PS VITA / PS TV Starfield Vita [Test Release] by gnmmarechal

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    A new Homebrew Game arises for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV with the release of Starfield_Vita an original creation from developer gnmmarechal. A PC game created by the dev has now been ported and re-written using Lua Player Plus. The creator of the project has many planned features & additions for the game as future updates will be incoming. The object of this simplistic game is to dodge the stars and in a future update abilties like shooting stars are in the fold so dodge for now will a blast incoming, Future updates will also bring a more graphical ship as its current test form is quite simple. So keep a watch on the progress of this new creation.


    • Starfield-Vita
      Starfield game for the PlayStation Vita. Runs on (tai)HENkaku, runs under Lua Player Plus Vita by @Rinnegatamante

      What is this?

      • A small game for the PlayStation Vita. Runs on LPP-Vita. It's going to be submitted to the GekiHEN competition once it works well.

      Special Thanks
      • @Rinnegatamante, for helping me with Lua, and for LPP-Vita. Thank you!

    • Initial release
      Test release, works fine, and is playable.

      More features incoming, very soon.

      A small endless game where you must dodge the stars. This is a port (or rather, a rewrite, written at the same time the PC version was being written) of a small game made for Programming classes at my university. I've decided to rewrite it in Lua. It's rather incomplete because the original game isn't finished either, and I'll add most features from the PC version once that one is finished. Probably. :D

      This was basically made for fun, it's extremely simple at the moment. I've decided to post it here as to have more people try it and suggest me features to add to it. If you do have a feature request, contact me through GBATemp, Wololo, Twitter or GitHub. I have a significant amount of planned features (most of which already part of the PC version, which I might release to the public eventually if I think it is decent enough), but a lot of them are not preset here.

      As for controls.
      You use the left analog to move the ship (well, at the moment, ths LPP version of the game uses a small rectangle, but that'll be replaced), or the d-pad. Shooting is (will, as it's not included with this initial release) done by pressing X. The music I used can be found here:

    Download: Starfield.Vita-v0.1.vpk

    Release Source & Source Code via:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 7, 2016.

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      Lol lua entries in gekihen
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      Don't make fun of it, :'(

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    3. Joel16
      Lol I wasn't. It's I just remember those days when I used to do lua. I was trying to develop a scripted game, but it was horrible. That was back in 2013 I think. Everything was broken, and everything I tried ended up being a failure. Later in 2014, I made the switch to C/C++ :p
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