PS3HEN (SOLVED) Question: Why my PS3 went to Sleep when launching MP4 or ISO on Irisman?

Discussion in 'General PS3 Discussion' started by Infiltraitor, May 19, 2019.

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is a followup inquiry related to my HEN installation on the PS3:

    I am able to install HEN and Irisman on my PS3 and here's what happened:
    - Enabling HEN
    - Launching Irisman
    - Went to Filemanager and launch an MP4 video
    - System when black > no signal > then PS3 power indicator turned off
    - Press the power button > PS3 power indicator turned Red
    - Press the power button again > PS3 power turned Green
    - Then I'm greeted with "System was not shut down properly" Message
    ** This also happens the same with ISO, I've done it twice on an ISO and same thing happened.
    When I'm doing the PS3 ISOs, I'm launching it from Irismans Game list not on the File Manager, I did know what should happen after I launch an ISO. But instead of exiting back to XML, It makes my PS3 do something else.

    What could be causing this, and how would I fix this issue?

    Edit: I tried Multiman, and thankfully I was able to launch my first ISO. I think from here on I will be using this application instead.
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