PlayStation News Universal Media Server v6.5.2 - Bugs Squashed, Stability & More Support

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By Tranced on Nov 30, 2016 at 11:12 AM
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    Behind You
    It has been a while since we have had a report about Universal Media Server. The latest build just dropped so I thought I would wrap up of some of the last few updates for the app. Over the past few months UMS has had its fair share of bug and stability fixes but what is more the focus of recent updates is compatibility for certain devices and file formats. Lets take a look.​


      • General:
        • Respect the renderer setting H264Level41Limited when deciding whether to stream or transcode
        • Search for subtitles in alternative folder even when a subtitle was already found (thanks, tdcosta100!)
        • Logging improvements
        • Improved program shutdown stability
        • Updated docs
        • Updated image parsing from MediaInfo and Sanselan to Imaging
        • Fixed manual renderer selection
        • Improved support for OGA, MKA, ADTS, WEBM, 3GA and 3G2A files
        • Made disabling transcoding more reliable
        • Minor bugfixes
      • Languages:
        • Minor English updates
        • Synchronized translations with Crowdin
      • Renderers:
        • Added FLAC support on Sony PS4
        • Improved AAC support on LG LM620 TVs
        • Improved detection of Sony Bravia W series TVs
        • Improved AVI/DivX support on Panasonic TX-L32V10E TVs
        • Improved Google Chromecast support
        • Fixed LPCM audio on Sony PS3
        • Fixed aspect ratios on Sony Bravia 5500 series TVs
      • Dependencies:
        • Updated h2database to 1.4.193

    • Version 6.5.1:
      • General:
        • Added Dolby Atmos detection
        • Added renderer config setting RemoveTagsFromSRTSubtitles
        • Config file fixes and improvements
        • Reduced CPU usage
        • Improved adherence to DLNA standards
        • Restart button changes to red when a restart is required
        • Fixed audio channel parsing
        • Fixed audio pitch when transcoding some files
      • Languages:
        • Synchronized translations with Crowdin
      • Renderers:
        • Added support for VLC for desktop
        • Improved seeking support on AnyCast
        • Improved support for some filetypes on VLC for iOS
        • Improved support for Panasonic E6 TVs
        • Improved support for AVI files on XBMC
      • Dependencies:
        • Updated jaudiotagger to 2.2.5
        • Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.88
        • Updated NSIS to 2.5.1

      Version 6.5.0:
      • General:
        • Use ellipses for overflowing text in the left menu on the web interface
        • Improved speed of parsing files
        • Improved documentation in DefaultRenderer.conf, UMS.conf and the code
        • Fixed support for semicolons in paths in FFmpeg
        • Fixed the cancellation of media library scans
        • Fixed videos being transcoded too often because of bitrate halving
        • Fixed support for video files within compressed folders
        • Fixed the MIME type for WAV DTS files
      • Renderers:
        • Added support for LG Blu-Ray players
        • Added support for Naim Mu-So wireless audio systems
        • Improved detection of LG TVs
        • Improved support for AC-3 audio on VLC on iOS and Apple TV
        • Improved support for XviD codec on Panasonic TVs and VLC apps
        • Improved support for images on Panasonic TXL32V10E TVs
        • Fixed support for virtual folders like New Media and Cache on Panasonic TVs
        • Fixed support for WebVTT subtitles on Samsung TVs
      • Languages:
        • Danish translation was completed and validated (thanks, jensen83, nba, squadjot, The_lonely_Glowstone and the_slayer_dk!)
        • Portuguese translation was completed (thanks, arqmatiasreis, El_Locco, Nadahar and plucas!)
      • External Components:
        • Updated assertj to 2.5.0
        • Updated ChromeCast Java API to 0.9.2
        • Updated Cling to 2.1.1
        • Updated commons-io to 2.5
        • Updated doxia plugin to 1.7
        • Updated exec maven plugin to 1.5.0
        • Updated gson to 2.7
        • Updated logback to 1.1.7
        • Updated maven antrun plugin to 1.8
        • Updated maven compiler plugin to 3.5.1
        • Updated maven enforcer plugin to 1.4.1
        • Updated maven site plugin to 3.5.1
        • Updated maven source plugin to 3.0.1
        • Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.87
        • Updated Netty to 3.10.6

      Version 6.4.0:
      • General:
        • Regularly initiate UPnP searches for new renderers
        • Added renderer config settings HalveBitrate and SupportedVideoBitDepths
        • Prevent sleep mode while streaming by default
        • Tweaked language
        • Improved/fixed some documentation (thanks, Sami32!)
        • Improved file parsing speed
        • Improved logging
        • FFmpeg no longer defers to MEncoder for embedded fonts since it supports them
        • FFmpeg no longer defers to MEncoder for internal ASS subtitles
        • ALIVE messages send less frequently by default
        • Fixed support for CMYK JPEG images
        • Fixed 24-bit FLAC fake videos showing up for non-PS3 renderers
        • Fixed unsupported subtitles being streamed
        • Fixed transcoding bitrate in rare cases
        • Fixed MIME types for WAV audio and TIFF images
        • Fixed renderer TextWrap
        • Fixed renderers only being detected if they are started before UMS
      • Renderers:
        • Added support for VLC on Apple TV
        • Improved video quality on wireless networks for Panasonic VT60
        • Improved support for subtitles on Panasonic CX700 Series TVs
        • Improved support for Panasonic CX680 Series TVs
        • Improved support for Panasonic E6 Series TVs
        • Improved support for Sony Bravia NX800 TVs (thanks, prescott66!)
        • Improved detection of Vizio TVs
      • Languages:
        • Czech translation was completed (thanks, jirkapas and panther7!)
        • French translation was completed and validated (thanks, archaos, Kielo, Kirvx, misterfred and Nadar!)
        • Italian translation was completed (thanks, alebrambilla1986, av3c01, bonatigennaro7, FoxGhost07, fsc_mar, johnjonh, jumputer, morag87, RickyReds, supp and vladiesel!)
        • Polish translation was completed and validated (thanks, anonymodmous, K4r0lSz, Nadar and robo25!)
        • Russian translation was completed (thanks, antonyfg, dronidzer, guzu-guzu, lxnderty, Nadar and Tianuchka!)
        • Swedish translation was completed (thanks, klebom, linushg111, mattias_karlsson_89, millenniumb, Nadar, qwert352, rchk, richarda, Rowly, sebastianboos, Stetoskop, strayhat and swarish!)
        • Turkish translation was completed and validated (thanks, hasanbahcekapili, OnarEngincan and onuroztemizel!)
      • External Components:
        • Updated FFmpeg to builds from this month
        • Updated FLAC to 1.3.1 (thanks, Sami32!)
        • Updated h2database to 1.4.192
        • Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.86

    Downloads: Windows | Linux | OS X

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Discussion in 'General PlayStation News' started by Tranced, Nov 30, 2016.

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