PS VITA / PS TV This just in!! World of Final Fantasy has 3.61 but works with HENkaku

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Oct 20, 2016.

By atreyu187 on Oct 20, 2016 at 4:10 PM
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    Yep you heard me right World of Final Fantasy is a 3.61 game and can run on HENkaku. Seems a user got WoFF a day early. While the game has the 3.61 update you can still install and run the game with a 3.60 enabled HENkaku Vita. It will ask if you want to install 3.61 update. Just decline with O button to proceed and run the game. But no updates or DLC that comes with the game. Just like Corpse Party that needed 3.55 that I could run from cart on 3.36 this same flaw exist for this new game. PSN still will require 3.61 to install so if this game is a must play buy the cart or if you must have the DLC buy the PS4 version. Or of course buy a 3.61 Vita. Game does not work with v1 v2 or combined v1 & v2 whitelist on PSTV but hopefully the new bypass that was recently found will allow this to work on PSTV.

    Update(s): BTW guys there will be no voice acting unless you do update to 3.61, Vita carts are limited to 4gb and this game without voices is nearly 3gb so Square will be pushing a day 1 patch (which is Tuesday Play-Asia goofed and started sending R3 carts this Tuesday) and the patch is just over 2gb making this the largest Vita game to date. So if you want voices when you get your cart you must update to 3.61 or stay on 3.60 without voice acting as the patch will include a new 3.61 eboot.

    If you play the PS4 demo cross save works and you can transfer over your "extras" to the Vita version due to this as well. So buying DLC on the PS4 and swapping over your save should also enable them on your Vita as well. Already tested with the special armor you get upon completing the PS4 demo and it is available on my Vita.


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      I (atreyu187) have tested myself and confirmed working!!!
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Oct 20, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
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    2. atreyu187
      "See "Update" in articles for new info.

      (-Edited by STLcardsWS)

      @STLcardsWS cross save works and the special armor you earn when using the feature allows for special items earned on the PS4 to work on the Vita as well.
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    3. pinky
      I tested the game, it works without issue as a mai dump. @atreyu187 is beating the demo for me to upload the save for magitek armor since I'm staying on 3.55, so that I can play the game on the vita. the demo requires 3.61. I've blocked updates as per my tutorial for the ps4. it's very easy to block updates on the system since u can grab update servers with cc proxy. the system downloads, then asks to install, so u can connect to the download servers then delete from the notifications tab on the home menu. it took several attempts to block what I think is all or almost all ps4 servers since there r so many. I'm not sure since opening the psn store asks to update which I declined. automatic downloads r blocked though since the option doesn't work on 3.55 on both a us (atreyu187) and Japanese (me) system. anyway, I guess if one server fails for whatever reason, another takes over. if it's like the vita, there's a main server via an xml. I think it can be changed, but backup servers r in the system os.
    4. pinky
      I might also mention to @atreyu187 that sony gave up on the pstv after one year. Nintendo has supported the wii-u to the very least until Zelda is released, so five years when it wasn't a success. that says a lot about both companies.
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    5. kozarovv
      Not working also using Henkaku 4th release?
    6. samet2012
      Yes, released newer will works.
    7. atreyu187
      OK seems all the pre-planned DLC is inside the eboot already. So we may be able to use DLC without a 3.61 patch.
    8. bitsbubba
      Just not sound :( so is there a param edit for the update or it's that they signed the eboot with 3.61 keys?
    9. pinky
      from what I understand, the game must be bootable in order to remove pfs, so simply editing the param.sfo won't work. the vita uses three levels of protection - the eboot, self/sprx, and pfs. that's my level of understanding based on what @atreyu187 has told me about the security of the system.
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    10. atreyu187
      Won't know for sure till the update hits PSN. The option for audio is off ATM in options till its released. This isn't the first game to come this way for the system.
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    11. kozarovv
    12. DeViL303
      LOL, I sense that you might be a little biased (like me), for one: the WiiU hasn't even been out for 4 years but you say they have supported it for 5 when it wasn't a success? Nice one. :)

      Edit: Oh I see you mean the Zelda game that was announced in 2013.

      There will still be the odd game for the PSTV in 2017 too so they havnt dropped support 100% yet, they just arnt making the HW anymore.

      Jeez you guys really hating on Playstation today :) , not sure why you are here at all, just go to :-p Is it just me or is that not the fairest comparison. The Wii-U (Nintendo's main home console of this generation) compared to a spin off of Sony's handheld that was already doing really badly and they could afford to drop, I wouldn't have expected Sony to keep making it for 5 years when it wasn't even half the success of the Wii-U, they would have been stupid to keep making it IMO. I think its great they try new things like the Move, PSTV, PSVR, but im sure they don't expect every one of them to work out and become the next big hit, so they are ready to drop things and move on. Its a shame the Vita didn't work out for them/us, its an amazing piece of HW in my opinion.

      In my line of work, if the orders stop coming in, because people don't buy/want your product, then you stop making it and move on to make something else, otherwise it will effect the bottom line and someone loses out (either money or maybe their job), and its just a waste of materials and effort. If something is selling really well and making loads of money for everyone involved (inventors, developers, manufacturers etc) then you keep making it.

      EDIT 2: actually I change my mind, screw Sony, PSN isn't working here!! I only have my secondary PS4 here so I cant play any of my PSVR games as they are locked until I sign in, WTF Sony! :)
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    13. Berion
      Could someone explain me how those whitelist works (I know what is whitelist, I'm just curious how this is implemented in PSV)?
    14. kozarovv
      PSN is currently DDOS-ed.
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    15. bitsbubba
    16. kozarovv
      "Half" of internet is currently DDOsed.

      • ActBlue
      • Basecamp
      • Big cartel
      • Box
      • Business Insider
      • CNN
      • Esty
      • Github
      • Grubhub
      • HBO Now
      • (iHeartRadio)
      • Imgur
      • Intercom
      • Netflix
      • Okta
      • PayPal
      • Pinterest
      • Playstation Network
      • Recode
      • Reddit
      • Spotify
      • Squarespace Customer Sites
      • Starbucks rewards/gift cards
      • The Verge
      • Twillo
      • Twitter
      • Weebly
      • Wix Customer Sites
      • Yammer
      • Yelp
      • Zoho CRM
      PS. Wasn't me :p lol
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    17. bitsbubba
      OMG! what to do without the internet? Yeah was reading about it on Twitter, some people are actually getting angry [emoji14]
    18. DeViL303
      Yeah I read that . My PSN just came back, looks like they are sorting it. Panic over guys, internet coming back online. :applouse:
    19. kozarovv
      Bad moment to announce that one week ago I brought NDS Lite? :victorious:
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