PS VITA / PS TV TheFlow ports HENkaku Ensō for System Firmware 3.65!

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By Roxanne on Mar 9, 2018 at 7:52 PM
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    Following up after TheFloW mentioned that he has achieved "user and kernel access" on PSVita's newest System Firmware 3.67 and highlighted a port of Ensō for System Firmware 3.65, he announced via his own Twitter-Account that he was able to successfully port Ensō for System Firmware 3.65.


    • [1/3] Yesterday I managed to dump the nsbl on 3.65 (thanks to @Mathieulh for providing me the devkit) which allowed me to find offsets for enso. After double checking them I said yolo and ran it on my PSTV. My heart was beating so hard, since one mistake meant an other brick.

      [2/3] Luckily everything was correct and the console was booting perfectly into 3.65 HENkaku. This allows me to work on a CFW installer with that you to install 3.65 CFW from 3.60. The problem is that if you somehow manage to erase HENkaku (I'll write it to os0 instead of ur0)

      [3/3] or try to reinstall 3.65 PUP, you'll lose the ability to run homebrews and have to wait a year until I release the actual exploit chain. That's a release you can expect by the end of this month. Also thanks to everyone who donated to me!

    This means that you will be able to enjoy some newer Game Titles, which requires a System Firmware higher than >3.60. Speaking of 3.60, this exploit will work when your PSVita is currently running System Firmware 3.60 only, so if you are on 3.60, then it will be better to still stay there. He also mentions that when this exploit is installed on your PSVita, a re-install of original System Firmware 3.65 will erase any exploit, so better you don't touch this original System Firmware.

    A Release Date is unknown but he tries to Release this exploit "by the end of this month". You can even help him by providing a "Cool Bubble Design"for the 3.65 Installer. "It will be credited as well".

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Mar 9, 2018.

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