PS Vita / Ps TV [TaiHEN Plugin] ArkRightAnalog (by reprep) - Enable Right Analog for custom mapping in ARK

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    • ArkRightAnalog
      ArkRightAnalog is a taiHEN plugin to enable right analog for custom remappings from within ARK.

      How to use:

      Put "arkrightanalog.suprx" in 'tai' folder in the root of your Vita. Change config.txt in that directory to load plugin for title of your choice by adding new lines like below:

      titleid for your game (this one is for Ape Escape Demo for example to enable right analog stick usage for ARK)

      *NPEG00005 ux0:tai/arkrightanalog.suprx

      Additional plugins/homebrews should be used to utilize right analog stick to its fullest.

      You can use flow's GTA right analog plugins, Resistance pspplus mappings plugin and freakler's Camera Patch Light plugin to make the most of this. Extra right analog stick remap plugins should be enabled from within ARK. This only makes the groundwork which Adrenaline already has.

      All code belongs to flow, it was taken from the open source adrenaline app and has been compiled as a stand-alone release. Also thanks to dots_tb for help.

      Disable Adrenaline's kernel plugin if you want to use this as they conflict. Also i noticed oclock plugin makes ARK blackscreen if enabled together with this.

      Have fun, also please notify me if you can also pass R2/L2/L3/R3 buttons to ePSP when DS3Vita/DS4Vita is used. Something i couldn't do.

      You can also use the EBOOT.PBP i provided to check if right analog info can be read, copy the eboot to your ux0:/pspemu/psp/game/controller folder. It is a modified version of basic controller sample found in PSP SDK, it can read info from regular PSP buttons/stick plus right analog and R2/L2/R3/L3 buttons. The last 4 buttons are for future compatibility.


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