PS3 TrueAncestor PKG Repacker - v2.45 by jjkkyu

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 28, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jul 28, 2016 at 10:13 PM
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    On Monday we reported v2.30 update of TrueAncestor PKG Repacker and since that time the developer has made a few updates progressing the utility to now version 2.45. Over the past several updates @jjkkyu continued to expand support and add new features surrounding the recent support of XMB Categories that was intially supported with v2.30 released earlier in the week. View all the listed changes in the changelog tab (inside) provided.


    • TrueAncestor PKG Repacker Changelog:

      NEW v2.45

      1. Added XMB Link (WT category) support to Fast Pack pkg.
      2. Added support to AS/HM/SF categories in both Custom & Fast Pack.​

      NEW v2.40
      1. Added XMBLink pkg type support (WT category) to Custom Pack pkg (but not in yet Fast Pack pkg).​

      NEW v2.35
      1. Extended the support of categories like photo, music, video, tv, web tv & network to the Custom Pack pkg feature.​

      1. Added support of categories like photo, music, video, tv, network & web tv to the Fast Pack pkg feature.​

    • v2.20
      1. Add new unpack engine make_pkg_npdrm & rpkg_extractor to replace the old engine PkgView.
      2. Unpacking retail psp remaster pkg is now supported under rpkg_extractor.
      3. Auto-switch unpack engine when handling 2gb+ pkg file.
      4. Update instructions.​

      1. Set default to ON for patch sfo and resign eboot switches.
      2. Remove the retail patch restrict for repack pkg.​

      1. Fix search non-standard contentid in self files.
      2. Fix rename issue when resign eboot switch is on.​

      1. Rewrite the whole program and rename to TrueAncestor PKG Repacker.
      2. New fast pack operation for ultimate pkg packing experience.
      3. New ungpkg engine for unpacking pkg.
      4. New game folder info & pkg info display.
      5. New switch for patching PARAM.SFO in packing process.
      6. New switch for resigning EBOOT.BIN in packing process.
      7. Newly support long install path for Gamedata pkg.
      8. Newly support packing PS2 Classics pkg.
      9. Newly support packing .p3t theme file to pkg & batch mode for packing theme pkg.
      10. Newly support packing avatar file to pkg & batch mode for packing avatar pkg.
      11. Newly support packing retail & debug license pkg.
      12. Update instructions.​

      TrueAncestor PKG Creator

      1. Fix bug in patching PARAM.SFO.
      2. Fix bug in auto-generating ContentID.​

      v1.0 Features:
      1. No more typing command line.
      2. No more editing conf file.
      3. Support to create more than 10 types of pkg.
      4. Support to load ContentID from pkg / auto-generate ContentID.
      5. Manage pkg in one folder.
      6. Instructions for n00bs.​

    Download: TrueAncestor PKG Repacker v2.45

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 28, 2016.

    1. STLcardsWS
    2. JosephKorso
      I'm getting Registration Error when doing a repack with some DLCs, how to find the problem?
    3. SoJustMe
      what does this do ? i mean what the difference from make-backup-pkg or master pkg?

      is this for all PKGs? what can be done with this tool?
    4. PattrickH
      As the tool's name says makes different types of PKG's for PS3
    5. Umar
      Hey whenever i select make fast pkg and then select my game folder with everything in it, the program just reads everything quickly but doesn't make the actual pkg file. Any suggestions?
    6. jjkkyu
      May some files are blocked by AV ware.
    7. montcer

      I wonder if there is any advantage to keep the .exe files instead of the .bat?

      I ask because I did some mods to the marvelous .bat file that PKG Repacker is, but I would to keep them.
    8. Snowfuckingwhite
      I'd like to know what this category thing means because I usually use this program to pack psone classic games wich works without any issue but now that I tried to pack a PS3_GAME folder (because it didn't work with CFW2OFW Helper because the game has no update) but it always says that it is category DG and not supported for fast pack but it never explains what these categories are supposed to be so I don't really know what to do
    9. Cypher_CG89
      DG = Disc Game

      Its in the param.sfo and also in the EBOOT of the game. If you change it in the sfo you also need to change it in the EBOOT and vice versa.

      Look here for the categories: (just hover the cursor over DG etc and it will display what it means)
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    10. Snowfuckingwhite
      I see so I could just change the category in the PARAM.SFO and EBOOT.BIN files? Would it work if I'd just change it to HG? If so then how do I edit the EBOOT? Don't really know how to edit .BIN files
    11. pinky
      use psn liberator for ease. note: it doesn't work with all games.
    12. Snowfuckingwhite
      Okay thanks, I'll try it
    13. pinky
      you're trying to get psn to work without rap? I'm a bit confused, because the previous post mentions disc game.
    14. Snowfuckingwhite
      Yeah I'm confused too right now I must have mixed up some things in my head I'll explain my situation again:
      The game has no psn functions at all so obviously I don't need to get psn to work it was all about converting a PS3_GAME folder wich was not supported by CFW2OFW Helper to pkg format for easy install and I wanted to try TrueAncestor pkg repacker as an alternative but it didn't work and it was telling me that the game isn't the right category wich was DG now thanks to Cypher_CG89 I know that it means Disc Game and I could change the category from Disc Game to Harddrive Game for example in the PARAM.SFO and EBOOT.BIN files of the game but I don't know a program to edit .BIN files
    15. jjkkyu
      TABR(backup retailer) is an alternative for CFW2OFW, not TAPR.
      V option in TABR will make your goal.
    16. Snowfuckingwhite
      Alright, thanks :)
    17. leiron
      Hello, I need urgent help. The error "The unpacking package failed" appears.
    18. jjkkyu
      So, when do you encounter the problem? Any details?
    19. Ghetsis
      in both links it says that "File is Deleted" or "File does not exist"

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