PS3 [ sMAN v1.06n & v1.07 ] - Lots of Improvements & Some new features from deank for this PS3 Plugin

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 26, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Feb 26, 2017 at 1:28 PM
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    sMAN is progressing into a "Super Hero" type of plugin as fellow PS3 developer Joonie dubs these latest updates the "SuperMAN" plugin due to the evolution and responsiveness as developer deank continues to polish the plugin that combines the original webMAN project with the newly developed sLaunch feature (a new UI for launching games from the XMB) into this single project dubbed sMAN, while not officially standing for "SuperMAN", we have to agree with Rebug developer @Joonie that @deank is creating yet another masterpiece before our eyes as this new UI continues to mature and evolve. Since the last checkup up on this plugin, it was residing at version 1.05 since then deank has made several new updates, making v1.07 the latest release (as of writing this article) for this new ps3 plugin experience .

    These updates includes new rewrites of the plugin for a improved and optimized user experience, in comparision to some of the early version & original POC's prior to the formation of sMAN, plus a new layout of game with 10 games or 40 game display options as seen in the included screenshot, to toggle these layouts simply press down on the R3 stick on your Controller.


    Latest Updates

    • sMAN 1.06n ( | )
      • Some important parts of the plugin are rewritten and optimized to reduce stack usage
      • Returned another 112KB back to fg vsh :) (2316KB free - was 1920KB a month ago without ntfs :) so about 396KB less used)
      • Changed sman.bin to support longer game names/paths/icons - a rescan will be initiated
      • Cleaned some code (about 1000 lines gone after the optimization)
      • Loading games speed improved (at least the perceived speed)
      • sMAN will show the name of the loaded game as popup message (not the filename)
      • sMAN is now properly unloaded when requested (no zombie or dead threads should remain)
      • It supports up to 2000 titles (games/bd/dvd) now


      Thinks look really stable at the moment.


    • sMAN v1.07
      • It can be either 10 or 40 games per page. Both layouts can be switched with [R3].


      :) |

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 26, 2017.

    1. ppr_2012
      thanks this make browsing games more easy..1 request though to add combo shortcut to boot game directly on selecting a game..thanks again...
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    2. Zoilus
      just when you think "how can this possibly get any better and remain efficient and clean?" BAM! v1.07!

      very nice, great work
      and thanks!! @deank
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    3. RandQalan
      Thanks love this use it now all the time
      only thing I wish is multi install pkg but know it will not happen because you want it clean :cool:
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    4. bartelcroix
      ummm i`m sorry i am a noob so how do i install this ? i just know how to install with pkg not with this kind of file ...
    5. Zwei
      Congratulations on the job.
      It's getting better with each version released
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    6. maniek6666
      @Dean very good job thanks

      I have a question whether it is possible to add the option of impressions covers for example
    7. Zoilus
      I sent you a pm about this :)
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    8. deank
      sman.sprx is updated:

      It should now handle properly ntfs usb hdds with sector size >512b (i.e. 5TB hdds with fixed 4096b sector size). Some other things are updated and may improve game loading time from ntfs drives.
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    9. inuzukaoz

      You have to do is edit the boot_plugin.txt file and delete webftp_server.sprx and slaunch.sprx and add the following path /dev_hdd0/plugins/sman.sprx... Then the sman.spx file you put it in dev_hdd0 / plugins, restart the console and that's enough.


      I have a question, can I use ftp with sman?
    10. deank
      Yes, there is ftp server in sman.
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    11. zondieg
      @deank, it is now working. Thank you very much.
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    12. inuzukaoz
      I cant conect... ill keep trying.


      When I play online and use the combo r3 + l3 + l2 for unload sman, the fan lowers a lot of speed. In webman this was avoided putting the desired speed in ps2 fan and with this it was possible to maintain the speed after performing this combo, but in sman it does not work.


      I really appreciate your work, since I came to the world of the scene of ps3 I used webman and it's great. Now sman is really liking me. regards
    13. deank
      When you unload sMAN it returns the fan control to the SYSCON (i.e. normal fan mode - the ps3 decides how to handle it).
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    14. ppr_2012
      @deank what is files section in setup would be useful to add copy/paste/delete ..sman is only app besides irisman which is capable to read my ntfs hdd whereas multiman always fails...& how to connect ftp in sman i mean what will b ip address..thanks...
    15. Zoilus
      there's a way to get multiman to read your ntfs...but you need a pc but I believe you can only read from the ntfs once multiman finds it , you can't write to it or i think delete from it if i remember... i might do a tutorial vid on this. But i just use irisman since it can do everything right from the start.
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    16. bguerville
      mmOS works properly with some ntfs disks but not with others & the support implemented with the pfs driver is read only anyway. For full access to ntfs partitions, Irisman & forks file manager remains the best option for now... Although, given current development in both Managunz & wMM, this situation may still change...

      We cannot guess what your ps3 ip address is... But you can find out your currently used ip address, the ps3 wifi/lan adapter's mac address and much more info from the Settings->Network Settings->Settings & Connection Status List feature on xmb.

      Every local network is setup differently, it is usually up to the router to choose the addresses it assigns based on its settings, overall there are usually 2 ways to go..

      1. You can set up the router to give your ps3 a fixed ip address of your choice. In the router settings, you will need to match the ps3 mac address to an available valid ip address. From then on, the ps3 will always be given the chosen ip address as long as it uses the same router as gateway. Also with this kind of router setup, you can leave the ps3 network settings on automatic, no need to manually input the gateway/subnet/ip values.
      2. You can let the router choose the ps3 ip dynamically whenever the ps3 connects to it but in this case the ps3 ip address is likely to change regularly. To avoid this, you can try to "force" the ps3, via the manual network settings, to request the assignment of a particular ip address from the router but you will experience problems if ever the ip address you choose is unavailable because it has already been assigned by the router to another device on the network...

      IMO the best way to do this is to setup the router with fixed ip addresses for your main devices... Up to you..
      Last edited: Mar 1, 2017
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    17. oneohthree
    18. deank
      I can't fix that. It happens sometimes that you have to hold L2+R2 a bit longer. sMAN is a background app and it can't be too aggressive, otherwise the whole ps3 performance will suffer.

      sman.sprx is updated (and the source, too) with some rewritten parts and optimizations.
    19. bitsbubba
      Dean could you add the option for it not to mount last game on reboot as i use auto start disk and it starts game instantly on reboot
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