PS3 sMAN v1.10n (by deank): New features & improved performance & stability

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 12, 2017 at 4:08 AM
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    A couple of new updates aiding in the evolution of the sMAN plugin has been seen in recent days as developer @deank continues to add functionality and as you see in the screenshot additional eye-candy as well. Following up on v0.08n, deank officially labled v1.09 as a Beta Release as several new things were implemented and went through some testing phases. Deank has stated he has almost re-written sMAN so much that it now almost differs from webMAN v1.47n by nearly 50% according to the guy who know (the developer of both plugin) deank. Also thanks to freddy38510 NTFS drives will show the actual time & date stamps in both FTP & the file explore in web-browsers. v0.10n was recently released as well and officially moved from Beta to the next Stable update , that did just that improve the stability & performance of things like the www client . This plugin keeps improving and new features continue to impress as deank's continues to put his magically touches on this ps3 plugin. ​


    • sMAN v0.10n
      In the latest sman.sprx update the internal web server will use threads to serve files/images content. It will no longer hold the whole www client thread and will release the resources immediatelly greatly improving performance and stability. Until now if you download something big via the web interface and then try to browse games or refresh sman would lock, but not anymore..

      There were some issues with displaying images/files from network locations (ps3netsrv) using the webbrowser but it is now ok. There are also some other minor fixes.

      Update to sMAN 1.10n: |

      Network/ps3netsrv locations should now support about 3200 files (1600 ISO games + 1600 images for example).

      p.s. sprx is updated again. If someone with a lot of network games can test it - let me know. I tested it with a folder with 9000 files and it handles 3200 to 3300, so it works. :)

    • I updated sman.sprx - it now has a separate option for dev_blind. sman_res.exe is changed to support .htm resource files. The source is also updated. Web content is now in external .htm files in wmtmp/res folder. It is still work in progress, but at least you can see how it is progressing.

      The web-pages are still ugly, but now someone can help with improving them. The external files are:
      • www_head.htm - this is present in each generated page and can be edited by a web-designer
      • www_setup.htm - the setup page (only the form)
      • www_foot.htm - the footer
      • www_file.htm - some javascript needed for table sorting (doesn't work on the ps3 browser)

      The dynamic content is generated after www_head and before www_foot.

      I made some changes to the layout... should be something like this at the moment:


      It should look much better now. You have a very early build. It now doesn't use tables, but I rewrote everything with css. Not really gorgeous, but still simple and lite. Shows 99% the same on the PC and on the PS3 now. Also it fits perfectly even in SD resolution (720x576). :)


      Without Javascript the Setup page cannot be used (because js is used to set current options/values), but all other functions are ok.

      This option was never clickable. The checkbox was always disabled and its "ticked" state just indicates whether the lowest speed will be applied (which happens only in "auto" mode). I added back the "tick" when in auto-mode - it is purely cosmetic checkbox just to make the options look more ordered on screen. :)

      I updated sman.sprx. Also game listing in the web-browser on the PS3 now looks properly (game names are centered as they should be - same as on the PC). (now up to 1.09n - resource files will be updated and you'll also get a new background for sMAN GUI).
      sMAN updated (

      I hope this 1.09n version is the last "beta"/"unstable" before the official 1.10. It seems very stable at the moment. I optimized a lot of functions and rewrote a lot of the code - probably over 50% is now completely different compared to webMAN 1.47n.

      In this update the optimizations lead to another memory usage decrease - you should now have 2324KB free memory.

      FTP browsing is faster - both for hdd/usb and ntfs drives, which means copying a lot of folders will be much faster compared to any wM/sM version.

      Along with all the other changes since 1.08 (external web content/additional xmb info tags/code optimizations) 1.09n should be the version to update to without worries.


      Post Source:

      Thanks to @freddy38510 the ntfs library now supports proper date/time stamps for files/folders. sMAN is updated to show actual date/times in FTP and web-browser for NTFS drives.

      Thanks @freddy38510

      p.s. libntfs_prx.a is also updated in

      Post Source:


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 12, 2017.

    1. self_slaughter
      Yeah, Bit hard to fix something you can't test. :)

      You seem to be on the right track now though! On the first boot it gets every image now. Tested on PS3 browser and Chrome on windows several times.

      It still seems to be waiting for the web server to respond after the page has completely loaded however.

      On the second time you try load the games tab, it stops loading images part way and will cause the ps3 to beep three times when restarting. (Restarts fine if you've only opened the page once).

      I'm guessing one or more threads may be stuck running still?

      Hurray for progress! :D

      Edit: OK, the occasional game is missed on the first boot, but 1000x better than before. In maybe 20 boots, its missed like 3 games on the first go. :)

      Edit 2: Patience seems to be a virtue, if I leave it quite a while between refreshes it generally does ok now. If I try open the tab again after only waiting like a minute, it will fall over on itself pretty quickly.
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    2. deank
      It will be nice if you can test with wired connection too and see if there is any difference. Basically the faster www client is served (i.e. faster connection) the sooner the next request will be taken care of. I intentionally slowed down accept()-ing of the pending requests (queue) to give the ps3 more time to serve files over slower connections and may be this helps a bit.

      I also updated the sprx now to use different thread priorities for each http request so there is no race between client threads.

      With stage2.bin (debug) you can clearly see what is going on in the background after you click the "games" or "refresh" so if you're up to it you can give it a try.
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    3. self_slaughter
      No worries, I'll try it out tomorrow and see how things go. 12:30am here and everyone else has gone to bed, so a bit too late to be dragging things between rooms to get near the router to test!

      Definitely working a lot better than previously though. In normal use (not constantly testing) it would hold up pretty well now. :)

      Appreciate your time and effort put into such an obscure problem.
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    4. RandQalan
      @deank I can confirm the PS1 disc swap by browser not working
      Tried it with Arc the lad III load second disc start game of course it tells you to load disc 1
      When you try to change it to disc1 it will unmount but will not mount the new game both disc are on Internal HDD in PSXISO
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    5. deank
      I'll take a look in a bit.
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    6. Me_TheKing
      hi @deank before i start clean my pc i think way i don't download a program to auto clean my memeory, so i download one and i test the memory stay again still for until the scan reach the game number 69-75 then it start to get bigger, but the good news that the clean program start to free the memory every time it reach 90% or more the sman finish scan my all games 1340.

      note1: befor the last scan i post befor, i install another memory cleaner and that's maybe the one that clean me momry for 100-200 MB.
      so if i know what is the thing that make my memory get full and i stop it, then everything will be ok.
      note2: after the scan is complete i have to clean my memory manually or it will not decrease.
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    7. deank
      I just tested it and it works just fine. Both disc1/disc2 in /dev_hdd0/PSXISO:

      1) Mounted disc 2
      2) New Game
      3) It says: "Insert Disc 1"
      4) I click disc 1 in the browser (either directly or eject and then click the disc1 entry)
      5) The game says: "Please wait" and the movie starts and new game begins
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    8. RandQalan
      That is strange will try again and report

      What form is your game in bin or what?
    9. deank
      I didn't make any changes to mounting PS1 games recently, but make sure you use the latest sman.sprx (download it now).

      I also just tested it from network location (ps3netsrv) and I loaded disc 2, used "continue", load the save game and it asked for Disc1, so I loaded disc1 from network and bam - it continued after the save in the 1st house.

      Also tested the same steps from NTFS drive - all the same - all works just fine.

      1) I don't have any discs in the PS3 bd drive
      2) I don't have "Disc Auto-Start" option in "Settings"

      if it makes any difference.

      The game is BIN+CUE, although no need for the CUE because it is only one track.
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    10. minomore
      Right ive just tried it with the newest version and it works, your amazing many thanks.
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    11. minomore
      any idea if the same method will work with multidisc Ps2 titles? thanks
    12. RandQalan
      Nope not working
      I even used
      using Firefox 52.0.1

      Do they both have to be bin files if so I can convert them
    13. deank
      I don't know, @RandQalan - I'm just using a standard bin+cue version 2352bytes/sector:
      CUE disc1:
      FILE "Arc the Lad Collection - Arc the Lad III (USA) (Disc 1).bin" BINARY
      TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
      INDEX 01 00:00:00

      CUE disc2:
      FILE "Arc the Lad Collection - Arc the Lad III (USA) (Disc 2).bin" BINARY
      TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
      INDEX 01 00:00:00
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    14. Zwei

      I made a point of taking the images of my games and all of them appear the covers, this external HD is 1TB.
    15. RandQalan
      I even converted it still not working by browser
      Not a big deal have PSN version was only test to see why the report for PSx games not working with multi disc
    16. deank
      Well @minomore that had the multi-disc issue posted above that it works for him, so all solved now.
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    17. RandQalan
      @deank got it to work was the stupid browser :rolleyes:
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    18. bguerville
      Not sure it's needed but for info, I confirm that the glitch with covers in the games page when refreshing the browser is fixed seemingly.
      Just tested 2 dozens refreshes with 90 games, they were all successful....
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    19. Me_TheKing
      hi @deank i think i know what is the problem with my pc.
      what i did is take my friend laptop (this is the same laptop i did my test with before and the result was with no problem, the OS was windows 10-bit) and format it with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit (the same as my pc) and run the test again with one HDD has only 301 ISO game + the new ps3netsrv_debug + no AV or any program just the fresh win7 64-bit, and BAM the problem is the same as my pc.

      so i think it's the 64-bit windows, and to make sure i will format the laptop again with windows 7 ultimate 32-bit and i will update the post again with the result.

      EDIT: yes now i'm very sure that the problem is bc of the 64-bit OS.
      i test with the same laptop but with fresh installation of win7 ultimate 32-bit + new ps3netsrv_debug + with no programs installed, and sman didn't give me any memory problem.
      Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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    20. self_slaughter
      Does cobra debugging need to be hooked up via ethernet?
      I can't get anything to show over Wi-Fi in mint linux, with the ps3 in DMZ or manually opening ports etc.

      Also, If you have psnpatch enabled and cobra debugging the system freezes hard out.
      Thank god for the fail safe of deleting boot_plugins.txt when entering recovery mode. That could of been more painful than it had to be. :D (Just thought I'd put that here in case anyone else got stuck trying it out!)

      Yeah, seems to be working a lot better remotely now. Still breaks occasionally and refuses any connections for a while though for me. 95% of the time it's fine.

      PS3 browser is another story altogether. Getting all sorts of weird things going on there now.

      Loads about half the list (down to around games starting with F) then sometimes it will have another copy of the sman page in a square the size of a game instead of loading the rest of the list, or bits of code showing, or sometimes all the games. (with or without covers)... Different every time as to what's going on.... Doing my head in, lol. Tried checking file system, clearing internet cache etc..

      The CECHLxx curse... what a random prick of a machine. I swear it has memory issues when it comes to homebrew, but always works fine in game... so i don't know.

      I'll try get cobra debugging up again later... Computer monitor doesn't have hdmi, and no other rooms have access to ethernet or even a phone line to move the router, TV weighs about 80kg so I aint moving that, lol... Need to come up with a plan of some description. Might have to bite the bullet and just buy a cheap computer of my own during the week to test with. (or another ps3 lol)

      But for now, on a rainy sunday afternoon, the ratchet and clank trilogy is keeping me entertained. :)
      Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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