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    [*] Update to E-UAE 0.8.29 (more compatibility)
    [*] Added 320X240 resolution (more emulation speed)
    [*] Added hardfile and Virtual File System support in the GUI
    [*] Amiga colors for GUI, added borders to the windows
    [*] Set sound frequency to 48k
    [*] Small bug fixes
    [*] Added Gamecube controller support
    [*] Added graphic virtual keyboard with IR Wiimote pointer called by "+" button
    [*] Added Wiiflow support
    [*] Added new menus to save and load 5 configuration files
    [*] Added audio menu with new options
    [*] Path of last selected file remembered in the menu
    [*] Added Picasso96 memory configuration
    [*] Added number of floppies configuration
    [*] Added refresh rate option
    [*] Added blitter exact cycle option
    [*] Added 24/32 bit cpu address space option
    [*] Chip memory up to 8MB
    [*] Consistency check of configuration options with gui messages
    [*] Automatic reset emulator after memory or kickrom change
    [*] Removed noise entering the GUI
    [*] Fixed bug in blitter exact and adreess space configuration
    [*] Fixed bug in sound floppy configuration
    [*] Fixed bug in page up/down
    [*] Patch to increase rendering speed in double buffer mode
    [*] Case insensitive file order in the file menu
    [*] Compiled against libogc 1.8.11 and SDL-Wii r101
    [*] Fixed full resolution in 576i video mode
    [*] Added dms and zip support
    [*] Added drive sound
    [*] (build) Compiled against libogc 1.8.9
    [*] Added rumble support
    [*] Added configurable aspect ratio
    [*] Reduced font size of list file menu
    [*] Utf8 font support
    [*] Fixed Hardfile and virtual filesystem support
    [*] Added virtual keyboard
    [*] Added several menu options (immediate blits, collision level, real CPU speed, scanlines, ntsc and sound)
    [*] Menu reorganization
    [*] Other small improvements
    [*] Added SMB support
    [*] Added USB FAT mass storage support
    [*] Many menu improvements (new colors, new popup messages, browsing with nunchuk, wider screen, etc.)
    [*] Added nunchuck menu browsing
    [*] Configuration file saved manually
    [*] Several improvements in input configuration menu (single  wiimote configurations, snd and trd button joystick, enable/disable  mouse emulation, etc.)
    [*] Name of the loaded file in the menu header
    [*] Added logfile option
    [*] Fixed correct aspect option (to adapt the Amiga screen to Wii screen)
    [*] Fixed mouse jerkiness
    [*] Fixed second Joystick configuration issue
    [*] Other small fixes
    [*] (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC (r24), libogc (1.8.7) and SDL (restores keyboard support)
    [*] Fix the workbench graphics issue
    [*] (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC, libogc and SDL (fixes some SD corruption issues caused by the old libfat)
    [*] Support for the [URL=""]Mario Kart wheel[/URL] in games where it makes sense to use it (stunt car racer!)
    [*] (Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC, libogc and SDL
    [*] Correct banner showing errors. With this fix, a dialogue box is now opened if kick.rom is missing
    [*] Support Cloanto's amiga forever ROMs in the default config
    [*] Allow configuring most important options from the menu (Amiga models etc)
    [*] Fix Nunchuk/Classic controller conflict
    [*] Add virtual keyboard to set keyboard-to-controller-button bindings
    [*] Store configuration when modified in the menu and allow [B]uaerc.user[/B] to override the configuration
    [*] Saving and restoring states now work
    [*] Harddisk support is now built in, but works so-so (and has no menu support)
    [*] Hundreds of small fixes here and there
    [*] Initial release
    [*] This version has only received light testing and there will be bugs
    [*] Graphics look bad in Workbench, but hey - who cares about that?
    [*] There is a menu, but few menu options actually work. Patches are welcome!


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