PS VITA / PS TV Ultimate VSH Menu (v1.00) - TaiHEN Plugin developed by Joel16

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By Joel16 on Aug 5, 2017 at 11:39 PM
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    Heh, release time I guess. As I stated earlier game mode is rather limited so unless someone reverse's SceShell this plugin's functionality is going to be limited. Most of the features in this plugin/recovery are already available in other homebrews so this isn't necessarily something new, however that is possibly going to change in the future. The main reason was to bring back the nostalgia from the good old PSP days. For PSTV users it allows you to quickly reboot/shutdown/suspend the device so there's the benefit in that.​


    • Ultimate VSH menu is a plugin that was originally developed by Total_Noob for the PSP as a replacement VSH menu with better functionality. This tai-hen plugin aims to do the same. As of now there isn't much it can do, but it'll surely be updated to do more. I created this not only for nostalgic feeling of the beloved PSP scene <3 but also to make use of Tai-hen since there aren't many plugins compared to the PSP.

      • Control CPU/GPU clock separately.
      • Reboot/Shutdown/Suspend device in game.
      • Reload tai config.
      • Back up PSN activation files.
      • Rebuild/Update database.
      • Swap enter button (X / O)

      Recovery menu is kept minimal, at least for now so you're not going to find a lot of options there. I'm open for suggestions so feel free to make requests on features and I'll give it a try it if it's feasible.

    • Instructions:
      Please download and install the vsh_recovery.vpk if you want to use the recovery functions.
      Place vsh.suprx in the ux0:/tai folder.
      In your config.txt add:

      If you want this running in all titles:
      or if you want it running under a specific title:
      Button combo to bring up the plugin: (L + R + Start) - Smoke's suggestion.

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Joel16, Aug 5, 2017.

    1. pinky
      keep up the great work, my friend. the device activation files' backup has me intrigued. there's a tutorial on obtaining them manually on wololo, but I haven't looked at it. it would be a good idea to back them up next time I'm at my vita and pstv, so I think I'll use ur plugin for that. :)
    2. ed89
      VSH menu can be very practical thanks for all the usefull PSV Homebrew releases @Joel16

      a hacked PSV get more and more support from Scene devs
      a OFW PSV get less and less support from §ony
      $ony dont even update the Psv with new needed features anymore

      $ony has given away much potential senselessly with psv and ps tv

      I really like this console although $ony has failed in so many ways with the PSV ( high priced memory cards, AAA games support not available anymore, some standard features still missing...battery pack percentage display, saves without ps+ and without to have to backup full game.... show your psn profile as offline even if you online if you want like on PS4, unnecessary cma complicated drm on videos, music and games... )

      so thanks at least scene devs care about PSV!
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