[TUT]Mounting PS2 SingStar on PS3 using webMAN MOD mount_ps2 feature

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By PSX_Koto on Dec 30, 2016 at 7:58 AM
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    Since @aldostools was nice enough to include this feature in the official builds of webMAN MOD, here is simple guide how to use extracted SingStar PS2 backups on SingStar PS3 version using the mount_ps2 webMAN MOD command.

    Personally I am using the mount_ps2 command, not sure if mount.ps2 does the same now. I will update wMM this weekend, currently still have 1.43.36 installed but it should work on the latest version unless aldo removed or edited this feature again.

    • What you will require:
      • An original PS2 game disc (any should work). Couldn't get it to work with a burned copy
      • PS3 with webMAN MOD accessible via home network (look up IP in network settings)

      How to:

      1.Create a directory on internal/external and extract/copy the loose Singstar files to it.
      Example: "dev_usb001/Singstar/SingStar Pop/Pack_EE.PAK" etc.
      2. Load up any PS3 SingStar game
      3. In the song selection, press SELECT to open the change disc dialogue
      4. Eject your disc if there's one inside the PS3
      5. Now if you want to load the SingStar Pop from above, you should use this command:
      6. Then insert any PS2 disc. It should automatically load the mounted SingStar game.

    • Additional Info:
      • You can change discs as often as you want, but you always need to eject -> mount -> then insert physical disc again. Only do it on the change disc screen or the game will quit.
      • Maybe aldo already included a mounting feature within the webMAN MOD webpage, but I always did it manually this way.
      • I made myself a simple html landing page with links to mount all of my SingStar games, probably easier than typing in the urls every single time.
      • If you can't access webMAN MOD via web/browser or are unable to mount, try reinstalling the full version (hold L1 while launching the webMAN MOD installer). I had to do this after upgrading to 4.81.1 Rebug.
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Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by PSX_Koto, Dec 30, 2016.

    1. kozarovv
      Done @PSX_Koto ,thanks for nice tutorial. :) Feel free to edit it if You want to add or change something.
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    2. OCELOT
      the requirements should be obvious because its covered in webman mod source
      as a extra feature ->/#define PS2_DISC 1 // uncomment to support /mount.ps2 (mount ps2 game folder as /dev_ps2disc) requires a physical PS2 disc to swap discs (thanks to WuEpE)

      also auto eject on mount and swap works fine while mounting through webman url launcher
      its all covered in the main src of webman mod
      plus the headers for supported functionality
    3. kozarovv
      90% (or even more) webMAN MOD users are never saw source code of wMM. So requirements is not so obvious like you saying for most users.
    4. OCELOT
      well that depends devs release open source so ppl can actually get in their head and pre process for themselves how everything is done
      the statement wasnt intended to atack the user providing the tutorial
      however it would save ppl a lot of time of tinkering and experimenting if they just browsed what is made directly available by the devs in the first place. so they dont have to go thru any headaches of fixing things .
      you save time.you save a headache.
      if ppl study what is released. and watch how the system reacts and operates there is more much you can gain besides getting something to run .
      there are many things that can be fixed
      studying src alone if ppl just take the time to do something a little bit out of the norm.
      use everything to your advantage... and a whole lot more than learning is accomplished.
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    5. kozarovv
      Sometime is hard to read and follow all releases, included instructions, etc, if you are not strictly interesed in PS3 scene. I have few friends that asked not so long time ago that they still need to use 3.55, because they saw that some people saying is possible to get higher custom firmware. :) That's why we are here, to help people find answer for uncommon (for them) questions.

      Basically You are right, but like I said before. Not everyone is keeping eye on scene, some users just want to use final result of developer work.

      And final word as a moderator. Please not post under your posts (there will be merged like above), use edit button instead. Also please stay on topic, this is thread about Tutorial, so.. How to use, etc. Any future posts not related directly to tutorial will be moved to different thread.
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    6. Gehirnstaub
      well, doesn't work for me. I just get this.

      webMAN 1.45.10 MOD
      400 Bad Request
    7. kozarovv
      Do you installed FULL version?
    8. Gehirnstaub
      oh that was my Problem... haha
      Works now! Thanks.
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    9. Thatsingstarthingyguy
      @PSX_Koto thank you for the tutorial!

      The most difficult thing for me personally was actually understanding what "mount.ps2 command" was supposed to mean =)

      A couple of notes:
      XMB Singstar 4.0 (the latest update imho) doesn't show the switch option on startup and the select button doesn't seem to work. The game is just waiting for any disc to be inserted. After the first content is loaded (a disc or a song from singstore) to let you browse the list of songs - then you can choose to switch discs.

      I never could test it myself, but I remember that back in the days when the feature was introduced to MM I saw a couple of complaints that the thing will work only with the original PS2 singstar disc, not just any original ps2 game disc.
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    10. cocoman93
      First of all, thank you for this tutorial! I could not get it to work though, when I insert an original ps2 disc (fifa 08) i get the message "This is not a singstar disc". Mounting works as far as i can tell (have webMAN 1.46.02 MOD full version). Any ideas?
    11. kozarovv
      Is possible that new mounting games features in webMAN MOD broken signstar feature. Try https://github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD/releases/tag/1.45.11 if it fail, then try https://github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD/releases/tag/1.45.10

      1.45.10 is confirmed to work fine.
    12. cocoman93
      Still does not work, tried 1.45.11 and 1.45.10. I am on the latest rebug firmware. What I do:

      mount PS3 Singstar (first Singstar game, latest update 6.00) with webman.
      Play game, use the switch disc function
      use (Mount extracted Singstar 80s)
      Get "Game loaded successfully. Start the game from the disc icon
      or from /app_home XMB entry.
      Put original ps2 disc (fifa 08) into the ps3.

      --> this is not a singstar disc

      Edit: Thanks for your previous answer btw

      Edit2: Does anyone else have other ideas? I tried everything...
      Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
    13. BanCrash
      Hello, thanks for the tutorial, It works to me perfectly!!

      I use this post to ask too, there is a way to do this with Multiman? I tried the tutorials but I can't make it works.
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    14. BanCrash
      Hello, I get that error with the names of the files inside the folder in lower case letter.

      Example: PAK.PAK works. pak.pak doesn't work (with all the files, this is only a example).

      EDIT: For more clarification, Pak.Pak doesn't work to me neither. Just all the letters in capital letters work for me, like in the example.
      Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
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    15. martinWE
      Will it work with sMAN, too?
    16. kozarovv

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