PS Vita / Ps TV [UPCOMING] SwitchView UI: Homebrew Launcher with Nintendo Switch look from VitaHEX Games

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    VitaHEX Games has announced the latest project that is set to be released soon free to all (or now to patreon supporters). The new project is called SwitchView UI , which is a Homebrew App (vita/pstv) that is a homebrew launcher (from:ux0) that gives a look aims to give a similar look to Nintento Switch UI and from the screenshos included it is a great alternative for launching your homebrew. You can choose the LiveArea to still launch your brew or this app that only will show Homebrew on the device. This release is coming soon to all so be sure to keep a look on this next week.


    • And the next homebrew app (#6) is...

      Something very different this time. My next homebrew app will turn your PS Vita in to a Nintendo Switch! (kinda...)

      The title of the app is SwitchView UI. I started this project for fun and for personal use but in the process it turned out to something really great so I decided to share it with you. It's a simple homebrew app (or game launcher) that gives you an interface to launch your games and apps.

      It is not a replacement for the Vita's Livearea it is just a homebrew app
      . It lists all the games/apps in your ux0 location (not system apps), and shows them in a menu very similar to the Switch UI.

      As you can see I tried to make all the graphics similar to the Switch dark theme. I also tried to keep the PS Vita buttons and icons the same. The buttons bellow the main game thumbs are the system apps like the PS Store, Photos, Settings app etc.

      With a little customization you can turn this in to a PS4 or Xbox One interface by simply replacing the images and adjusting the positions.

      It's very simple at it's current state but it does the job.
      SwitchView UI will be released on October 19 to everyone but our $5 Tier Patrons will get it early on October 13!


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