PS3 sMAN v1.10n (by deank): New features & improved performance & stability

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 12, 2017 at 4:08 AM
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    A couple of new updates aiding in the evolution of the sMAN plugin has been seen in recent days as developer @deank continues to add functionality and as you see in the screenshot additional eye-candy as well. Following up on v0.08n, deank officially labled v1.09 as a Beta Release as several new things were implemented and went through some testing phases. Deank has stated he has almost re-written sMAN so much that it now almost differs from webMAN v1.47n by nearly 50% according to the guy who know (the developer of both plugin) deank. Also thanks to freddy38510 NTFS drives will show the actual time & date stamps in both FTP & the file explore in web-browsers. v0.10n was recently released as well and officially moved from Beta to the next Stable update , that did just that improve the stability & performance of things like the www client . This plugin keeps improving and new features continue to impress as deank's continues to put his magically touches on this ps3 plugin. ​


    • sMAN v0.10n
      In the latest sman.sprx update the internal web server will use threads to serve files/images content. It will no longer hold the whole www client thread and will release the resources immediatelly greatly improving performance and stability. Until now if you download something big via the web interface and then try to browse games or refresh sman would lock, but not anymore..

      There were some issues with displaying images/files from network locations (ps3netsrv) using the webbrowser but it is now ok. There are also some other minor fixes.

      Update to sMAN 1.10n: |

      Network/ps3netsrv locations should now support about 3200 files (1600 ISO games + 1600 images for example).

      p.s. sprx is updated again. If someone with a lot of network games can test it - let me know. I tested it with a folder with 9000 files and it handles 3200 to 3300, so it works. :)

    • I updated sman.sprx - it now has a separate option for dev_blind. sman_res.exe is changed to support .htm resource files. The source is also updated. Web content is now in external .htm files in wmtmp/res folder. It is still work in progress, but at least you can see how it is progressing.

      The web-pages are still ugly, but now someone can help with improving them. The external files are:
      • www_head.htm - this is present in each generated page and can be edited by a web-designer
      • www_setup.htm - the setup page (only the form)
      • www_foot.htm - the footer
      • www_file.htm - some javascript needed for table sorting (doesn't work on the ps3 browser)

      The dynamic content is generated after www_head and before www_foot.

      I made some changes to the layout... should be something like this at the moment:


      It should look much better now. You have a very early build. It now doesn't use tables, but I rewrote everything with css. Not really gorgeous, but still simple and lite. Shows 99% the same on the PC and on the PS3 now. Also it fits perfectly even in SD resolution (720x576). :)


      Without Javascript the Setup page cannot be used (because js is used to set current options/values), but all other functions are ok.

      This option was never clickable. The checkbox was always disabled and its "ticked" state just indicates whether the lowest speed will be applied (which happens only in "auto" mode). I added back the "tick" when in auto-mode - it is purely cosmetic checkbox just to make the options look more ordered on screen. :)

      I updated sman.sprx. Also game listing in the web-browser on the PS3 now looks properly (game names are centered as they should be - same as on the PC). (now up to 1.09n - resource files will be updated and you'll also get a new background for sMAN GUI).
      sMAN updated (

      I hope this 1.09n version is the last "beta"/"unstable" before the official 1.10. It seems very stable at the moment. I optimized a lot of functions and rewrote a lot of the code - probably over 50% is now completely different compared to webMAN 1.47n.

      In this update the optimizations lead to another memory usage decrease - you should now have 2324KB free memory.

      FTP browsing is faster - both for hdd/usb and ntfs drives, which means copying a lot of folders will be much faster compared to any wM/sM version.

      Along with all the other changes since 1.08 (external web content/additional xmb info tags/code optimizations) 1.09n should be the version to update to without worries.


      Post Source:

      Thanks to @freddy38510 the ntfs library now supports proper date/time stamps for files/folders. sMAN is updated to show actual date/times in FTP and web-browser for NTFS drives.

      Thanks @freddy38510

      p.s. libntfs_prx.a is also updated in

      Post Source:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 12, 2017.

    1. smf
      What was the cluster size? If the clusters are so small there are more than 2billion of them (the limit of 32bit signed math) then that may be by design.
    2. bguerville
      I understand the math but it's definitely not something happening by design as any app using the psl1ght port of the library work fine when this particular port fails, dealing with exactly the same numbers.
      Like I said, it could come from the configuration changes made for prx projects or from a bad type resolution with the sdk change.
      The former possibility is more likely of course however I kinda remember having the same issue with a self using a cell sdk libntfs_ext build that did not have those configuration changes. So in short, I am not sure & it requires furthering investigation...
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    3. kozarovv
      Limit of 32 signed math is 4,294,967,296. Because it range from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 ;)
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    4. bguerville
      It all depends what we mean by limit...
      Total size limit? Or upper size limit?
      One must be very specific in this case otherwise it leads to misunderstanding...
    5. smf
      IIRC ntfs is supported in iso loaders by using prepntfs to extract file system data and storing cluster numbers etc and not running the library at run time. psl1ght apps work completely differently.

      The safe limit is 2 billion, because negative cluster numbers are likely to cause issues. You're assuming that you can ignore the overflow and treat the signed value as unsigned, but that would be a source of many bugs. Signed 32 bit maths might work for 1k clusters on a 2tb drive, although it would be safer to use 2k. However cluster sizes smaller than 4k are wasteful and inefficient anyway (even more so if the drive has 4k sectors). Focusing on the average of half a cluster wasted per file is a mistake as there are other overheads with small clusters.

      Microsoft have some guidance:

      "NTFS cluster sizes
      NTFS offers cluster sizes from 512 to 64K, but in general, we recommend a 4K cluster size on NTFS, as 4K clusters help minimize wasted space when storing small files. We also strongly discourage the usage of cluster sizes smaller than 4K. There are two cases, however, where 64K clusters could be appropriate:
      • 4K clusters limit the maximum volume and file size to be 16TB
        • 64K cluster sizes can offer increased volume and file capacity, which is relevant if you’re are hosting a large deployment on your NTFS volume, such as hosting VHDs or a SQL deployment.
      • NTFS has a fragmentation limit, and larger cluster sizes can help reduce the likelihood of reaching this limit
        • Because NTFS is backward compatible, it must use internal structures that weren’t optimized for modern storage demands. Thus, the metadata in NTFS prevents any file from having more than ~1.5 million extents.
          • One can, however, use the “format /L” option to increase the fragmentation limit to ~6 million. Read more here.
        • 64K cluster deployments are less susceptible to this fragmentation limit, so 64K clusters are a better option if the NTFS fragmentation limit is an issue. (Data deduplication, sparse files, and SQL deployments can cause a high degree of fragmentation.)
          • Unfortunately, NTFS compression only works with 4K clusters, so using 64K clusters isn’t suitable when using NTFS compression. Consider increasing the fragmentation limit instead, as described in the previous bullets.
      While a 4K cluster size is the default setting for NTFS, there are many scenarios where 64K cluster sizes make sense, such as: Hyper-V, SQL, deduplication, or when most of the files on a volume are large."

      It would make more sense to re-frame the issue as 4TB, 8TB and 16TB drives with 4k clusters. For that you'd need to know what cluster size was the problem with 2TB drives though. Although you could argue that a drive with mostly PS3 ISO should be using 64k clusters anyway.
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    6. bguerville
      Ok, I don't think you understand what I mean.
      Irisman file manager could browse my old drive without using rawseciso, only libntfs_ext compiled with psl1ght. I am not talking about mounting/reading games.

      WebMAN-MOD or sMan use the cellsdk port that we initiated with freddy38510. Neither apps filé manager (or ftp) could access the very same partition using that library port.

      The only differences between what the Irisman file manager uses & what sMan/WMM file browser (or ftp) uses are:
      1. the port of libntfs_ext
      2. a couple of tweaks specific to prx projects.

      Additionally prepntfs always worked as well but it is using the psl1ght port so no surprises there.
      However sMan & wMM do not rely on prepNTFS anymore but on the libntfs_ext cellsdk port. As a result "refresh xml" would never list the games in sman/wmm but if you prepared the games list with prepntfs then sMan would mount them of course as it uses rawseciso then.

      I hope that clarifies the matter.

      Btw the cluster size that could not be read at all was the default setting for ntfs ie 4kb. The fact that it's a default setting probably explains why other users have experienced the same issue.
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    7. smf
      Ok, you should have said that earlier. At 4k you've only got around 500,000 clusters. It should definitely be expected to work.
    8. kozarovv
      @deank I found bug. PS2 BIN-CUE is mounted as PS1 disc, which make it unplayable. Tested with webman MOD, and it mount game as PS2 CD like it should.

      Tested with 1.11n

      Edit: PS2CD is actually even not shown after game scan. I mounted it from 'files' menu. Just to confirm, I use correct path (PS2ISO)
    9. deank
      It is not really a bug, because sMAN supports only PS2 games in ISO format but not BIN+CUE. That's why it doesn't find the game during the scan.

      I just updated sman.sprx to 1.12 to scan for ps2 games in bin+cue, too - if you wish give it a try and let me know if it works fine.
      Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
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    10. thehero_
      you are always welcome @deank thanks :)
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    11. kozarovv
      Works fine, thank You! Anyway I had accidentally .bak file in PS2ISO folder named ONI.BIN.CONFIG.bak ,and file is recognized as PS2 game. Tested with 1.12n, not sure it was there in 1.11n. To be honest is no problem at all because there are not too many people that have bak files there. ;) Thanks again!
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    12. Joonie
      @deank Hi dean hope you've been doing well, I left you a message somewhere you rarely check. :) Feel free to reply me back

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    13. Redirr

      Deank. Ill never get tired to say thank you for webMAN. Really dude. Its make my day. Using my PS3 to fully enjoin BDR 3D ISO 50Gb all new release.

      You helped me about ps3 game iso and now all works perfect.

      Now can u Please can you help me with Bluray covers? Can't get to work. Please just point me right direction.
      Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
    14. deank
      @Redirr There is nothing special about blu-ray/dvd covers. Just name the cover/image after the .iso (in jpg/png format) and the cover will show.

      My_Movie.png (or My_Movie.jpg)

    15. Redirr
      Thank you so much for helping me!

      I tried that already!

      My situation.

      PS3 Games (Folder and splited ISO) works just fine
      (My PS3 covers are located into BLES80608\USRDIR ) internal HDD

      PS1 and PS2 games shows just fine
      FOLDER > GAME (etc)
      GAME (etc).iso
      GAME (etc).jpg




      MY MOVIE Example 2.iso
      MY MOVIE Example 2.jpg

      Tried many things, with 1 word, like
      movie.iso and movie.jpg

      could be the problem it's NTFS 4K?

      EDIT :
      Well it's a NTFS inssue.

      My HDD for BD-R are NTFS 4K

      So i used my FAT32 4K for gaming HDD
      I used PS3_ISO_TOOLS to split my 41,4Gib BD-R 3D into many pieces 4GB.
      I puted JPG with same name and works fine!

      Could be Cover detection in NTFS 4K be fixed?
    16. Redirr
      Well it's a NTFS inssue.

      My HDD for BD-R are NTFS 4K

      So i used my FAT32 4K for gaming HDD
      I used PS3_ISO_TOOLS to split my 41,4Gib BD-R 3D into many pieces 4GB.
      I puted JPG with same name and works fine!

      Could be Cover detection in NTFS 4K be fixed?

      webMAN mount my BD-R 3D splited files but the movie run, PS3 just freeze !!
    17. galeanicky
      After using mmCM the GUI verson of sMAN (L2+R2) works perfectly fine, but if I attempt to use any of the XMB integrated options my system freezes.

      Does anyone have a compiled version of 1.06n I can try since someone claimed that is when the issue started.
    18. bguerville
      I am not aware of any outstanding "issue" or conflict between mmCM & sMan XMB integration that would lead to a freeze.

      I use them both regularly & never had such a problem.

      Also, here is a quote from deank...
      About 1.06n, I don't recommend it except for testing eventually if you are desperate, if anything it has less features & bugs that got corrected later, along the way to 1.12n.
      I must have the 1.06n source on my PC so if I do, if nobody posts a binary in the next few hours and if you are still convinced it will help, I could compile one for you...
      But like deank said, it's probably a waste of time. Your issue most likely doesn't lie with the sman binary but elsewhere...

      However, note that certain ntfs partitions that can be read by mmCM or other backup managers are glitchy with sMan.
      I have had this problem before & I quickly realised that the culprit was the cluster size of said ntfs partition (you can read my post about it, it's in this thread). A ntfs partition cluster resize (to a bigger size) with a decent PC partitioning tool will solve that issue. When the clusters are too small (up to 4kb included) & therefore too numerous), access to the ntfs partition via file browser or ftp fails, so does the ntfs game scan but scans on internal hdd & fat32 should still list games correctly.
      Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
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    19. xiaoyang
      Is there an multiMAN v 4.82 release???

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