PS3 sMAN (webMAN + sLaunch) combined into a single plugin by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 13, 2017 at 8:55 PM
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    We have seen developer @deank cooking up some nice brew lately, the latest creation of sLaunch has now evolved into a new plugin called sMAN, bringing the original vision of the developer to this single plugin containing webMAN & sLaunch, rather then having two separate plugins loaded at boot time (like the preview releases) deank uses a single plugin slot while making sLaunch an even faster sprx loaded dynamically. For simplicity, he concatenated into just one file called sman.sprx the various sprx parts of the app (rawseciso/netiso/slaunch/sman) as well as the html parts of the XMB "Sman Games" feature. If you like to use this alternative UI for loading games, then you should use the sMAN plugin going forward, if you like the traditional way (w/ My Games) then you can use the XMB feature or simply switch to the webMAN plugin as both version will still available for users.


    • Now, let's move forward to the next step...

      Later today I'll release the "sMAN" - which is webMAN + sLaunch in one plugin. The reason - this is what webMAN was supposed to be - the way I wanted to be since day one:
      • Use only one plugin slot
      • Use about 128KB less vsh memory (about 384KB total vsh memory)
      • Support for /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb128
      • No need for boot delays for scanning usb drives
      • No need for XML generation, "refresh xml" or other complicated tasks
      • No need for the "My Games" entry in XMB (no need for custom category_game.xml)
      • Simplified setup page, eject/unmount/rescan/grouping options available within sMAN's front-end (sLaunch)
      • Support for over 1000 games
      • FTP/WEB/NTFS/NETISO support by the sMAN's back-end (webMAN)
      • Simple use in any cobra compatible CFW by adding sman.sprx to boot_plugins.txt without modifying other files
      • The front-end (menu) is not using resources when not active (opposed to slaunch.sprx)
      • Updated - it now supports switching groups/content-type (ALL/PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/VIDEO) - press the [SQUARE] button.



      p.s. The features in bold will be gradually introduced for easier transition for the users who decide to switch to sMAN.

      Edit: eventually deank decided to add the XMB "Webman Games" feature to sMan as many end users were asking for it.
      It brings back the old XML creation problem he originally wanted to get rid of however it works quite well.
      The only real glitch in sMan 1.11n (& in the latest wMM actually) is found with a limited number of ntfs hdd where the partition cannot be read using the libntfs_ext library port. Hopefully this bug should get fixed after investigation...

      The XMB Game list remains optional however, to be toggled in the sMan settings page.

    • Random Comments about sMAN from deank
      • The good thing about sMAN is that it doesn't require large amounts of memory no matter how many games you have. It can handle 2000, 3000, 5000 games even.
      • sMAN is working a bit faster than sLaunch (at least it looks that way).
      • If you decide to use sman.sprx - remove webftp_server.sprx and slaunch.sprx from your boot_plugins.txt. It is not possible to use them at the same time.
      • Yes, fan-control is still there, because it is "webMAN" in the background. For languages - there is nothing different to webMAN - you'll have to compile it yourself with proper gui.h.

    • Video (POC Version)
      ScreenShot (from preview version)


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 13, 2017.

    1. Zoilus
      NICE...give @deank $50 ! lol
    2. STLcardsWS
      • disable webman in toolbox.
      • keep cobra enabled
      • add sman.sprx path to the boot_plugin.txt file on root of your internal drive,
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    3. Zoilus
      oops never mind ...its just a sprx...I thought it was a pkg ...duh moment
      Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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    4. bokiroki
      So, if i have regular habib cfw and webman mod, whats the steps to delete completely webman mod and install sman? i would like to delete all parts, so what folders in temp should i also delete?
    5. Phil
      Gna test this out tonight on a freshly formatted hdd will report back but looks very promising
    6. atreyu187
      My oh my this is amazing!! And fixed my weird issues with my system removing old slaunch as it didn't play nice with my system. Its back to "normal" with a lovely new feature. Guess Rebug will no longer support webMAN to please "purisit" now
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    7. atreyu187
      Since mention doesn't work on edit @deank when in DEX using CEX LV2 entering webMAN only shows sMAN options and launch sMAN. But in full CEX mode webMAN returns. I do want both as I love wmM MOD's extra features and prefer DEX mode is there a reason for this? Haven't tested any other modes using Toolbox but I will tomorrow I was just hoping you could shed some light as to why My Games folder shows wmM MOD in CEX but sMAN options in DEX mode?
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    8. deank
      Probably in CEX it loads webftp_server.sprx - I remember seeing it in stage2 - if there is no webMAN in boot_plugings it loads it from /dev_flash. Not good IMHO, but anyway.
    9. Joonie
      He's loading CEX lv2 while his target id is 0x82 (DEX) I think the issue is the detection method that's used in sMan.

      Both cex/dex have the same code to load webftp_server from dev_flash

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    10. deank
      sMAN/webMAN doesn't care about the current target/cfw/etc. These only matter when you load a game, but not for its appearance or other functions. May be his system is loading both sman.sprx and webftp_server.sprx.
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    11. atreyu187

      Will do more testing tomorrow but 3:38 AM and I have to be up by 7am for getting the kid to school then work but AMAZING work but then again thats all you (and @Joonie BTW, you two are awe inspiring)
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    12. Joonie
      I see, yeah I already made up my mind to remove that webman integration from Cobra for future releases.

      This should've been done long ago. Sorry for making unnecessary confusion

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    13. deank
      This is sMAN's source:

      Please use it just for information and not to compile mod versions. I post it just to illustrate the differences between wM+sLaunch and sMAN, and the way sLaunch is integrated. It shows how grouping of content is done and shows why it needs just few KB of memory even with 2000 games.
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    14. algua
      Thanks for your work Deank! I tested sMan, it works ok from menu, but dont launch when holding start button, Im on Habib 4.81 1.02, webMan was removed from boot_plugins and from hdd.

      Also, do you consider to add ability to sort titles in list, and if its not hard maybe you can add useful information on sMan menu, such as ip adress, free space, temperature, connected devices, etc. (I add photo of ideal looking game manager, in my opinion of course).

      And last question, does sMan is final name ? Because ungrateful people who do not appreciate your work can call it assMan.

      Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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    15. deank
      I'm on the same firmware and pressing the [START] button activates sMAN instantly. If you have key-combos disabled in the setup then it won't work of course. It won't work also if you're game-pad is assigned to port 4 or higher (only 1, 2 and 3 will activate sMAN and only 1 and 2 will work in sMAN).

      Your screenshot looks 99% like a very old multiMAN version.

      About the name - I really don't care what grateful or ungrateful people think about it or me. :)
      Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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    16. algua
      Yes, I've disabled key-combos... :) Thanks! Start works now...

      That screenshot from 02.09 version of multiMAN. I find it best looking because it show all needed information, it show games in list, because when you sort game in list you dont need to download game covers, it just uses ICON0.png.

      Sorry for my english.
    17. CYB3R18
      Hello thank you all for your contributions, I am using the sman and when I go to Launch sman I do not appear usb games.the message that appears when you turn on the PS3 setting primary usb_000 is normal? It is normal that I have to go to SMAN Setup and press in refresh to be able to see the hard dico games.

      ps: I've connected a more modern hard drive and works perfect. But I do not understand why the other does not :confused3:
      Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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    18. self_slaughter
      Ahh sweet, I'll have to try sman out later tonight if it's that quick at launching.
      slaunch 0.9 took around 6 seconds (sometimes less) of holding the start button to work on my console on rebug.
      Exciting times indeed! :D

      edit: Yeap, definitely a lot faster now. Will have to try it out on the big TV one day to see how it should look.
      Still prefer webman personally, but choice is a glorious thing!

      Just made two plugin text files for a quick rename and swap without needing to use the pc when I want to see how things are progressing. :victorious:
      Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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    19. Checcolino80
      it would be convenient (but not necessary), to implement the screenshot capture function when you press the select (the function key is present in the VSH Menu, but I do not like to use many plugins)
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