Showtime Remote (Android Apk)

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    Showtime Remote.PNG Showtime Remote
    Use your Android phone as a remote for Showtime

    Downloads: showtime remote
    SRC Code:

    by Claes Hallström

    • Use the integrated search-bar to search in Showtime
    • Toggle buttons for play/pause and mute button
    • Long press on button, long press Menu shows ItemMenu
    • Use profiles if you are running Showtime on multiple devices
    A short summary of the features.

    • Search-bar in the top-bar at the navigation page, uses the search-bar in Showtime.
    • All icons used for the buttons are now bigger. Maybe even bigger is needed for 7"+ screens??
    • Play/Pause button toggles icon on press (same goes for mute button).
    • Long click on Menu will show you the Item-Menu.
    • Press and hold navigation buttons (up, down, left, right) for faster navigation.
    • Setting: Profiles, add a new profile with your current network settings. Useful if you are running Showtime on more than one device.
    • Setting: Choose which page you want to show at startup, i.e. (Home, Navigation, Media, Settings or About).
    • Setting: Choose to get a notification when there is a new release/commit to GitHub.
    • Custom launcher icon!!!! Please tell me what you think, this is the first icon I have ever made. Used svg, really liked it since I don't know how to draw but I know math and xml The source code for the launcher is under icons at github.

    If you have any ideas for future features please let me know: LINK


    222222.PNG 4444.PNG 3333.PNG

    Additional Sources: / News Coverage

    NOTE TO NON ANDROID USER'S If you do not have an android device try Showtime Remote webGUI, as this will work on nearly any device that has browser access and connected to same network as the PlayStation 3 console running Showtime.

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