PS3 sMAN 1.08n (by deank) - Adds new XMB Intergration Option, Improved ICON/SFO Scanning & more...

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 3, 2017 at 10:29 PM
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    One of many legends in the PS3 Homebrew Community developer deank is back with a new progression of the sMAN plugin. We all know deank from projects like multiMAN, webMAN and now the sMAN plugin that has appeared to perhaps replaced (?) the original webMAN (aka webMAN Vanilla) project as now a new feature will allow you to choose between old style of "My Games" with the "XML" Mod, this option is off by default. As seen in the included pic in the release notes, the "XMB Intergration" can be toggled on/off easily in sMAN setup. The dev did not stop there with improving this PS3 Plugin in v1.08n additional details such as improved speed on scanning from external / internal hdd when extracting Game Icons / obtaining info from the PARAM.SFO can be seen with all details of this update ​


    • sMAN 1.08n is available:

      sMAN version 1.08n Changes:
      • Added [x] XMB Integration option in setup for people who like the older xmb/xml style (off by default)
      • Improved scan speed from ntfs/internal hdd when extracting icons/sfo
      • sMAN resources in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/res will not be overwritten if exist (at least until the next version)
      • Supports up to 2000 titles (even in XMB Integration mode)
      • Still uses the same amount of memory (~2300KB free while idle)


      • Developer: @deank
      • Type of Release: A PS3 Plugin for use with Custom Firmware : Such as a COBRA CFW or other CFW types such as (STANDARD) with the ability to boot plugins via external applications ..
      • Short Description: the sMAN plugin takes deank original webMAN plugin and adds the new slaunch feature also developed by deank and merges them into a single plugin that also gives the ability with all the original webMAN features developed by deank.

    • History of Changes

      sMAN v1.07
      • It can be either 10 or 40 games per page. Both layouts can be switched with [R3].
      sMAN 1.06n
      • Some important parts of the plugin are rewritten and optimized to reduce stack usage
      • Returned another 112KB back to fg vsh :) (2316KB free - was 1920KB a month ago without ntfs :) so about 396KB less used)
      • Changed sman.bin to support longer game names/paths/icons - a rescan will be initiated
      • Cleaned some code (about 1000 lines gone after the optimization)
      • Loading games speed improved (at least the perceived speed)
      • sMAN will show the name of the loaded game as popup message (not the filename)
      • sMAN is now properly unloaded when requested (no zombie or dead threads should remain)
      • It supports up to 2000 titles (games/bd/dvd) now

      sMAN v1.05
      • Use [L2+R2] to start sMAN
      • The sprx is bigger (but actually uses less memory) because it contains some glued resources
      • It will use standard PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/Blu-ray/DVD icons when there is no proper cover/image available
      • This version of the plugin must be named sman.sprx and loaded from (in this exact order):
        • /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx or
          /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx or
          /dev_flash/vsh/module/sman.sprx otherwise it won't work.​

      sMAN v1.02

      • Changed netiso/rawseciso implementation (external) - use plugin slot #0
      • Fixed crash when trying to load another PS1 title after one is played

      sMAN v1.01
      • Added "Setup" option in side-menu
      • Removed xml generation - no need for custom category_game.xml anymore
      • Removed xai_plugin/idle_plugin usage
      • Added x2 upscale for small images/covers (w/h < 336)
      • Added indication of current group mode (PS3 1 / xxx) under title name/path
      • Removed "My Games" entry from XMB - hold [START] to launch sMAN


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 3, 2017.

    1. Johnnie
      Thank you very much indeed, great work @deank
      Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
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    2. Zoilus
      jesus!!! amazing work.... @deank makes adjustments and adds features that are logical and just make sense. Im really happy this feature is back....many like myself like that old style...he realizes sometimes you just can't look at things through only a developers eyes but have to put yourself in the shoes of the masses/average user.

      This add on just makes sense. what i REALLY LOVE is that the stuff in the res won't get overwritten!! I hope it stays like that!

      great job ....again!
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    3. Zoilus
      oh and I just noticed that dev_blind folder is always there via ftp ...but no way to disable it in that the norm now?
    4. Zwei
      I do not know what is happening but after the scan (looking for the games) the ps3 hangs
      I'm on CFW rebug COBRA 7.52
      sMAN 1.08n
      The green power led flashes yellow when the ps3 hangs

      Another strange thing
      When the ps3 locked I can hear a noise of some sound as if I had in xMB the ps3 off and scree 3 beeps
      Last edited: Mar 4, 2017
    5. bigbossu
      Triple A - Amazing As Always
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    6. LiLCruz
      Got a freeze when using AC Powered hardrives with sman will freeze then stay frozen but when you press button combo go to xmb sman still be frozen and I can hear xmb sounds from xmb.USB powered hardrives have no delay with sman AC powered does.
    7. deank
      @Zwei I made some changes and trying to make it crash all morning, but I couldn't. Update your sman.sprx and try again.

      @LILCruz I'm sorry but I can't understand you.
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    8. LiLCruz
      Sman will freeze with AC powered hardrives and has some sort of delay what I'm saying that sman froze on me I press button combo go to go back to xmb sman will still be on the screen and I could move through xmb while sman is frozon(which I can't see what happing because sman frozon on screen but I can here xmb sounds and I even shutdown ps3 while sman is frozen).this happened when switched hardrive to usb000
      Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
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    9. deank
      sMAN is not frozen. It happens sometimes and I don't know why. Although on sMAN exit to XMB the RSX is resumed (to draw the xmb) it doesn't do it - so the last picture remains on screen and is not refreshed. The PS3 is not locked nor is sMAN, but the RSX processor doesn't resume its operations.

      Update sman.sprx and if it happens again let me know.
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    10. kozarovv
      There was some problem mentioned with resuming RSX fifo. I can't recall it was in "in-game menu by OsirisX", or "VSH menu" thread, but it was resolved somehow. If your change doesn't fix that, try to search here on forum for solution. But you need to do that thru google because after moving to xenforo we lost ability to search posts from VB engine (older than half of 2016 iirc).
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    11. TOM1211
      Tried it tells me there are no titles?
    12. Zwei
      Your server's msn link is offline
      I have a remark
      The version of sMAN that I had not crash after scanning my games was 1.05n it would be nice to compare it with the current one
    13. deank
      I removed the link because I was fixing something with sman. It is up again.
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    14. Zwei
    15. deank
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    16. Zwei
      Stopped freezing on the screen when scanning my games, I will continue testing
      Have you checked the difference from sMAN 1.05n to 1.08n when scanning games?
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    17. deank
      1.05 and 1.08 are about 50% different in code, so there is nothing to compare.


      In the latest update there is no limitation for the internal web server when serving the game-list with icons (index.ps3). It no longer requires 640KB of memory to pre-cache the content before sending it to the browser. It is not using chunks (not necessary) but works flawlessly. It now uses just 64KB :) (still can be made to work with only 1KB).

      One thing remained that requires a lot of memory (512KB) is the [Files] section which currently supports up to 2048 entries when browsing folders/drives. Not really important IMO, but this can be rewritten to use 1KB of memory (and not 512KB). Combined with .js sorter it will let the browser do the sorting, thus allowing me to send any number of entries (files/folders) in chunked transfer mode.

      I know these things are not used by or important to 99% of the users, but just aiming to use as little resources as possible.
      Last edited: Mar 5, 2017
    18. Zwei
      Stopped freezing here after scanning
      Thank you very much for your commitment and dedication with all of you.
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    19. self_slaughter
      Is there a reason why ntfs doesn't show up in "Files" until you make an ftp connection?

      Also wondering why it shows as ntfs00 or ntfs0: depending on where you look at it form.

      No dramas, Just curious. :)

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