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Discussion in 'Ps3Xploit [Official Forum]' started by [IRA] Chopper, Sep 22, 2018.

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    GTA IV Modding using HAN (Update.img)

    NOTE: This guide will presume you already have HAN installed, know how to use it and have an xploit resigner ready with its required files.

    I will be using the BLES00229 version.


    What you'll need:

    1. Physical copy of GTA IV
    2. PS3Tools by aldostools
    3. TrueAncestor PKG Repacker by JjKkYu
    4. A modified update.img such as Major Ditribution vXX.XX)


    If you have already updated and installed GTA IV then you will need to delete the 3/4GB GTA IV file in the Game Data Utility folder on your PS3.

    This is required as we will be applying our own custom patch.


    1. Getting the GTA IV 1.08 Patch PKG

    First step is to start up PS3Tools, go to the "PS3 Game Updates" option and type in your Game ID. Your Game ID is available on the games case.

    When you see the 1.08 patch (it should be the only one there) you can right click it and press download.
    This will download the patch PKG to "\ps3tools\tools\downloads\Grand Theft Auto IV [BLES00229]"

    2. Extracting the PKG and adding your selected update image

    The next step is to extract the PKG as it is what contains the update.img, we need to extract it to be able to replace the file.

    So get the update PKG you just downloaded and place it in the pkg folder of TrueAncestor PKG Repacker, start repacker.exe and use the third option "Unpack Pkg" (Press 3 and then enter)

    Now it will display a list of the PKGs in your pkg folder, select the number which refers to the GTA IV update PKG, for most this will be the first and only PKG.

    Press enter and it will be extracted to the game folder in the same directory as repacker.exe, copy the folder (BLES00229 or your equivalent) to the desktop.

    Go to the USRDIR folder inside the folder you have just copied to your desktop, here you will find update.img, this is the file which we can replace with a modified version.

    Get your modified update.img and replace the original one with it. (There is no need to back up the original as you will never need it)

    3. Compiling the PKG

    Now we will use CaptainCPS-X's PKG Builder to create a PKG with our new update.img. Start by placing the contents of the extracted BLES00229 folder with the new update.img in the "\ps3tools\tools\make_pkgs\pkg\" folder.

    (Do not place the BLES00229 folder in the pkg folder, only its contents: TROPDIR, USRDIR, ICON0.PNG, PARAM.SFO AND PS3LOGO.DAT)

    now open CREATE_PKG.bat in notepad and change the CONTENTID to CONTENTID of your PKG (You can check this with the 6th option in repacker.exe)

    The section of the file should look similar to this:

    :: Change these for your application / manual...
    set CONTENTID=EP1017-BLES00229_00-GTAIVUPDATEV0108
    set PKG_DIR=./pkg/
    set PKG_NAME=./%CONTENTID%.pkg

    Press CTRL + S to save and run CREATE_PKG.bat, this will create an unsigned PKG.

    From here it is just the usual steps for installing a PKG on HAN, resign it, copy to USB and install.
    I recommend that you activate the HAN exploit whenever using a custom patch on any game, it may cause issues otherwise.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you find this useful.

    Tutorial by [IRA] Chopper for PSX-Place.com
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