PS3 sMAN (webMAN + sLaunch) combined into a single plugin by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 13, 2017 at 8:55 PM
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    We have seen developer @deank cooking up some nice brew lately, the latest creation of sLaunch has now evolved into a new plugin called sMAN, bringing the original vision of the developer to this single plugin containing webMAN & sLaunch, rather then having two separate plugins loaded at boot time (like the preview releases) deank uses a single plugin slot while making sLaunch an even faster sprx loaded dynamically. For simplicity, he concatenated into just one file called sman.sprx the various sprx parts of the app (rawseciso/netiso/slaunch/sman) as well as the html parts of the XMB "Sman Games" feature. If you like to use this alternative UI for loading games, then you should use the sMAN plugin going forward, if you like the traditional way (w/ My Games) then you can use the XMB feature or simply switch to the webMAN plugin as both version will still available for users.


    • Now, let's move forward to the next step...

      Later today I'll release the "sMAN" - which is webMAN + sLaunch in one plugin. The reason - this is what webMAN was supposed to be - the way I wanted to be since day one:
      • Use only one plugin slot
      • Use about 128KB less vsh memory (about 384KB total vsh memory)
      • Support for /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb128
      • No need for boot delays for scanning usb drives
      • No need for XML generation, "refresh xml" or other complicated tasks
      • No need for the "My Games" entry in XMB (no need for custom category_game.xml)
      • Simplified setup page, eject/unmount/rescan/grouping options available within sMAN's front-end (sLaunch)
      • Support for over 1000 games
      • FTP/WEB/NTFS/NETISO support by the sMAN's back-end (webMAN)
      • Simple use in any cobra compatible CFW by adding sman.sprx to boot_plugins.txt without modifying other files
      • The front-end (menu) is not using resources when not active (opposed to slaunch.sprx)
      • Updated - it now supports switching groups/content-type (ALL/PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/VIDEO) - press the [SQUARE] button.



      p.s. The features in bold will be gradually introduced for easier transition for the users who decide to switch to sMAN.

      Edit: eventually deank decided to add the XMB "Webman Games" feature to sMan as many end users were asking for it.
      It brings back the old XML creation problem he originally wanted to get rid of however it works quite well.
      The only real glitch in sMan 1.11n (& in the latest wMM actually) is found with a limited number of ntfs hdd where the partition cannot be read using the libntfs_ext library port. Hopefully this bug should get fixed after investigation...

      The XMB Game list remains optional however, to be toggled in the sMan settings page.

    • Random Comments about sMAN from deank
      • The good thing about sMAN is that it doesn't require large amounts of memory no matter how many games you have. It can handle 2000, 3000, 5000 games even.
      • sMAN is working a bit faster than sLaunch (at least it looks that way).
      • If you decide to use sman.sprx - remove webftp_server.sprx and slaunch.sprx from your boot_plugins.txt. It is not possible to use them at the same time.
      • Yes, fan-control is still there, because it is "webMAN" in the background. For languages - there is nothing different to webMAN - you'll have to compile it yourself with proper gui.h.

    • Video (POC Version)
      ScreenShot (from preview version)


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 13, 2017.

    1. Spawn
    2. Spawn
      Just wanted to say, @deank I really love sMan.

      Only thing I'm experiencing is some occasional misfire/lag when holding L2+R2 to open sMan gui.

      Other than that it's smooth and just simply put perfect. :D
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    3. Spawn
      How can I use NTFS external HDD with sMan?

      I hooked up my 2tb drive to left USB port, but sMan doesn't see the games in /GAMES/ folder.
    4. DeViL303
      For NTFS drives you need to use ISOs in PS3ISO folder.
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    5. Spawn
      Dang! Then I better get on the task of converting my games to ISO.

      Got like 90 in total and 20 more to create PS3 extra on. ;)
    6. Spawn
      I'm using PS3_ISO_TOOLS v2.2 to batch convert my games. I see 2 options: makeps3iso and genps3iso. Which should I use? I have created PS3 extra folders for the games.
    7. DeViL303
      I always just left it on default, I don't know what the difference is though. Sure try one before you do the whole lot just in case.
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    8. Spawn
      Finally finished converting my games to ISO.

      Didn't do any good tho, as sMan still don't list them. Can't find any settings for it neither. :(
    9. bguerville
      Can you access the ntfs drive by sMan ftp or its file explorer?
      If not, it's often due to one of these 2 reasons.
      1. Your hdd is using GPT partitioning & it should be changed to MBR (drive won't even be listed).
      2. The ntfs partition cluster size is too small & a bigger size should be applied to the whole partition with a partitioning tool. Iirc you require 8kb minimun cluster size (drive will be listed but inaccessible).
      Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
    10. Spawn
      I can see the drive in setup/files but it shows nothing if I click it.

      I know it's MBR but the cluster size I'm not sure about.

      Do you have a recommended tool for that, and will it erase everything on my drive?
    11. bguerville
      No recommended tools but on Windows, Minitool Partition Wizard Pro (not Free) should be able to resize your ntfs clusters without losing data if you need... Other tools can do it too on Linux or Windows...
      Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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    12. Spawn
      Sorry, bad typing. I meant program... ;)

      Ok, so I'll check how much partwiz pro lands on.. :)


      Forgot to mention that Multiman sees the games without issues.
      Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
    13. gosseux
      Put your games in PS3ISO (all caps) and no subfolders
    14. bguerville
      I dunno for sure whether your problem is cluster related or not but it's a very strong possibility.
      Multiman uses the psl1ght libntfs library which supports a 4kb cluster size same as Irisman or Managunz.
      sMan & latest wMM use the cellsdk port with specific settings for sprx & cluster sizes under 8kb are a problem. I know because I experienced the same problem myself with 4kb clusters back when deank released the ntfs version of sMan, resizing the clusters fixed everything for me.
      Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
    15. Spawn
      So I forked up 40$ for partition wizard pro, ran it and tried changing the cluster size. I get error: invalid config file.

    16. bguerville
      IF the partition cluster size was small enough to be an issue (did you check?), buying a partitioning software to do the resizing job was not necessary, the resizing GUI feature the software offers is really for convenience sake only, to avoid first copying the data to PC or another hdd before reformatting the partition with a specific cluster size rather than the default value & finally restoring the saved data on the new partition.

      You are not giving any details about the problem.
      1. Was the cluster resizing job successful? What was the original size? What is the new cluster size now?
      2. Assuming the resizing job was successful, the partition is sound & accessible on PC, does multiman still list your ntfs iso games ok?
      3. What gives you an "invalid config file" error? SMan? When does that happen exactly?
      Is it the exact wording? I don't recall such an error message in sMan..
      If sMan really spits out an error about its own configuration file then the first thing to try would be deleting it (/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/sman.cnf) & rebooting.
    17. Spawn
      Well, the software has some other nice features as well, so it's not solely for resizing I bought it.

      The cluster size is 4kb.

      1. No, it didn't even start.
      3. Minitool partition wizard pro gives the error when I try to resize the cluster. The exact message is: "invalid configure file".
    18. bguerville
      4kb is too small. If I am not mistaken, I think it's the default option for a 2Tb partition on Windows too.

      I can't tell what's wrong with the resizing feature failing. I assume that the problem comes from errors detected on your partition though.
      You may want to try a file system check & fix any errors before attempting a resize again.
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    19. Spawn
      Thanks. I'll give it a go. :)
    20. Spawn
      So I scanned and fixed all errors on my drive. Sadly it still won't let me resize the clusters.

      Don't really have the space for transferring my backups to any other drive, so formatting the drive is not an option ATM.

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