by the TheFlow. The developer has the source up on Github, so hopefully we see other developer's contribute some new functions.


    • Settings+
      This is a proof of concept for a system application manipulation via a replicated and patched module.​

      Modifications - As this is only a POC release, not many things can be done yet.
      You can currently modify:
      • version.txt : You can input a custom UTF8 string with max 28 characters.
      • mac.txt : You can input a custom UTF8 string with max 18 characters.
      • console_info.xml : You can change the order and/or remove the entries
      • system_settings.xml: You can change the order and/or remove the entries
      Spoofed/modded files go to ux0:app/FLOW10015.
      If you want to replace the original Settings application, you can edit the path in app.db to 'ux0:app/FLOW10015/eboot.bin'.

      To developers
      • A list of nids is included at 'nids.txt' where they can all be redirected as shown in the POC plugin. Included in the src is only the patcher plugin 'flow.suprx', not the tool to generate the eboot.bin.

    • Video by: TheFlow
      Via TheFlow's Twitter



Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 24, 2016.

    1. SilicaAndPina
      Files have been removed.. >_>
      atreyu187 likes this.
    2. kozarovv
      Probably due some incompatibility that can occur with latest henkaku.

      Edit: Files are still on github in other developers forks.
      Last edited: May 15, 2017
    3. atreyu187

      It was pulled once he released the screenshot of the new settings. That how I came up with my idea it was from that.
    4. SilicaAndPina
      You got the original files and src code by chance? working on a plugin to hide MAC Address in settings app and would like to know how TheFlow did it >_>
    5. kozarovv
      Is at cfwprophet github. Btw. Is bad idea to use it, better use latest source from henkaku.
    6. SilicaAndPina
      Henkaku src code dont hide mac address >_>
    7. atreyu187
      I have the source code for S2 I will send it to you this evening when I get off of work
    8. SilicaAndPina
      Can i get the vpk also? Cfwprophets repo is missing stuff.
    9. atreyu187

      I'm pretty sure I have that still if I do I will pass it along I lost a hard drive that has a bunch of Homebrew applications on it for various systems that crapped out
    10. atreyu187

      I haven't been able to find the source code yet among my fook ton of HDD's but I did stumble upon the VPK if it helps.

      Settings+ VPK

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