The Power Supply (Vol. 06) - Our Guest Today: "Blu-Play and BD-J Developer mr_lou"

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    In our Interview Series, we always try that you can profit with each of our candidates by mainly three things. First, you gain an insight behind each Developer and his/her work he/she is doing for the community. Second, we summarize the most important Releases from each Developer, so you can get a good overview of which Tools and Homebrew you need to make a specific task easier by your own (like for "jailbreaking" your PS3 for instance). And as a third goal, we always try to make those interviews so useful, that you can draw some lessons from it when you want to study further behind some Hacks, Exploits, and other Homebrew or when you want to develop your own Hacks and Homebrew Applications from ground-up. This is why you already probably recognized from our previous coverages, while the "final questions" were mostly such of them. But with our guest today, we can promise that you will learn more than ever before, even already from the very first question. :) And the coolest thing is, you don't even need a hacked console to make his Homebrew runnable since it even runs on Original Firmware for both the PS3 and the PS4. And didn't you always dreamed about creating a Homebrew Game on your own as a small kid? If so, then you should read further because without further ado, our Guest Today is BD-J Developer mr_lou - the creator of "Blu-Play"!​


    • Hello mr_lou and welcome to our new "The Power Supply"-Series, where we like to introduce an inside look from the Developers to our audience with an interview.

      Most of our readers came in contact with you and your work on this scene only a few months ago but for those who missed it, please tell us more about your "Blu-Play"-Platform.

      Speaking about the "Platform" you created, it gives the readers not only the ability to enjoy your own games you designed, but also that they can release their very own one as well. What makes this kind of "Homebrew Community" so special that you can create your very own "Homebrew Games" instead of some classic applications like a "File Browser" or an "Backup Manager"? I mean when I was young, I remember how many young people in my age dreamed about to "make their very own Video Game", which your platform kinda reflects it.

      Many people probably didn't know before that to make your Homebrew Games runnable, there is no need for any Custom Firmware (CFW) and/or any other Exploits, since everything runs fine on an Original Firmware (OFW), no matter if you use "Blu-Play" on your PlayStation 3/4 or on the Xbox One. How did you come up with the idea to "instead of looking for a Homebrew running on a CFW" - like all the other developers do outside - "I just keep my console untouched?"

      Let's not forget to mention your very own Homebrew Game you designed. "Ukko's Journey" was your very first project you released, which was first released for the "JavaME"-Platform running on older Cellphones. Since you are also the author of the original version, maybe the readers would like to know if it was kinda hard to make the same game runnable on "Blu-Play"? Were there any "obstacles" you encountered during the development or was this game the perfect example to convert it and to release it as your very first game on "Blu-Play"?

      With your 2nd game not long time ago, you chose to release "The UFO Game!" to the public, which is kind of a "Modern Remake" based on the 1981s "UFO!" released for the "Magnavox Odyssey²". So while there was no "Java Code" in 1981, maybe you want to share some of your work on "how to make your very own Video Game for Blu-Play" kinda like in a "Behind the Scenes". Is there a connection why you chose "UFO!" as a template for a new game designed from ground-up?

      At the Homepage of "Blu-Play", you describe that the games released in this platform will be "in contrast to big expensive mainstream full-blown 3D games released by the big game-companies, Blu-Play games will always be much smaller cosy 2D games developed by a single individual, or a small group of enthusiastic hobbyists."
      Sure the technical achievements in Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J) aren't comparable with a full SDK those mentioned game companies use and Homebrew Games in general aren't that comparable as well. But with your games chosen as a template for those projects, you showed us how your platform can be pretty useful to make older video games runnable on newer consoles - kinda the same how everyone wants to "emulate" older video games on their exploited consoles. In fact, shortly after our News Article, I saw how another developer was able to make the classic "DOOM" from 1993 available with "Blu-Play". How was your reaction to this, especially since nowadays, "DOOM" got even converted to kinda any modern console whichever released. :)

      Speaking about our News Article and the release of "DOOM", I saw that you updated your website with more news and useful information together that you opened your very own Discord Channel for "Blu-Play". Was it any kind of useful to meet new people interesting in your platform as well? How can our readers benefit when they join your Discord Channel for instance?

      Making Homebrew Games in BD-J isn't a new thing. In fact we remember that the early days of the PS3 already saw some smaller projects in BD-J coding as well. But while every Homebrew was released as games so far, do you think that BD-J has a chance to create some useful Homebrew Applications as well, especially since the PS4 kinda lacks in some proper and useful Homebrew? Or do you think the same technical limitations would be here a problem as well?

      When you create your very own Games, people will be wondering if you even enjoy other Games as well? :) Any favorite games or consoles you liked to play in the past and you like to share with us? I bet you enjoyed older retro games in the past more than all those newer 3D games nowadays. :)

      When I prepared both the News Article in the past, but also this interview, I recognized that you aren't only developing games in your free time. Are those other projects you work for your full time job and if so, maybe you want to introduce some of your other projects you are working for? I think someone could be interested when he/she would need some help in those projects you mention on your private homepage.

      Many people probably doesn't know that you are also the author of "8-bit Memoirs", which saw a very positive reception across the whole internet especially from people who love playing retro games. With this "Encyclopedia on Blu-ray", you probably already showed the pinnacle of what is actually possible with BD-J Development. Personally I was able to take a look at this project and I can confirm how much work you put into this project which is extremely huge. I wonder how many "years" it took to finish this project! :) Have you been surprised with the huge positive feedback you gained with this project? I mean I saw various articles on several websites and forums specified for "8-Bit Gaming" how they praised your hard work you did. What has drawn you to tell your own stories from the 80s and 90s you experienced in Video Gaming History?

      Usually in this Interview Series, we ask the developers what they suggest when someone wants to develop their very own code from the ground up while we make the answers a little bit helpful to the readers who never written any single line of code before. But in your case, I bet it would be more useful to ask you for all the readers what do you suggest when someone wants to create their very own Homebrew Game from ground up with "Blu-Play"? Where do you suggest someone to start with? Do you have any tips for those new inspiring developers in types of "which game they should design" or "which tools they will need to make things easier"?

      And with the final question, maybe you want to share a "Tip of the Day" to the community of "Blu-Play" or to the Homebrew Scene in general?

      Alright, Thank you very much mr_lou for attending to this interview. It was a pleasure to come to know better to you and all your hard work you achieved with "Blu-Play"! Have a great day!

    • As your learned from the Interview, Developer mr_lou already showed many good examples of what you are actually capable when using Blu-ray Disc Java to develop some Homebrew (Games). Here are just a few of them:

      "Ukko's Journey" was his very first BD-J Project released in the "Blu-Play"-Platform, based on his own creation
      written in "JavaME" for older cellphones before the "pre-Smartphone Era" started.

      And just a few months ago, he released his 2nd Game made by "Blu-Play" - "The UFO Game!" is his own interpretation of a
      "Modern Remake" from the Classic "UFO!"-Game, released back in 1981 for the Magnavox Odyssee².

      Of course, "DOOM" is running on "Blu-Play" as well (here shown on the PS4) [Video Courtesy by sleirsgoevy].

      And with the "8-bit Memoirs", Developer mr_lou showed his own love to the "8-Bit-Era in Video Gaming" from his own childhood
      by releasing this Homebrew Project kinda as a "eBook", and boy I can tell you it is definitely worth reading! :)

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    So you heard it right. Why not developing your very own Homebrew Game from ground-up? It would be a good start if you never developed any kind of Homebrew before, don't you think? Also huge thanks again mr_lou for allowing us to interview you and to give our community the opportunity to come to know you better!
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Discussion in 'The Power Supply (Developer Interviews)' started by Roxanne, Apr 25, 2020.

    1. esc0rtd3w
      Really great interview!

      I always found the BD-J stuff fascinating from an exploit/hacking view. You have done some really great work with Blu-Play and your other projects! I also am curious why largely this wasn't further explored in the PS3 and other consoles. Probably from lack of time and/or the interest, plus having the combined knowledge to actually create something.

      Really cool stuff! :)
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    2. Arash_receiver
      I thank all the developers and wish them success, but I have a ps4 with a 6.0.0 firmware and a Nintendo Switch Firmware 7.0.1 that I haven't been able to hack yet. I hope to find a way to hack them as soon as possible. There is definitely a way to find it.
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    3. Berion
      Maybe it is possible to "up-port" old JME on CFW to allow it read from USB again.

      Does games in BD-J can use DualShock 3?

      Does JME is allowed to access to "dev_hdd0/"? Where to exactly? Where is that "area"?
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