PS3 sMAN 1.08n (by deank) - Adds new XMB Intergration Option, Improved ICON/SFO Scanning & more...

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 3, 2017 at 10:29 PM
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    One of many legends in the PS3 Homebrew Community developer deank is back with a new progression of the sMAN plugin. We all know deank from projects like multiMAN, webMAN and now the sMAN plugin that has appeared to perhaps replaced (?) the original webMAN (aka webMAN Vanilla) project as now a new feature will allow you to choose between old style of "My Games" with the "XML" Mod, this option is off by default. As seen in the included pic in the release notes, the "XMB Intergration" can be toggled on/off easily in sMAN setup. The dev did not stop there with improving this PS3 Plugin in v1.08n additional details such as improved speed on scanning from external / internal hdd when extracting Game Icons / obtaining info from the PARAM.SFO can be seen with all details of this update ​


    • sMAN 1.08n is available:

      sMAN version 1.08n Changes:
      • Added [x] XMB Integration option in setup for people who like the older xmb/xml style (off by default)
      • Improved scan speed from ntfs/internal hdd when extracting icons/sfo
      • sMAN resources in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/res will not be overwritten if exist (at least until the next version)
      • Supports up to 2000 titles (even in XMB Integration mode)
      • Still uses the same amount of memory (~2300KB free while idle)


      • Developer: @deank
      • Type of Release: A PS3 Plugin for use with Custom Firmware : Such as a COBRA CFW or other CFW types such as (STANDARD) with the ability to boot plugins via external applications ..
      • Short Description: the sMAN plugin takes deank original webMAN plugin and adds the new slaunch feature also developed by deank and merges them into a single plugin that also gives the ability with all the original webMAN features developed by deank.

    • History of Changes

      sMAN v1.07
      • It can be either 10 or 40 games per page. Both layouts can be switched with [R3].
      sMAN 1.06n
      • Some important parts of the plugin are rewritten and optimized to reduce stack usage
      • Returned another 112KB back to fg vsh :) (2316KB free - was 1920KB a month ago without ntfs :) so about 396KB less used)
      • Changed sman.bin to support longer game names/paths/icons - a rescan will be initiated
      • Cleaned some code (about 1000 lines gone after the optimization)
      • Loading games speed improved (at least the perceived speed)
      • sMAN will show the name of the loaded game as popup message (not the filename)
      • sMAN is now properly unloaded when requested (no zombie or dead threads should remain)
      • It supports up to 2000 titles (games/bd/dvd) now

      sMAN v1.05
      • Use [L2+R2] to start sMAN
      • The sprx is bigger (but actually uses less memory) because it contains some glued resources
      • It will use standard PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3/Blu-ray/DVD icons when there is no proper cover/image available
      • This version of the plugin must be named sman.sprx and loaded from (in this exact order):
        • /dev_hdd0/sman.sprx or
          /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx or
          /dev_flash/vsh/module/sman.sprx otherwise it won't work.​

      sMAN v1.02

      • Changed netiso/rawseciso implementation (external) - use plugin slot #0
      • Fixed crash when trying to load another PS1 title after one is played

      sMAN v1.01
      • Added "Setup" option in side-menu
      • Removed xml generation - no need for custom category_game.xml anymore
      • Removed xai_plugin/idle_plugin usage
      • Added x2 upscale for small images/covers (w/h < 336)
      • Added indication of current group mode (PS3 1 / xxx) under title name/path
      • Removed "My Games" entry from XMB - hold [START] to launch sMAN


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 3, 2017.

    1. bguerville
      I fully agree.. Such a thread might be useful indeed... [emoji6]

      Also, if, after a successful ird check, a created iso does not work properly I think we should also check the validity of the ird file itself.
      We know that we cannot trust 100% of all the user submitted IRD files in the current db. You can bet that some jokers will have submitted ird files made with duplex releases... Lol
      So before we establish that genps3iso or makeps3iso have issues with a game in particular , we must really make sure that the files used to create the iso really are original files! That means double checking the ird just in case...

      I am not saying you are wrong about any of this & we are grateful for your report.
      But like we said all the files used to create an iso must be original files. I do not know where you got your 900 games but unless they are all original discs how can you be sure of your files? Did you ird check them? (assuming the ird file was valid!)

      Moreover if you used genps3iso with the command line, you only created the iso without tweaks directly from the existing files. However when you used ps3 iso tools you got some default options including the option to patch the game. It is possible in theory that using the default settings PS3 ISO Tools fixed the problem by patching or whatever else the tool may have done before iso creation... In which case, the fact that the game works now could be completely unrelated to the use of either genps3iso or makeps3iso...
      Have you tried making an iso of those games with ps3 iso tools but using genps3iso? That would be a better test....

      In order to establish that iso creation for a particular game is a problem, we must be 100% sure! Ideally we should also be able to reproduce any issue in order to confirm it...
      Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
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    2. sandungas
      but as said, before labeling a game as problematic is needed to do an IRD check of it
      By using the 3k3y iso tool, and by knowing the TITLE_ID of your game you grab the IRD from here

      And run a IRD check with the 3k3y iso tool... after that close the 3k3y iso tool and never use it again (it has lot of errors, is not recommended to create iso files with it, the only worthy feature of it is it can do the IRD check)
      I know doing IRD checks with lot of games takes time, but is a good practise to know the files are correct

      If the IRD check is passed satisfactory then create the iso with either genps3iso or makeps3iso
      If the iso doesnt works in PS3 is because either... the iso tool has a bug (a real one)... or because the IRD you downloaded is wrong and doesnt belongs to a real disc, has been "tampered" (so the IRD file should be taked down from the online database)

      This is the only way to know accuratelly what we are talking about, providing the accurate TITLE_ID of the disc game and a IRD that matches all your game files

      Those games has been reported wrong before in other forums, i posted them here (but it was not because them, it was because transfrmers-D that a scener i trust told to me that was not working with genps3iso, but at this point i cant tell for him)

      Without more accurate info is hard to know... personally i have doubts with them (specially with transformers-D)

      And btw, is not allowed to talk about downloaded games in the forum
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    3. sandungas
      Im thinking could be 2 threads, there are 4 lists to report back, but is better to group them in 2

      One thread for makeps3iso (including 1 list for "mounted iso" and another list for "burned iso")
      Other thread for genps3iso (including 1 list for "mounted iso" and another list for "burned iso")

      The "mounted" variants of the lists is the compatibility of the iso format we have been using years ago in backup managers, i think both genps3iso and makeps3iso are over 95% compatibility with the whole PS3 catalog of games so with this lists there is not going to be needed too much info to add
      The "burned" lists variants though could have lot of reports, scene is a bit noob with this, we can just speculate at this point

      And the reason why to place together lists and user messages for mounted/burned in the same thread is because if eventually appears some problematic game when "burned", one of the frst tests that should be made is to try to load it "mounted" as an iso file from a backup mamager... so all this talk should be together incase someone does all those tests... separating his messages to 2 different threads is weird and is not going to work very well, lol

      From the point of view of the forum staff though (to concentrate all the posible chaos in a single thread instead of 2) maybe is better to separate the threads in a different way (because the "burned" lists are going to be more reports) or keep all 4 lists together so there is only one thread to take care about

      Also, is needed some kind of advise at top of the thread telling all user messages posted in them related to bug reports that later was identifyed as "false positives" could be moved to other thread, deleted or striked, even if the user account is inactive or if the user doesnt replyes, is not polite to do this but is needed to clean a bit the thread so users that writes in it should accept this small rule (that benefits all us)
      If the mistake was because an incorrect IRD, then is posible to keep a record of the wrong IRD, mostlly to avoid repetitive false bug reports, this mesages maybe is better to keep them
      It sounds strict, but im not pretending to sound too much strict, is my english doesnt allows me to explain it in a more polite way, but i guess you get the idea :)

      Is just an idea, maybe will not be successfull so there will be not much work to do with it, or maybe will be flooded with "false reports" and end being more a problem than a solution and is better to just forget about it and let it lose in the deepth of the forum... but just as a try :)
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    4. LizZo
      @deank i have done some tests. My FAT Ps3 is on Rebug 4.81.2, COBRA 7.5.
      On REX mode, it is all ok. On DEX mode, i have the issue descripted yesterday. Can you see if you has this issue too on DEX Firmware?
      I have only sMAN as running plugin.
    5. self_slaughter
      Which one was that? No offence, but you've been reporting a lot of bugs that no one can recreate or aren't really related to sman.

      Might I suggest going into recovery (or using cfw tools) to check filesystem, then rebuild database, then check filesystem again for good measure.

      Should hopefully sort out any weird issues that may be going on. Especially if you've been messing with a lot of files lately.

      PS3 gets a bit messed up sometimes when making a lot of changes and a tiny bit of corruption from crashes / bad shutdowns at the wrong time can cause all sorts of odditys.
    6. LizZo
      I have never reported bugs.. I have reported only this one. I know what i am doing, i know the Ps3 :)
      Yesterday i have wrote what is happening on my ps3. Database rebuild and file system check have not been effective. Reinstalled the Cfw, and it is the same. I am not here to report this in a ''bad'' way. I am reporting my issue to help the Dev, in the case there is this issue on various consoles. Feedbacks are always helpfull, especially on Homebrews imo.

      If needed, i can make a video on this issue on my ps3.
      Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
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    7. stl25

      I started having this issue out of the blue as well. I am unable to launch multiman or even a psn title for some reason. It just launches to a black screen with no HDD activity.
    8. deank
      sman.sprx is updated (

      I hope this 1.09n version is the last "beta"/"unstable" before the official 1.10. It seems very stable at the moment. I optimized a lot of functions and rewrote a lot of the code - probably over 50% is now completely different compared to webMAN 1.47n.

      In this update the optimizations lead to another memory usage decrease - you should now have 2324KB free memory.

      FTP browsing is faster - both for hdd/usb and ntfs drives, which means copying a lot of folders will be much faster compared to any wM/sM version.

      Along with all the other changes since 1.08 (external web content/additional xmb info tags/code optimizations) 1.09n should be the version to update to without worries.

    9. RandQalan
      @deank wow just wow browsing by FTP is way improved especially for ntfs
    10. LizZo
      So i am not the only one :)
      Still have the same issue with the new build (DEX Rebug 4.81.2 Firmware, COBRA 7.50).
      I am available for tests if needed.
    11. geko37
      Link is down.

      Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
    12. deank
      @LizZo Can you redownload the sprx now and try again. I made one change that may have affected the problem you have.
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    13. LizZo
      Same as before :(
    14. inuzukaoz
      EDIT: now i can download it
      Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
    15. deank
      I'm sorry, I thought you had issues with the fan control, but it was another user. I'm sorry but I can't help with your issue because sMAN doesn't really do any patches that affect homebrews. I don't have DEX so I can't help with that.
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    16. deank
      :to all: Please redownload sman.sprx. I guess this is the last 1.09n update. By the end of the week if there are no more problems i"ll up it up to 1.10n and stop with these rapid updates.
    17. LiLCruz
      I would like thank you for this wonderful plugin deank fan issue I had is fixed.:)
    18. inuzukaoz
      As a request, I would really appreciate you if in stable version 1.10n you would consider that when using the combo L3 + R3 + R2 for unload sMAN, the fan was kept in manual mode. I know that from the menu next to the option UNLOAD SMAN keeps the fan speed.
      But the reason of this request is that as I use PSNpatch it is more comfortable to use the combo L3 + R3 + R2 to unload both plugins and preserve the manual speed of the fan. I thank you for the attention and the effort. And I beg an apology if I get so upset about this subject.
    19. RandQalan
      So far ran it threw all I can think of including DWXL to DW and Back to DWXL8 to see if it will load the full game and it do's and without the problem before were sman would not load after
      It fully works now and BTW anyone else notice most games load fast not just off of ntfs but also on internal HDD

      Dang nice love it @deank Thanks :loyal:
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    20. self_slaughter
      Ahh, sorry. I Misread your name as well. Apologies.

      If you can play with it and try get it semi repeatable it would make it a lot easier to work out what is going on.

      I switched to Dex last night and played around, but everything was working fine for me. Rebug 4.81.2 + updated cobra 7.52, latest psnpatch and sman plugins (as of last night) loaded.

      I only have multiman, rebug toolbox, psnpatch and retroarch installed homebrew wise though.

      Only time I've had black screens like that is if my internal or external hard drive had some corruption. Rebuilding database on internal drive or running a chkdsk on the external has been enough to bring my system back to life again.
      Last edited: Mar 10, 2017
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