PS VITA / PS TV TaiHENkaku beta 8 released. Stable for daily use now

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By kozarovv on Dec 17, 2016 at 5:16 AM
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    Developer Yifan Lu announced that eight beta of taiHENkaku is available. In this release Yifan is suggesting that current beta release is good moment to move from stable Henkaku releases to beta taiHENkaku. Looks like taiHENkaku is now very stable, and is good time to help team Molecule to find out there is something that they can improve. One of points in changelog is "Compability for a future VitaShell update". Which can be small teasing for latest USB connectivity find outs by TheFlow.


    • 大変革 Beta 8

      "When is the actual release?!? Why is this still beta?" Good question. Here's a secret: I have been constantly pushing small updates every couple of days without changing the beta number. Think of these release notes as status reports rather then, well, release notes. The idea of is that since molecule has very limited resources, we cannot test all the different configurations, homebrews, and use cases. However, when I push an update to the beta site, I know that if something breaks I would get notified through Twitter, reddit, IRC, etc (although the perferred way of reporting bugs has always been the issue tracker). So if you don't notice any problems, that's good! It means I was able to fix any major issues before you woke up. These problems are usually very surface level (a misconfiguration/typo on my part) and the underlying code has a lot less bugs than HENkaku R6. So do I recommend everyone use Yes. I usually fix problems reported within the hour (seriously, how much am I getting paid for this?) and you get all the extra features I've added in the last couple of months. All that is to say that this might be the penultimate progress report. After all, the Settings string doesn't have room for two digit beta numbers :)
      Please make sure you are using the latest toolchain from ( We made a lot of changes so using an older toolchain to add taiHEN hooks will result in crashes! Also make sure to update your taiHEN development libraries to the latest version.
      New Features

      • molecularShell updated to display if you are currently in "unsafe" mode or not. Shows all devices in unsafe mode again.
      • Some taiHEN API updates for developers
      • Compability for a future VitaShell update

      Please report any issues you find to the issue tracker. Please incluse a screenshot/picture of the problem and any error codes.

    Download (using Vita or PSTV): Beta taiHENkaku
    Source: Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Dec 17, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      Anyone else stuck on BETA-7? And I can't access most folders in ux0:\ in Vitashell or molecular shell. I am using the browser to directly go to Anyone else have this issue? And if you could please post a screen shot for me. I have removed both shells and started again and it says installing BETA-7. If you could check that and post a screen shot of your system settings.

      Did all dirtories reinstalling vpk from TheFlows github page but here are the screen shots I got.

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    2. vince99
      last version of HENkaku is called "HENkaku R6"

      "HENkaku R7" is the name of taiHENkaku

      you are actually with "HENkaku R7β8" (16/12/16)
      i don't see any problem !!

      excuse for my scholar english ;-)
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    3. atreyu187

      Yea I figured that out as I forgot the B was for Beta hence beta 8 lol. Was a long day of Xmas shopping. My brain was fried.

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