PS VITA / PS TV TheFlow cracks Vita Firmware 3.67 ("Will Release" but "Not Soon")

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by nCadeRegal, Feb 18, 2018.

By nCadeRegal on Feb 18, 2018 at 11:35 AM
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    TheFlow has brought some clarity on the recent updates (commits) made to VitaShell suggesting 3.67 Support, It is indeed true that 3.67 is now exploitable for the PS Vita and sibling devices the PlayStation TV (Vita TV). The dev has now confirmed on his official twitter (tweets below) that user and kernel access on Vita's 3.67 Firmware has been achieved, However, do note before you get too excited, the developer won't release till end of year, in what seems to be a move to wait out any future Vita firmware updates that may be on the horizon,. The dev has also stated (if time allows) the possibility to update HENkaku Enso to 3.65 for existing Vita user's, but in the future we might see all vita devices with a new window for exploiting .Its unclear if the recent Vita Bootloader Hack aided or had anything to with this hack but details are sure to emerge in the coming weeks and months What ya think about this announcement from TheFlow?​

    -STLcardsWS/ nCadeRegal ​

    • Exactly a year ago on the 18.2.17 I found an user entry point. Two weeks ago when my university holidays began, I had time for the vita again and told myself to finally hack 3.67. Just a day after, I found a kernel vulnerability.

      It took me exactly two weeks (I worked 8h a day on it) to exploit 3.67. So yes, I have got a full chain exploit for 3.67 and I did this without even using a devkit. I will release it. But NOT any time soon. I'd say at the end of this year or maybe even next year.

      The only thing I can do sooner is to port enso to 3.65 that you will be able to install from 3.60 (if and only if I have got time). The thing is university starts tomorrow again, so I will NOT have alot of time for the scene. Don't push me. See ya

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by nCadeRegal, Feb 18, 2018.

    1. TheDemon
      Guess its time for me to not update anymore my vita, great news but it also got me thinking, why starting updating something like vitashell and other to 3.67 already if he said the xploit would be only released by the end of the year? to me doesnt make sense since its a huge gap in time.
    2. Lordjontan
      I guess the explot already works but its unsafe and need to be polished. Lets call it a alpha stage
    3. morimori
      I'm guessing university life will eat most of his time, though, i'm more interested in the Enso port for 3.65 than 3.67 actually
    4. jabbbar
      i presume, everyone would be happy from enso 3.65, basically atm 99,5% games requires fw 3.65-
    5. morimori
      Yup, you're spot on, the only ones not happy about that are those on firmware 3.61-3.65 since it still requires 3.60 for it to work, much like the PS3's 3.55
    6. TONY-T
      Awesome! I bought a PSTV last week and have already hacked it. This is great news.
    7. pathway27
      Woohoo, my new Vita from Japan still has a chance!
    8. morimori
      You'll have to wait for a year though and it's just February, 10 months or more to go lol!
    9. DoucheCartouche
      I reckon if Sony releases an update and the exploits are both patched then we won't be waiting for too long.
    10. pinky
      I read that no game requires 3.67, not sure about updates.
    11. Berion
      Without Enso is not worth and update IMHO. :) And I hope he will release hack only when no new games be releasing (at least no new good games).
    12. soufian elamriti
      soufian elamriti
      limited run is stil releasing vita games dont know what firmware they need ,cant find a ps vita 3.60 max
    13. pinky
      2018 is shaping up to be the year of the sony fail. ;)
    14. kozarovv
      29.07.2018 ;)
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    15. DeViL303
      I prefer think of it as the year of the PlayStation fanboy win! :-p
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    16. pinky
      I'm a Nintendo fanboy even though most of my mods focus on the ps3 and the vita. the 360 = too dangerous even with xell. however, I did poke around its files and many of them are ..DDS.

      anyway, I already have Super Mario Bros. covers as you know. now, I just need Zelda bed sheets. ;)
    17. pinky
      btw, I think the main file in the OS has psp2 and config in the name. I think it's what blocks enso. I believe I read that it's the main file from somewhere. I do do a lot of reading. :)
    18. pinky
      I saw on TheFlow's twitter feed that he'll be releasing an enso port to 3.65 by the end of this month (March). you must already be running enso to use it. this 3.67 hack should be for any system, but it won't be released 'til much later.

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