Unfortunate News -- We have lost a great friend of the community

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 3, 2018 at 8:59 PM
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    We unfortunately has some very sad news to share with the community as a member of our team and community has unfortunately passed away recently,. Our great friend @UniqueUserName sadly is no longer with us, he was battling an illness and recently the battle has taken his life, this unfortunate news does not come easy as he was an awesome person in so many ways. As many of you know he was an extremely helpful member and just a great person to have in the forums, He was a great member of this staff on psx-place and also other sites in the community, he will be missed and we wish his friends and family the best is this unfortunate event..

    RIP - UniqueUsername

    Thank You @UniqueUserName for all the great memories, your influences have forever change this community for the better. .


    (Currently @UniqueUserName account is occupied by his close friend, if you would like to share a Story about UniqueUsername or send a message to his friends and family please feel free to drop a comment in UniqueUserName Profile or in the comments below,)


Discussion in 'Site Rules & Announcements' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 3, 2018.

    1. pinky
      my earliest memory of UNI is when he wanted me to test a colecovision emulator on the ps2...he certainly knew his stuff with that system. that's what began a very meaningful friendship.
    2. jolek
      I really don't know what to... "say".
      I've been thinking about him for some time (where he might be).
      I didn't know that his health condition was so bad.

      He was extremely helpful, I'll sorely miss him.
      Rest in peace.
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    3. Metalomeus
      R.I.P. Brother :(..... I didn´t know u.....but i know ur at a better place right now....
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    4. Berion
      Very sad information. I was thinking everything back to normal, and today I read about death... Unexpected and not fair. He is not so older than me, and when human realize that it is more frightening...

      He is the man with passion to the scene, one of the best popularizer from our generation. He will always have a place in my memory.

      I don't know if UniqueUserName believe in God but I know God believe in him and I have hope he found peace. I don't used term: was, instead: he is, because I believe we will met again one day.

      Wish You calm journey friend.
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    5. tthousand
      @UniqueUserName will definitely be missed. Even though I never got to know him, I felt like he was still part of my scene-family. I was actually just thinking about his struggles the other day, and how far he had come. It is so sad that I happened to stumble upon this news.

      I pray that he is in a better place, where he can watch over his loved ones and keep them safe.

      Rest in Paradise brother. I hope we all can learn from you and never stop trying to overcome our own obstacles. I know you are still working hard in heaven :angel:
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    6. Niander466
      meus pêsames a toda família!
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    7. Gamer4life
      OMG! I saw him talking about some useful stuff a few months ago.I didn't know him that well but he certainly was a normal guy and an enthusiastic member.Never knew he was ill.

      This hurt me somewhere.

      RIP.My condolences to his family and friends
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    8. GregoryRasputin
      I don't think i really conversed with him, i did see his contributions to the forum.
      So sad to see someone so young lose their life, RIP.
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    9. Rautz
      Condolences to his friends and familty during this very sad time, RIP, you'll be missed mate .
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    10. SoJustMe
      even though i don't him , but i can feel your lost , he is gone but only his memories left in this world to be remembered by his beloved family and friends, Rest In Peace.
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    11. antonioks
      Very sad a great friend, always interacting with much affection in the comments, a great loss, that we feel very, but that I am sure that someday we will meet again.
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    12. Incorruptable
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