The Power Supply (Vol. 02) - Our Guest Today: "PS4 Developer @m0rph3us1987"

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    With the very first introduction of our new Series of Developer Interviews - as known by "The Power Supply" - you were already allowed to dabble a little bit with Volume 01 of the series, where you got a deep look into the work from well-known Developer @deank he did for this scene. While he worked mainly for the PS3 Community, we thought it would be only fair to bring you a PS4 Developer with Volume 02 of this Interview Series today. This Developer maybe don't have the same long reputation as deank have since he began to tinker with the PS4 as his very first Sony Console. But this doesn't mean that he isn't worth to ask some questions. :) We covered his Achievements already in the past here in this Forum, especially when we provided you our yearly Overview about the CCC Events held in Germany. In fact, you should be familiar with him and his Lecture he held back at 35C3. So please give an warm welcome to m0rph3us1987, while in his Interview, we will talk about his Lecture he held, we will learn how he sees the current situation in "PS4 Development and Hacking" and we will get an deep insight how he began to learn writing some code in his young age. So allow us to introduce him further.​


    • Hello @m0rph3us1987 and welcome to our new "The Power Supply"-Series, where we like to introduce an inside look from the Developers to our audience with an interview.

      Many people should be familiar with you and your work in the past, especially when you appeared at the stages of the 35th Chaos Communication Congress back in 2018. Since this was your very first apperance at 35C3, maybe you want to share some of your experiences you made back then?

      When we look back at your own lecture - where you held a great talk about "Exploiting PS4 Video Apps" - what was your impression, especially from the community. Did you got any feedback or someone who wanted to share your progress with you? Maybe you are willing to share some aftermath updates about your progress in this topic?

      Speaking about the congress itself, I saw in several Tweets that you appeared at 36C3 as well, not with an talk, but as a visitor at least. How is it to get in touch with so many developers out there. Did you learned anything new for your projects - or in general - this year? Or did they learned something from you? :)

      Speaking about other consoles, is there any other interesting console you work for currently or any other project, which has been already released and people should know about?

      I think the people would like to come to know better the guy behind all this work you did for this scene. What are you doing when you don't play video games or when you don't tinker with all the consoles you mentioned before? Any cool hobbies or other interests you like to share?

      Lets get to some "Real Talk"! I bet you have also recognized (not only with your talk) that the community is kinda "sluggish" when we talk about some Homebrew Releases for the PS4 compared to older consoles from the PlayStation family. In fact, most of the people are seeking for more piracy when a new Exploit gets released, instead of some useful Homebrew to be able to enjoy. What do you think why it is like described?
      Did you expected to give some "push" to this problematic with your talk to make the Homebrew-Community stronger?

      What's your opinion about other consoles and its communities in general, like the Nintendo Switch for instance. The PlayStation 5 is also not far away from a release. Tell us about your favourite consoles you liked to both work and to play for. And how about your favourite games you liked to play? Any retro consoles/games you enjoyed in the past as well?

      In our new interview series, we would like to make these interviews also a little bit helpful to the readers, especially for those who wants to develop something for the very first time from ground up. Where do you suggest someone to start with? Do you have any tips for those new inspiring developers?

      And with the final question, maybe you want to share a "Tip of the Day" to the community to one of your projects or to the Homebrew Scene in general?

      Alright, Thank you very much m0rph3us1987 for attending to this interview. It was a pleasure to come to know better to you and all your hard work you achieved for this scene! Have a great day!

    • Developer m0rph3us1987 was joining late when tinkering with Sony Consoles. Nevertheless he already showed what he is capable of by his visit at 35C3 in December '18. Here are a few examples mentioned from the Interview you shouldn't miss out:​

      "Exploiting PS4 Video Apps" was m0rph3us1987's Main Lecture back at 35C3. For more Details, click here for the "Full Coverage".

      But of course, m0rph3us1987 was at the latest CCC_Event (36C3) as well ... [Source: Twitter]

      ... and he even brought his own "Small Cocktail Mixer" to the event. It works like one of those coffee vending machines and the cool thing is, he made all of this by his own from the ground up. Not only he drafted it by his own, but he also self-written all the software needed from scratch. [Original Source: Twitter]

      Those Cocktails look tasty, don't you think? :) [Original: Source: Twitter]

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      Introducing "The Power Supply": A new developer interview series

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    Thanks again @m0rph3us1987 for allowing us to interview you and to give our community the opportunity to come to know you better!
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Discussion in 'The Power Supply (Developer Interviews)' started by Roxanne, Feb 14, 2020.

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      I really like this part & wish someone would have told me this. I'm one of those people that got a little lazy after learning C# & then never leaned much C.
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      Thanks m0rph3us1987
      Great Advice :)
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      Wow never knew thanks for the help and thanks for everything y'all do
    4. Berion
      I was high hope for parser exploit, downloaded all possible video apps from the PSS, waiting and at the end feel extremely disappointed because of my own expectation and imagination. :D But of course great find and congratulations. It is also nice experience to have chance of talk on C3 and meet all those peoples.
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