PS VITA / PS TV The Hallway (a clone of Silent Hill PT demo) by VitaHEX Games

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    Once again, VitaHEX Games is bringing another hit for the PS Vita & PlayStation TV homebrew community with the release of The Hallway, following the release of the smash hit of Zombiebound Reloaded, (A CoD Zombies style game) the developer is back with a Silent Hill P.T. (the infamous demo) inspired game called The Hallway. This game powered by Unity is a reincarnation of the famous PS4 demo that excited many only to see the original game canceled. Now VitaHEX brings his vision with high quality sounds that are great in a surround sound environment or as the developer suggest headphones for a truly horrifying experience[​

    The developer has also published a Guide for Unity development on the PS Vita platform titled: How to setup Unity to develop PS Vita Games

    • D0IfyTTWsAA8Dat.png
      The Hallway

      by VitaHEX Games

      This game is a recreation of my all time favorite PT demo. In the PS Vita version I call it "The Hallway" (for obvious reasons). It's a complete recreation of the original with handmade 3d models and environments I created as close as possible to original. All the lighting, fog effects and the atmosphere is highly optimized for the PS Vita. In this short demo you will be able to experience the horror in "loops" again and again but with some new small surprises. The game features high quality 3D sound so I highly recommend playing the game with headphones!

      Future plans include all the hallway loops from the original but with different tweaks and additions that I hope will give the player a good horror experience.

      What do you think about the game feel free to post it in the comments below. If you want to support my work you can become patron and you will also receive all my latest news and updates about Zombiebound Reloaded in time.

      VitaHEX Games on Patreon Want to see more homebrew games like this? Support my work by becoming a Patron:

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    Download: The Hallway
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 23, 2019.

    1. bigbossu
      Great stuff.
      Now tell me that p.t. wasn't amazing, so many times people tried recreate it, recreated, or developed games inspired by it. it's a shame it was canceled and even removed from PSN.
      Thankfully I still got it.
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    2. ashmodeo
      It would be nice to see this running on ps3
    3. disyoko
      Really good job. I love Silent Hills, specially the second. I'll give it a try!
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