The Power Supply (Vol. 04) - Our Guest Today: "PS3(Xploit) Developer @esc0rtd3w"

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By Roxanne on Mar 22, 2020 at 12:05 PM
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    Our Interview Series is a full success. Not only can you get an in-depth look behind all the great projects each of those developer's have worked on in the past and their plans into the future, but also that you can get a useful overview with all important Homebrew Releases made by the developer's which will help you if you want to get the "Full Experience" from your hacked Console's and devices. For instance, we learned in our last Interview with developer @aldostools that he created the "Tools Collection" for the PS3, which contains OVER 50+ TOOLS! But while we had interviewed candidates before, who developed their projects after a Hack/Exploit was released, we thought about introducing you to another side of development, namely those, who make it possible for those previously mentioned developers to create their Homebrew running on your hacked devices. And since this mentioned "Tools Collection" contains mainly Tools for your hacked PS3, it would be only fair to give you an in-depth look with one of the developers of the PS3Xploit-Team, who helped reanimating you and your PS3 with all those great projects. This developer work includes participation in projects like the Flash Writer's that provide the ability for CFW Installation, then "PS3HEN" which brought Homebrew Support for "nonCFW Models" and also the variety of tools and dumpers released from the PS3Xploit-Team. So, without further waiting, our Guest Today is no other than Developer and long-time Community Member - @esc0rtd3w!


    • Hello @esc0rtd3w, and welcome to our new "The Power Supply"-Series, where we like to introduce an inside look from the Developers to our audience with an Interview.

      Right at the beginning, I have to admit that everyone should already know that you are one of the masterminds behind "PS3Xploit". But for those people who don't, would you like to introduce it to the readers? What makes it so special compared to other Hacks and Exploits for the PlayStation 3?

      When we get deep into the technical details of "PS3Xploit", then we should admit that using a "Kernel and/or Web Exploit" as a loophole wasn't the first time we saw this method running on a PlayStation Console. Tell us what was the attention of you and the others tinkering with such a method on the PS3. Was it because of the success you saw on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita? Or are they using complete different Exploits and we can't compare "apples to oranges"?

      The last months showed us that you are also involved in all these wonderful releases behind "PS3HEN", which many people suprised that not only you can now run Homebrew on newer System Firmwares, but also the fact that there was - and is - still such a huge interest in the Development for the PS3. Did this huge interest suprised you as well and if so, why do you think that there is still such a great demand for Homebrew running on the PS3 - especially when we compare this to the poor Releases we got for the PS4?

      Before "PS3Xploit" got released, we didn't saw any new Hacks or Exploits for the PS3 by nearly 7 years since the most famous System Firmware 3.55 got hacked. But what's more interesting, it seems that Sony isn't such interested anymore in fixing those loopholes like they did in the past or when we compare this to other consoles from the PlayStation family nowadays. In fact, we saw that Sony is even fixing loopholes from the PS4 Blu-ray Drive, which wouldn't lead into any Piracy anyway, as we learned by the great talk from oct0xor back at 36C3. What do you think why Sony is reacting like described? Is it just because the PS4 is now their main top seller on the market? Or does Sony lacks in manpower because of the complexity of the PS3 architecture and no one knows anymore how to fix your Exploits properly? :)

      With such many projects you had in your mind, people will be happy to read how you get into the scene? Maybe you can tell us about your very first project you worked for. Was it even developed for the PS3 or for another console?

      Speaking about other consoles, is there any other interesting console you work for currently or any other project, which has been already released?

      What's your opinion about other consoles and its communities in general, like the Nintendo Switch for instance. The PlayStation 5 is also not far away from a release. Tell us about your favourite consoles you liked to both work and to play for. And how about your favourite games you liked to play? Any retro consoles/games you enjoyed in the past as well?

      I think the people would like to come to know better the guy behind all this work you did for this scene. What are you doing when you don't play video games or when you don't tinker with all the consoles you mentioned before? Any interesting hobbies or other interests you like to share?

      Since you are also a member of the PSX-Place-Community, our readers would probably like to know, what has drawn you to join us?

      In our new interview series, we would like to make these interviews also a little bit helpful to the readers, especially for those who wants to develop something for the very first time from ground up. Where do you suggest someone to start with? Do you have any tips for those new inspiring developers?

      Final Question. A few months ago, you helped me personally via Twitter on my very own PS3 (thank you for that <3). Maybe you want to share a good tip - kinda like a "Tip of the Day" - to the community to one of your projects or to the Homebrew Scene in general?

      Alright, Thank you very much esc0rtd3w for attending to this Interview. It was a pleasure to come to know better to you and all your hard work you achieved for this scene! Have a great day!

    • To sum up what Releases Developer @esc0rtd3w already worked for, we would probably need another whole article to do that. :) Nevertheless, here is a Overview for all important Quick Links we mentioned before in our Interview:

      Click here to get the newest "PS3Xploit Hybrid Flash Writer (HFW) Ver. 4.85", including the newest "IDPS & Flash Dumpers"
      which will allow you to install a Custom Firmware from System Firmware 4.85!

      Developer @esc0rtd3w was also always a hard-working man to provide you with various "PS3Xploit Tools & Utilities", no matter if you wanted to "swap your XMB with the official ★ Debug Settings", or when you wanted to give "your XMB an fresh look with custom made background waves", for instance.

      And for those who have a "nonCFW Slim" or a "Super Slim Model", there is of course help available as well. Click here to enjoy the latest "PS3HEN Ver. 3.0.0" to enjoy the latest Exploits on mentioned PS3 Models. And not only that. There is also a great "All-In-One Guide" for newcomers as well!

      Thanks to @esc0rtd3w, there is a good amount of Applications mentioned in the Interview,
      which will run on your PS3 without the need to be connected to the PSN Servers, called as "NoPSN Patches".

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      Introducing "The Power Supply": A new developer interview series

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      Click here to get an overview about this new Series and to find all previous Interviews.​

    Since @esc0rtd3w is also a long-time Community Member from this Forum here, he was so kind to allow you to ask some further questions as well. Just reply to this Thread here and he will answer them as good as he can. :) This is already a HUGE "Thank You" worth, don't you think? And of course, Thank You @esc0rtd3w again for the Interview and to come to know you better!
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Discussion in 'The Power Supply (Developer Interviews)' started by Roxanne, Mar 22, 2020.

    1. bazzarre
      what tunes?
      are you listening while developing?
      (just interested as a fellow "cannabis enthusiast")
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    2. esc0rtd3w
      I won't give too much away, but it's quite a game changer, for devs and end users. A very cool project indeed. You won't have to wait long haha
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    3. esc0rtd3w
      I guess that comes from the era I was born into. I mostly listen to older rock and rap. I have YouTube on quite a bit for background noise. I think I must have listened to the GTA Vice City soundtrack about a thousand times while doing most of ps3xploit stuff lol

      FlashFM FTW :)
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    4. Md Hesam
      Md Hesam
      please make offline patch for Tekken Revolution
      atleast we can play vs mode, practice mode & arcade mode
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    5. esc0rtd3w
      I'll take a peek at it
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    6. STLcardsWS
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    7. ArgonUK
      Ace Combat: Infinity - Offline Compaign hack would be great )) Please have a look, too.
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    8. Frank-PS3
      Excellent interview! Congratulations to the PSX Place team for all they do. Thank you very much @esc0rtd3w for all the work with your team and for allowing us to rediscover this console so many years later.
      If I could ask a question it would be: Are there plans for a future HEN update? What news would it include?
      Thank you! and greetings from Argentina !! :encouragement:
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    9. esc0rtd3w
      ok. i will also look into that one when i have some time

      thank you!

      We do have some things discussed for future HEN versions. Hopefully some of them will see the light of day at some point. I do not want to really give away details, as the ones who know, already know.
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    10. bazzarre
      really hope the "egg test" is included,has helped me enormously!
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    11. tthousand
      Thank you @Roxanne for all of the work you are doing here at PSX-Place, and great job with the recent interviews.

      @esc0rtd3w thank you for the great replies and doing your part in keeping the PSX scene alive. I have a few questions for you:

      1.) Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid (marijuana)?

      2.) Biggie or Tupac?

      3.) What are you goals and hopes/wishes for the PS3 scene's future?
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    12. bazzarre
      Dunno bout biggie or tupac but went thru my old CDs after his reply,now listening to "gravediggaz- 6 feet deep" while gardening.
      Last edited: Apr 4, 2020 at 9:50 AM
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    13. esc0rtd3w
      1) Hybrid
      2) Tupac
      3) CFW on Superslim of course ;)

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