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PS3 Super Nintendo (SNES Station) Emulator for PS3Xploit HAN (via PS2 Emulation)

Discussion in 'PS3Xploit HAN (nonCFW Compatable Models)' started by habib, Mar 17, 2018.

By habib on Mar 17, 2018 at 8:24 AM
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    habib Developer

    Oct 13, 2014
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    Recently @DeViL303 & @Joonie shared a video demo of a Super Nintendo (Ps2 Homebrew) Emulator working via the unlocked PS2 Classic emulator from the Ps3Xploit HAN (v3.0). During some the previews leading up to the release we showcased the video before now developer HABIB has released the emulator in ISO form and instructions how to add your own ROMs. The question now becomes what other homebrew and emulators can we get running on these console's?

    capa do jogo.jpg

    We have added an official thread in the Ps3Xploit Support forum for tracking and discussing Homebrew through the emulators unlocked by PS3Xploit's etHANal (v3.0) hacks. >>>> LINK
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Discussion in 'PS3Xploit HAN (nonCFW Compatable Models)' started by habib, Mar 17, 2018.

    1. dsoon
      What am I doing wrong? I follow the instructions right, but on ps3 it does not start.
      Black screen and then back.
      I got through that other ISO that someone uploaded. WIth genesis + snes.
      But I do not want genesis, just the snes emulator already starting direct.
    2. Nathan Matheus
      Nathan Matheus
      It is normal to have audio problems with this emulator? Was playing megaman x and the sound effect was very loud
      excellent thank you very much.
      but i could not play bomberman of 4 or 5 controls
      has someone could do it?
    4. LeVonn
      can you extract iso with 7z or is that different
    5. dsoon
      how i make this emulator run auto from start up?
    6. sandungas
      As far i remember, autobooting an app/game installed on hdd is a feature only available for PS3 ARCADE firmware (and i guess SHOP/KIOSK too)

      In this firmwares the XMB have 2 "modes", one is like "root" (for manteinance purposes and to install stuff) and the other is for "guest" (with lot of limitations)

      The "guest" mode autoboots one of the installed games, if at some point some kid disconnects the power cable (to force a reboot of the demo arcade PS3) it reboots into "guest" mode again and autoboots the game

      Sadly, as far i know nobody found how to use this "autoboot" feature on normal CEX firmwares :'(
    7. dsoon

      but i downloaded some ISOs custom with this emulator (SNES STATION) and some auto booting the emulator without the screen of ulanchelf where we need to find the emulator.
      sorry my english.
    8. dsoon

      LOOK this video

      This guy made a pkg with this emulator, with auto booting.
    9. sandungas
      Ahh ok, i was talking about booting a game automaticaly when the PS3 is turned on, but you are asking about a different thing :)

      I guess what they are doing is to configure ulaunchelf to boot the emulator automatically
      Try to grab the settings file of ulaunchelf from one of that iso's to see if it contains some settings for that autoboot
    10. Alison
      Good night friends. I installed and ran good, but in the game super bomberman 4 that was inserted in the ROMS folder it runs normal but the game mode with more than 2 controls does not work at all, you know how to solve this? I have not been able to play with more than 2 controls in battle mode, that is; the game mode with up to 5 players is not enabled. I've really tried everything and did a search, but I did not find anything related, just a person with the same problem.
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    11. Tas07
      Hi guys can anyone help me please. Im trying to play the snes emulator but im getting a 80028F17 Error

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