PS2 uLaunchElf 4.43a ( 2-TeraByte Edition ) file/partition/hdd manager

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By UniqueUserName on Sep 13, 2016 at 11:29 AM
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    The 1-TeraByte HDD limitation, which had plagued the PS2, has finally been resolved
    (The best PS2 news youve heard in years has just arrived)

    This will be invaluable when 1TB internal drives disappear from store shelves
    Which is closer to becoming a reality than you might think.
    Download available at the bottom of this page... Enjoy
    I know we will all eventually need this ;) -Thank You SP193

    SP193 has done it again! Bringing to you uLE-2TB

    uLaunchElf 4.43a ( 2-TeraByte Edition ) file/partition/hdd manager...
    (Allows proper/reliable formatting, and correct size/value reading/feedback)

    - For 2TB Internal Hard Drives -​

    • ===== Notes from the Beta Tester ( spiderman ) =====
      All tests completed/accomplished with the following:

      • 1. This version of uLaunchElf ( uLE - 2TB )

      • 2. Genuine Official Sony Network Adaptor

      • 3. IDE-to-SATA Adapter...
        (very quick and simple mod for PHAT/Fatty/Chubby PS2's only)
        ....... You can find it HERE .......

      • 4. 2TB Seagate 2.5" (laptop) SATA Internal Harddisk Drive...
        (with the converter I am using, there is no room for a full size Internal HDD)

      • 5. USB-to-SATA-Converter...
        (to connect the drive to PC for installing games, removing the drive from the ps2 each time)

      • 6. OPL 0.9.3 (with all the options = VMC, GSM, etc.)

      • 7. HdlDumpGUI v1.5...
        (For installing games, it was the same as with ANY other hard drive)

      • 8. Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) newest version available


      • I've used the uLE-2TB.elf (specifically uLE's HDDmanager/FileBrowser features)...
        (mainly to Format the Hard Drive, Create Partitions, and Copy/Paste files)

      • Correct Values are now displayed in uLE = Total Size and Free Space look right

      • +OPL partition created successfully

      • ALL partitions created successfully

      • I now have more than 1 TB of games installed ( 484 games )

      • ALL Games work as they should in OPL

      • ALL Virtual Memory Cards (VMC) work as they should in OPL

      • Simple Media System (SMS) works as it should...
        (However, the initial loading times seem to have increased)

      • HdlDumpGUI readings/feedback of TRUE User-Useable space...
        ( 1863GB Total / 1104.38GB Used / 758.63GB Available )

    • spiderman:

      "The main problem was formatting the hard drive initially (before this version).
      I tried WinHIIP and Free Hard Drive Boot (FHDB) with no success.
      uLE didn't work, and gave incorrect values for the HDD size.
      SP193 developed a uLE version that worked."​

      "This site has helped me tremendously, and I will gladly help anybody I can.
      I was delighted to help out any way that I could, although really I deserve little of the credit, as it was SP193 that worked on the program, and I was merely a tester."​

    • 0901161413.jpg

    • 0903161516a.jpg

    • SP193:
      (for developing, and providing us with, this much needed future-proofing resource)​

      (Beta Testing, Glitch Reporting, Feedback, Images, and this articles Main Source of information)​

      Other uLE Maintainers/Contributors of Note:
      (who may not have taken part in this version, but deserve an honorable mention nonetheless)
      AKuHAK, krHACKen, dlanor, E P, Mirakichi,
      Polo35, radad, Drakonite, sincro, kthu, Slam-Tilt, chip, pixel, Hermes,
      and many others in the PS2Dev community

    NOTE: this version is not for you unless you have a 2TB InternalHDD in your PS2.
    If you do not have a 2TB internal drive, you should still be using uLE wip7 or uLE_kHn.

    ....... uLaunchElf 4.43a ( 2-TB edition ) .......

    MANY EMAILs AND PMs from spiderman​
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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by UniqueUserName, Sep 13, 2016.

    1. peke
      I will try and tell U, thank u very much for the support, with 4.40 and 1tb works perfect, maybe it´s de 2tb hdd, Hope can make it work
    2. peke
      Low zero formatting the hdd didnn´t work, is there a way to format the hdd for the ps2 on the pc (2tb)?. Maybe it´s the network adapter (witch works fine with 1tb sata drive), or maybe it´s the HDD, I will test another drive, hope it works
    3. sp193
      So... were you really able to access hdd0 in v4.43a (2017), with the 1TB HDD?
      If you could not, then there is no solution except for either replacing your network adaptor or slapping together a custom version that doesn't confuse your network adaptor.

      You can try HDLDump. But well, given that support for 2TB disks has been missing for so many years, it's not very surprising if no tools ever supported it completely.
    4. peke
      I wasn´t able to access hdd0 in v4.43a (2017) with the 1TB HDD

      shame beacuse with 4.40 and 1tb works like a charm¡
    5. sp193
      You can try this. It is a late version of wLaunchELF with the latest PS2SDK updates, but with that DMAEN workaround made.
    6. XC-3730C
      What are those features used for?
    7. sp193
      As for the DMA ENable bit, that was the known change that caused some compatible adaptors to become confused.

      Initially, SCEI initiated data transfers and enabled DMA together. This was also how our old homebrew module was designed. Some clone adaptors were likely based off our old source code.

      But when I updated the design of the module, these adaptors stopped working correctly because DMA was enabled separately from the data transfer.

      Usually, I do not want to sacrifice our functionality to support non-compliant hardware. But today, I had to make a special test build that worked similarly, so...

      If you are not using such an adaptor, please do not use that file.
    8. Metro City
      Metro City
      I have buy a sata network adapter gamestar with 1 tb hdd, but first access it's very slow, when put on ps2, appears on the screen logo mcfreeboot for more seconds, on launchelf i want expand +OPL but everytimes freeze.

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