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Discussion in 'PS4 Hardware' started by bberchtka, Apr 1, 2020.

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    Apr 1, 2020
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    Hi guys, I´m new to this and I know if I posted this right, but I hope somone can help.

    Anyways, I´ve got a strange problem with my PS4 Contorller.
    So I was playing some God of War (Hidden Area- Forgotten Caverns) and suddenly my right anlog stick didn`t work anymore. Didn`t think much of it, maybe there got some dust in it or something simillar. So i opened and examined it, but didn`t find anything suspecious. So I got my second controller and started playing the section of the game again, because I turned my Ps4 off. And guess what? Right after killing that exact same enemy like before, my right analog stick didn´t work anymore!? Certainly is has to be a software issue now. So I plugged the Controller into my PC and it works.
    What I already tried but without success:
    - resetting PS4 Controller while holding the button down for 5 seconds
    - recalibrating the Controller, while pressing both analog sticks for 30 seconds and so on.
    - reseted my PS4 to default settings (wiping device list, etc.)
    - reinstalled firmware 7.02 via USB-Stick
    What I didn´t try:
    -completly formatting my PS4
    The weird thing is, it works on Windows 10 just fine. Please help me!

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