PS3 sMAN (v1.12) by deank: Adds BIN + CUE scanning for PS2 Games

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 8, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 8, 2017 at 12:27 PM
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    Earlier in the week PS3 developer deank made a small change to the sMAN plugin with an update that promotes the project to version 1.12. In previous version of the sMAN (plugin based off deank's original webMAN with new features not to be confused with Aldostools webMAN MOD (which is also a great plugin choice as well) ) In sMAN PS2 ISO (not bin+cue) were only supported during Scanning. While some members in the psx-place forum though this could be a bug developer deank clarifies the situation by stating " It is not really a bug, because sMAN only supports PS2 games in ISO format but not BIN + CUE. That's why it does not find the game during the scan " so the developer has now added support to Scan also your PS2 games in BIN + CUE format. If you have not gave this plugin a try yet, the Slaunch Interface is one of the biggest cosmetic difference you will see compare to deank's original webMAN. ​


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 8, 2017.

    1. DeViL303
      Yes, only about 70% of games work. For some games you would be better off using Managunz backup manager as it has better compatibility with PS2 games due to config files afaik.
    2. Artemis21
      Does it reads subchannel data? I'm trying to run a Libcrypt protected game with IMG/CUE/SUB but it doesn't work. I've tried adding .SBI file but with no luck. The dump is legit and it works on other PC emulators. Can I make ps3 read subchannel data?
    3. Spawn
      I scanned my NTFS drive after adding some new backups and now I have dupes of all my games. Deleting the files from TMP folder and rescanning solves the issue, but could perhaps still be interesting for the dev to look into...?
    4. aldostools
      IIRC the dupes is because the cached files generated by sMAN in the tmp folder have a different name than the ones generated by prepNTFS.

      Clean the cache folder and use only sMAN without prepNTFS.
    5. Spawn
      I don't use PrepNTFS. I'm solely using sMan. :)
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    6. RandQalan
      How to fix this I found out clean catch with MM or hook up to pc and scan and repair HDD
    7. Spawn
      Cleaning cache in mm I can try. Don't really want to hook my HDD up with my laptop as I don't want to spend all that time to reinstall everything again. ;)

      But it's a brand new HDD, so it shouldn't have any issues. Only been mounted inside my PS3 and installed once.
    8. RandQalan
      What scan and repair should not delete any installed games
    9. Spawn
      So connecting the HDD to my laptop won't format it? Didn't think PS3 HDD worked with PC.
    10. RandQalan
      I thought you were loading games by USB not internal HDD if internal yea it will ask for format

      If external and NTFS or FAT windows should not ask for format.
      Scan and repair was for external drive
    11. Spawn
      Oh, I misunderstood.. yes I'm running my isos from external NTFS. Thought you meant the internal HDD. I did a scan and repair of the NTFS drive. Didn't work tho..
    12. RandQalan
      Just went threw the the stepsmyself

      first run MM clear catch
      then run sman and refresh should work to mount after that.
    13. XeCuTioNR
      Is Dean still working on sMan anymore? I personally would still love to see a PSX Emu selector to switch between emu & netemus, otherwise its perfect. webman Mod for whatever reason still cant scan over the 700 or so PSX games i have without the XML file list bugging out, sMan works great with no issues. But webman mod has the PSX emu selector. Im hoping Dean will be able to squeeze that into a small update soon.
    14. psydefx
      an update with ps3mapi support would be great
    15. bguerville
      You can ask dean directly but I doubt that he will add more features to sMan. If you take the time to read stuff he posted last year, he explained that he didn't want to impact the performance & simplicity of sMan by adding more & more capabilities.

      What you guys are asking for is more of a job for some hypothetical sMan-mod, if a dev was ever interested in taking on such a project... ;)
    16. psydefx
      yeah i did read deank saying something like that. maybe he can release the source code at least
    17. bguerville
      The source code has always been available for sMan. The link is in the OP. ;)
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    18. psydefx
    19. bguerville
      Look in the wMM source code, you will find a file called ps3mapi.h. Everything you need is there really, you can lift it from wMM & add it to the sMan project. Then make the appropriate calls in sMan's main.c.
      Search wMM main.c for all the parts starting with "#ifdef PS3MAPI" to see where the PS3MAPI calls are. You will need to copy some of them to sMan's main.c but others will not be necessary.
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    20. psydefx
      ill take a look. see if i can figure it out. thanks

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