PS3 sMAN v1.10n (by deank): New features & improved performance & stability

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 12, 2017 at 4:08 AM
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    A couple of new updates aiding in the evolution of the sMAN plugin has been seen in recent days as developer @deank continues to add functionality and as you see in the screenshot additional eye-candy as well. Following up on v0.08n, deank officially labled v1.09 as a Beta Release as several new things were implemented and went through some testing phases. Deank has stated he has almost re-written sMAN so much that it now almost differs from webMAN v1.47n by nearly 50% according to the guy who know (the developer of both plugin) deank. Also thanks to freddy38510 NTFS drives will show the actual time & date stamps in both FTP & the file explore in web-browsers. v0.10n was recently released as well and officially moved from Beta to the next Stable update , that did just that improve the stability & performance of things like the www client . This plugin keeps improving and new features continue to impress as deank's continues to put his magically touches on this ps3 plugin. ​


    • sMAN v0.10n
      In the latest sman.sprx update the internal web server will use threads to serve files/images content. It will no longer hold the whole www client thread and will release the resources immediatelly greatly improving performance and stability. Until now if you download something big via the web interface and then try to browse games or refresh sman would lock, but not anymore..

      There were some issues with displaying images/files from network locations (ps3netsrv) using the webbrowser but it is now ok. There are also some other minor fixes.

      Update to sMAN 1.10n: |

      Network/ps3netsrv locations should now support about 3200 files (1600 ISO games + 1600 images for example).

      p.s. sprx is updated again. If someone with a lot of network games can test it - let me know. I tested it with a folder with 9000 files and it handles 3200 to 3300, so it works. :)

    • I updated sman.sprx - it now has a separate option for dev_blind. sman_res.exe is changed to support .htm resource files. The source is also updated. Web content is now in external .htm files in wmtmp/res folder. It is still work in progress, but at least you can see how it is progressing.

      The web-pages are still ugly, but now someone can help with improving them. The external files are:
      • www_head.htm - this is present in each generated page and can be edited by a web-designer
      • www_setup.htm - the setup page (only the form)
      • www_foot.htm - the footer
      • www_file.htm - some javascript needed for table sorting (doesn't work on the ps3 browser)

      The dynamic content is generated after www_head and before www_foot.

      I made some changes to the layout... should be something like this at the moment:


      It should look much better now. You have a very early build. It now doesn't use tables, but I rewrote everything with css. Not really gorgeous, but still simple and lite. Shows 99% the same on the PC and on the PS3 now. Also it fits perfectly even in SD resolution (720x576). :)


      Without Javascript the Setup page cannot be used (because js is used to set current options/values), but all other functions are ok.

      This option was never clickable. The checkbox was always disabled and its "ticked" state just indicates whether the lowest speed will be applied (which happens only in "auto" mode). I added back the "tick" when in auto-mode - it is purely cosmetic checkbox just to make the options look more ordered on screen. :)

      I updated sman.sprx. Also game listing in the web-browser on the PS3 now looks properly (game names are centered as they should be - same as on the PC). (now up to 1.09n - resource files will be updated and you'll also get a new background for sMAN GUI).
      sMAN updated (

      I hope this 1.09n version is the last "beta"/"unstable" before the official 1.10. It seems very stable at the moment. I optimized a lot of functions and rewrote a lot of the code - probably over 50% is now completely different compared to webMAN 1.47n.

      In this update the optimizations lead to another memory usage decrease - you should now have 2324KB free memory.

      FTP browsing is faster - both for hdd/usb and ntfs drives, which means copying a lot of folders will be much faster compared to any wM/sM version.

      Along with all the other changes since 1.08 (external web content/additional xmb info tags/code optimizations) 1.09n should be the version to update to without worries.


      Post Source:

      Thanks to @freddy38510 the ntfs library now supports proper date/time stamps for files/folders. sMAN is updated to show actual date/times in FTP and web-browser for NTFS drives.

      Thanks @freddy38510

      p.s. libntfs_prx.a is also updated in

      Post Source:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 12, 2017.

    1. Zwei
      Many thanks for the amazing plugin sMAN (superMAN) :D
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    2. Zoilus
      this is great! thanks again
      so do changes to the htm files such as colors and what not, disappear on reboot and everything
      goes back to normal?
    3. RandQalan
      Like he said before until stable everything reverts to default no changing perm yet
    4. Johnnie
      Thank you very much indeed. @deank
    5. deank
      @Zoilus Resource files are not overwritten at startup.

      sMAN 1.10n seems like a very stable release.

      Judging by the lack of bug reports or any feedback it would either mean a good version or almost no one uses sMAN besides me. :)
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    6. deank
      sman.sprx is updated:

      * Fixed small (8KB) memory leak in content_scan function and decreased used memory with 2KB
      * Shutdown/Restart functions now use vshmain for clean shutdown/restart procedure
      * When using the "Refresh" button in a non-ps3 web browser sMAN will display each found title during the scan before showing the complete ordered list
      * When sMAN GUI is invoked and there are no titles (i.e. first run) it will open the ps3 web browser with refresh.ps3 page to scan and display titles. If none are found (i.e. user uses only ps3netsrv games) one can open the setup page and configure the IP of the server and then refresh again
      * If XMB Integration is disabled, sMAN popup message at startup will include "Hold |L2|+|R2| anytime"

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    7. karenjan99
      deank can i simply change icons in res folder? or i must compile sman with other icons?
    8. deank
      Either way will work. When I make some important change I increment the resource-files version and sMAN will overwrite the files in the res folder in some of the next updates.
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    9. Zoilus
      @deank ... remember the issue i had with the "sman fatal error - quit" thing... one of my customers i sold a ps to and 2 other viewers on my channel had the exact same thing happen to them.

      so after some digging around it seems we all had the same common factor... multiman.

      3 of us turned off our consoles after loading a game with mM and returning to the xmb when done playing. 2 of those 3 had sman off before using mM but the sman icon on the xmb was displaying because xmb integration hadn't been turned off first. the 3rd couldn't remember.

      the 4th person is harded for me to understand because their English is a bit broken but they used mM to while sman was still running too.

      it seems that maybe the feature in sman that loads the last played game could be the culprit... if the game was loaded and with another app and played. and for me literally the ONLY way to fix it was to remove the hdd.. wipe it on the pc then have the ps reformat it and installed rebug and everything all over again. then i reinstalled 1.09 and everything was smooth as butter! and this happened to me on 1.09 and i used the exact same file... the md5 was the same as before and checked out.

      rebuild database... reinstalling rebug.... restore files... etc none of that worked... just a complete hdd wipe solved it.

      1 of us was on sman 1.08. 2 were on 1.09 and the most recent one was on 1.10 and all of us were on rebug with webman off in toolbox of course.

      removing sman still leaves the invisible icon on the screen... you gotta remove xmlhost and wmtmp folders. however the issue still affects wMM if you install or run wMM after... the ftp won't work unless you're in toolbox or multiman but not from xmb. the 2 of us that did this after completely removing sman had the same wMM problem

      after removing the wmtmp and xmlhost... ftp of sman returned but still got fatal error. even when installing other versions of sman. 2 of us did this with the same results. the other 2 i have no idea if they tried it or not.

      anyway just thought id let you know. im on wMM now after testing sman and it worked i completely removed it because i didn't want issue to happen again.

      hope all this helps out.
    10. deank
      There are only four reasons for the 'fatal error' and none of them are related to other applications (like multiMAN or webMAN MOD or anything).

      1) Can't open /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt
      2) Can't find /sman.sprx string in boot_plugins.txt
      3) Can't open sman.sprx from the path found in boot_plugins.txt
      4) sman.sprx exists but is damaged

      sMAN can't cause any of the problems that you had simply because it doesn't interact with the PS3 system in any consistency endangering way. It only works in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp and wmtmp/res folders and doesn't touch anything outside these two folders (except for the game_plugin/fb.xml, but this is not a system file anyway).

      The only thing I can think of is "access permissions". Anyway, the only way to properly debug the problems you have is to use stage2.bin (DEBUG) and see what is going on.
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    11. Zoilus
      since i have multiple hdd's at my disposal i am going to try to purposely replicate the issue and record it. although im about to get busy so maybe within the next couple of days. see if that works.

      since all 4 of us had sman up and running fine and the issue happened out of the blue i don't think problems 1 thru 3 were the issue. especially since installing another sman after wiping out the folders should have fixed the problem but didn't.

      where is the game_plugin directory located? im going to backup that fb. xml first and i don't have the ps in front of me right now...

      thanks for your imput
    12. smf
      I'm loving the updates. Do you plan on supporting the bluray remote in the sMAN GUI? It would be nice if you could bring it up with buttons on the remote as well.

      I switched from JB on internal to ps3netsrv and it would be great if it could scan the param.sfo without manually selecting each game and download covers without having to use multiman.
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    13. deank
      It scans the param.sfo and gets the name and icon from ps3netsrv games already. About the BD remote... I can make the blue button open sMAN GUI.

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    14. ppr_2012
      hi,can anyone provide a guide or tutorial on how to connect ftp to pc with sman,i m using irisman for ftp but dont know how to do it in sman.thanks for any help coming...
    15. deank
      You don't have to do anything specific. Just use your PC and connect to the PS3 with your ftp client (the same way you do with irisman). If you have sMAN running with FTP service enabled you can't use multiMAN's or IRISMAN's FTP - you'll always get sMAN's FTP server, because it will be the first one to lock port 21.
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    16. oneohthree
      @ppr_2012 Just make sure 'Disable FTP' option is not checked, if so, uncheck it and reboot the console. Make sure PS3 and PC are in the same network either on Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
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    17. ppr_2012
      how to note ip address.i use automatic ip detect settings in network & in irisman it shows ip address but dont know ip address in sman.thanks again...
    18. oneohthree
      sMAN should use the console's IP address. You can display current IP settings on Settings > Network Settings > Settings and Connection Status List.
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    19. Dino05
      Hi @deank
      when I select "Setup" in the side menu from sMAN GUI I get content scanning and Games page, not Setup page
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