PlayStation News Sony researching a new Type of Backwards Compatibility?

Discussion in 'General PlayStation News' started by Roxanne, Mar 9, 2018.

By Roxanne on Mar 9, 2018 at 8:09 PM
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    While the Research for "PS2 Emulaton on PS4" is still in progress showing that there are already a lot of old "PS2 Classics compatible through Emulation", it seems that the officials from Sony (Interactive Entertainment America LLC) have their own research on how to present Backwards Compatibility for the future, according to their latest patent application.


    Not much is known at this moment due to the fact that there is no platform mentioned in this patent application. A Emulation of PS3 Titles running locally on the PS4 still sounds difficult - due to the complicated CELL B.E. processor used for the PS3 - and unrealistic since they would promote their PlayStation Now Service for that. It could be just a patent renewal for their actual Emulation process on PS3/PS4/VITA, so nothing special. But it could also be something completely new, even for a successor of the PS4 or even for Windows-Platforms etc. - no one knows. :(

    Maybe the future will bring some more details. What do you think about the (secret) plans from Sony? Which console could be supported or which platform could be emulated?

    Source & Image Courtesy:
    Patent application :
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Discussion in 'General PlayStation News' started by Roxanne, Mar 9, 2018.

    1. UniqueUserName
      If Sony would listen to just ONE piece of advice from me, it would be to finally sell a console which could play EVERY-single-game they have ever produced.

      Seems like a no brainer business move, and Ive been saying it for years now...
      Give the loyal fanatics what we REALLY want... ugh... broken record lmao.

      Have a few ideas that could make them more cash than ever before, but they dont seem to listen to our feedback, and stick with their old ways of thinking, so I digress.

      -Loyal Sony Supporter ;)
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    2. Naked_Snake1995
      Was about time Sony..was about time you gave us what you took with the PS3, full backwards compatibility!

      As a PlayStation owner since the 2000s i always praised Sony for incorporating backwards compatibility in they´re next-gen PS, but ever since the PS3 Slim came out, Sony never explored this potential, as a stupid comment made by Jim Ryan (Feature much requested, but never actually used).

      Its a feature that i mostly use, specially on my PS3 Slim with PS2 Backwards Compatibility (thx Rebug and Cobra) ever since my 60Gb kicked the bucket with the YLOD (searching for a new 60Gb).

      Hopefully Sony will implement it on the PS4 or even they´re next get so called PS5.

      Its not difficult, they have the tools they have the codes of the emulation, just needs adaptation for the current hardware.

      I just hope nothing of PS Classics, full disc based emulation, would shot PS4 sales even higher!

      I am quite sick to buy the same game, over and over again, from PS3 to the PS4, same game and they charge you double or triple the price, because we as consumers are blind by nostalgia factors.
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    3. samet2012

      PSNow is pretty shit. We gonna wait when a PS5 release or PS4 release backward compatibility.
      If your PSN account for digital PS3 and PS2, PS1 has been purchased will be a free download so. They can hope play game online PS3 from the PS4 system.

      Xbox ONE did backward compatibility won.
    4. Naked_Snake1995
      Xbox One did backwards compatibility and well...but they still lack the original ones

      I owned a Xbox360S a year ago and i can say backwards compatibility its pretty good with the Original Xbox, specially Spider-Man 2 and NFS Underground 2

      The only thing that i disliked about the 360 was the Hard Drive encryption (since i owned a 4Gb Model with a 20Gb HDD from an Original OG 360) and the Disk Drive Jam due to the aging rubber band inside the ODD, forcing me to sell the console as it only brought me more headaches than fun.

      I am not being biased,as i do support different platforms,and what they have to offer, but the 360 with those issues i just couldn't let it slide

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    5. Berion
      Could someone explain me what this mean?
      What's so special in this which is worth... patenting? For me it sounds like patent for a swing.
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    6. samet2012
      Same here, I bought Xbox 360 from 2009 original. And a 60GB model. I think so. And with halo 3/wars edition box. Later then I bought new Xbox 360 slim 320GB with star wars edition box. Also controller gold. It feels make better me to play every day for halo wars and halo reach too. It's my favorite. But I played first PS1 and GameCube, PS2, Xbox Original. If I remember the game.

      Crash Bandicoot 1,2,3
      Syphon Filter 3
      Spy vs Spy
      True Crime: LA of street
      Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
      Tekken 2,3,4,5,6, Tag Tournament 1.
      Halo 1,2
      Hulk 2003
      James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire
      XIII - Ubisort
      GTA III
      Others more much. I can remember well.
    7. Naked_Snake1995
      I might buy a X360 again with a bigger HDD capacity,if the price its right,just to have it in my possession

      As i own mainly Sony consoles, starting with the Original PS from 1995 the SCPH-1002 with my latest PS4 CUH-2016B,since i avoided the CUH-1000 due to reliability issues, as well a genuine fear that i would have the same problem as i had with my launch 60Gb PS3

      There are a couple of consoles i didn't had the chance to own,and i would like to have them, one of which its the Dreamcast and many others

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    8. samet2012
      I would remember what is on the model. I was a kid. I don't know about anything model. But just name box and GB only know me. I play the console game. PS2 and GameCube was my big cousin. And Xbox Original modded was my uncle family. After I bought PS2 and PS3, XBOX 360, PSP, Wii, 1DS, IDS, 3DS, PSVITA, PSPGO, PS4.

      Now, I was sold Wii, 1DS, PSP, PSPGO, 3DS, IDS, PS2, PS1. But not Xbox Original two console will be stay. I do still play PS3 and Xbox 360, PSVita, PS4 right now.
    9. Naked_Snake1995
      Well 2 days ago a rumor started by an industry insider, that PlayStation5 Dev Kits where already in the distribution for 3rd party developers early this year!

      Its this why Sony are in the works for new backwards compatibility!?

      Seems plausible, as i am sure Sony wont just put backwards compatibility in the PS4, if they didn't do it since the PS4 was released
    10. samet2012
      If they didn't release on PS4. They are fucking and stupid.
    11. Naked_Snake1995
      They will not release it for the PS4, because its not Sony main priority, but if the next-gen PS5 uses the same x86 base architecture, there might be a chance of a direct port in a firmware update, but i highly doubt it!

      Take it with a grain of salt
    12. samet2012
      Hmmmm. I see that so. Sony failed. :( If they released PS5. I'm gonna buy a console too also Xbox one.I do have still halo 5 and halo wars 2 right now.
    13. Zar
      Mark Evan ;)
    14. sandungas
      I would bet that the PS5 prototypes exists already, and are going to have another AMD APU based on x86-64

      And to make 100% software emulators ?... well, they made the original consoles so they knows how is the best way to emulate them
      Also, they has his own code for 100% software emulators that started with PS3... and you know they doesnt throws code to the trash bin, the emulators running right now in PS4 are "children" of the ones they made for PS3

      So the port of his emulators from the PS4 (x86-64) to the PS5 (x86-64) is going to be strightforward

      Also, as an additional experimental laboratory, they has available the open source code of all the playstation unnofficial emulators released for PC in the last years :)
      Initially they should not need to "look at how others did it" because sony was who designed the originall consoles... but anyway this can help them eventually

      So technically i think they can do 100% software emulators for the PS5 that runs all the games from the "playstation familly"

      And the emulators are going to be 100% software, but the solution is basically hardware ---> "gimme moar cores !"
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    15. samet2012
      So, also PS5 will be unreal engine 5 in a real life.
    16. Naked_Snake1995
      Probably they will use the new Vega64 Architecture with the newer AMD APUs.

      I bet its going to be a modified AMD 2200G APU :eek:
    17. sandungas
      Well, yeah, one like a AMD 3400G APU (the first number is the series)... but based on zen3 manufactured at 7nm and with NAVI graphics cores

      AMD already have the zen3 design completed, some weeks ago AMD was talking about how the teams works internally... they have two big teams working on paralell and while one team was working in zen2 the other was working in zen3 (intended to be released some years afer zen2)
      The two big problems for VEGA in dedicated graphic cards is the high temperature and high TDP... but this is going to be solved easilly when they jumps to 7nm, also look at the vega chips for laptops and mobile (are APUs labeled mobile, or mobile pro)... are very efficient right now
      Both zen3 and NAVI are dated to be released to public in 2020 or so... but for sure AMD has some prototypes already (build on 14nm or 12nm)

      The way AMD is working now with sony and microsoft is by offering them a basic "layout" of the internal circuits of the APU divided in "blocks"... basically is the same circuitry design that is going to be "printed" on the silicon mineral (with some fotosensitive technology and chemicals)
      They sends that "drawing" divided in blocks and the other company (sony or microsoft) chooses which "blocks" they wants and which ones they doesnt wants... together with a huge list of specs
      You can choose how many cores you want, the widths of buses, caches sizes, instruction sets, and lot other details like that

      The point is AMD is not going to build an APU "from scratch" for them... is going to be based in the design of zen3

      And if is true what this news says i guess what they are going to do is to add more cores dedicated to the system (and emulation controll)... this way all the other cores are dedicated to the game
      In a emulator they asigns a specific task for every core (so every core emulates a component of the emulated console)... so the most number of cores you have (and the code separated in specific threads) the performance is going to be better

      So i guess is going to be something like that... and AMD APU based on zen3 with lot of cores, NAVI graphics, and high frequencies and huge data buses (and eventually HBM3 memory dedicated to graphics)

      By now is a bit soon to provide sony and microsoft with something like that, ths is why i said in other thread is a bit soon for the devkits, because distributing devkits means the final specs of the PS5 are finalised, and i dont think is finalised yet... but they should be close because AMD can do it right now... is just building a APU prototype like this is going to be too much expensive... but they should have at least one or two already working that have been sent to sony and microsoft
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    18. smf
      My guess is this patent is purely for testing whether ps4 games have race conditions when run on a future ps5. i.e. They disrupt the timing and make sure that the end result is the same, after taking into account differences that are expected with disrupted timing.
    19. sandungas
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