PS3 TempMON 1.01: New User-Friendly fan controller - by SwapOne

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 27, 2016 at 12:13 PM
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    Now here is a new fan controller released for the PS3 (CFW) based on Estwald's version that provides a user-friendly approach with this new GUI that displays information in an easy to take menu with a simple controls. In the screens provided below you can see a comparison of the two different GUI's each version uses and as you can see SwapOne version does offer some nice eye candy compared to the text versions of Estwald's version and the later GameSonic forks. SwapOne's release quote can be found below:


    • TempMON v1.01
      For a long time i have been trying/using most of the fan control apps that i could find on the interwebz. because of the 'gamesonic fan control utility' version 3.10 having a bug on Rebug firmwares, causing the psn 'Account Privacy' settings to be unable to access i've decided to write a app myself using Estwald payload (big props to him) and psl1ght.

      Supported Firmwares
      CEX3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.30 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55,4.60, 4.70, 4.75, 4.78,
      DEX 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.50, 4.55, 4.70, 4.76, 4.78
      the application might work with other firmwares but because i'm not aware of the syscall_base of those specific firmwares, and also being lazy to install and test, i have removed the compatibility, nothing bad will happen if you run it, you will just get a 'firmware not supported' message (^_^). (i don't see any reason for not using the latest version of <3 REBUG <3)

      NEW GUI Look
      Estwald's Original GUI
      my key goal with this was to keep everything as simple as possible, and make a simple friendly GUI. i have tested it for a while now with absolutely no problems.

      i am looking forward to improve the GUI ... maybe add some new features :wink: and also keep it up to date with the new firmwares. if anyone wants to volunteer to test other firmwares or have any issues running it (but as simple as it is, i don't see why you would have any kind of problems), feel free to contact me at:

      [email protected]

      ########## CREDITS will also go to ###########
      anyone that contributed to psl1ght
      without them guys this project wouldn't happen

      all the best

    Do not use this fan controller if using webMAN / webMAN MOD method as they could potentially conflict with each other as they use different methods of controlling the internal cooling fans.
    Download: TempMON v1.01
    Mirror: DLs

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 27, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Thanks to [MENTION=148]Sdw100[/MENTION] for the Mediafire mirror.
    2. haznpapo
      sweet awesome to see new stuff
    3. ricardo
      Very beautiful the tool,congratulations.
    4. crj1985

      it works on the newest rebug
    5. STLcardsWS
      Also mentioned in the quote as well :)
    6. JediKnight007
      I've had my PS3 for about 5 years now, and never had a problem with overheating. Is a fan control utility app something I need?
    7. STLcardsWS
      Good Question -- It kind of depends on various things:

      Model of PS3 fat models are more prone to overheating, So those models i would for sure run a fan controller. Slim models are more efficient, but its not a bad idea to run anyhow as you never know what will happen in the future (or a change in your enviorment such as season or storage of the console (when its in use) (i.e. in a closed cabinet vs an open area).

      Just depends, Personally i would use it if there is any doubt. As there is no harm in using it and potentially alot of harm if not using it.

      Edit: Sony official ways we suspect take fan sound into account, therefore they try and play a balance that does not always work with fan sound and efficiency. Just ask those many PS3 owners who had fast consoles overheat quite often.
    8. JediKnight007
      I have a slim model, and according to multiMAN's temperature gauge "normal" operating temperature seems to hover around 60-65 degrees celsius. (It's always been like that for me, ever since multiMAN has had a temp gauge.) Somewhere I read that manually operating the system fans is hard on the console. So unless I notice it running hotter, should I run the fans?
    9. ricardo
      In the game, the temperature becomes higher.
      The temperature should be around 78 degrees, depending on the game.
      My PS3 is also in the 60-65 degrees region, without running any game, but when I use the PS3 controller is 67 degrees, no matter the game.
      In my case I think I need to change the thermal paste, I'll see if I do this week to post the results.
      Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    10. STLcardsWS
    11. Mavll
      Guys Little help here.

      I just installed Tempmon today. It works, i can select between Firmawre Mode and Manual Mode to set it in the % i want. Good. I turn of my Ps3 and after i turn it on again, the FAN doesnt work. Inmediatly to TempMon and its says Firmware Mode the Fan doesnt work, but if i put it on Manual Mode it works. I'm using 4.81.2 Rebug. Please any ideas?, always like to leave it in Firmaware mode before i shut it down, but now i'm scared, because if i forgot to put into manul, it will overheated.

      Thank you.
    12. STLcardsWS
      Look at Supported Firmware that i provided in the article ;)
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    13. insanetoker89
      Can this be updated to keep the manual settings after a reboot? Just a thought :)
    14. atreyu187
      The dev hasn't updated it in years and seems to abandoned with no source code released so most likely isn't going to happen.

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