PS3 [Update] 4.84.1 STARBUGED CFW + (Includes NEW COBRA 8.00 / .01 payload) by habib

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By habib on Mar 3, 2019 at 11:49 AM
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    The 4.84 Custom Firmware landscape for the PS3 is certainly taken shape here in the last few days as we have seen multiple developer's rejoice and not only update things but progressing the PS3 scene as well. We seen Team Rebug drop 4.84 REBUG LITE edition & 4.84 FERROX Cobra cfw's that had the Cobra v7.55 payload, but as Team Rebug member @Joonie was finishing up the Rebug Lite release/testing and was about about to release, developer @habib (another team rebug member) was working on advancing the Cobra payload with some new features that would mature the payload to Cobra v8.00 (updated v8.01 see below) and in this 4.84 STARBUGED COBRA (v8.00) CFW. This blend of Starbucks + Rebug = Starbuged and not only does this CFW come equipped with the new Cobra v8.00 features but also contains all the feature that REBUG Lite edition contains as well.

    The Cobra v8.00 payload see's a few changes highlighted by the ability to run a payload with kernel privileges in a way like those familiar with the PS Vita scene see with skprx, same concept but now with the PS3. Currently only a single payload is supported at a time but habib says he may increase this into the future. Also v8.00 should improve boot time dramatically according the developer as there is no longer a Stage 1 at boot up, Also note that this CFW has Cobra enabled by default (in contrast to rebug lite, needs to be turned on). Additional details about this CFW release can be seen below.

    ( logo by @solomanDK )

    Checkout other 4.84 related releases in this thread here

    • 4.84.1 Starbuged + Cobra v8.00 CFW
      Starbuged = Starbucks Release + Rebug Seasoning

      FEATURES: (Contains Rebug Lite + Cobra v8.00 features)
      • FEATURE – COBRA 8.00 (Enabled by default)
        • Background running plugins at boot time (sprx)
        • ISO Support: PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/DVD/BluRay (Split ISO support on FAT32 drives)
        • Network Support: PS1/PS3/DVD/BluRay /PKGs
        • Blu Ray Movie region free functionality NTFS HDD Support (prepNTFS, or multiMAN Required to scan contents)
        • PS2 ISO Support for BC (HW) / non-BC (SW) Consoles
        • Syscall 11 – Cobra lv1 Peek
        • Syscall 15 – Allow execution of any LV2 internal function
        • PSNPatch stealth plugin support
          • ***ISO rips are required to get 100% support, for ex) after disabling syscalls, games like Call of Duty will not be able to play unless you use ISO rips, please DO NOT expect everything to be fully functional when you are disabling the built-in features from COBRA. Folder rips are NOT compatible with PSNPatch’s stealth mode due to its ability to disable COBRA’s disc-less feature for folder JB rips****
        • PS3MAPI support, allows you to attach process on both CEX/DEX via its own API app.
        • Backup Protection Removal, Add full PS3 Backup support on all multiMAN/sMAN/webMAN,IRIS manager forks and Managunz.
        • Allow modification on Syscall 6/7/8/9/10/11/15.
        • Burned/Burnt optical media support for PS1/PS3 Games on All models
        • Homebrew blocker – blocks homebrew access while Syscalls are disabled
        • New in v8.00 Run payload with Kernel privileges - Added option to run payload with kernel privileges like ps vita skprx. this is a big thing! one can make hooks, printf to socat, do whatever they feel like they need to do. at the current time only one payload is supported at a time. in the future i might increase this
        • New in v8.00 Boot times speed improved - as there is no stage1.
        • New in v8.00 PS2 bc and semi bc consoles wont load iso when cobra disabled - disable cobra using opcode)
      • FEATURE – Full Polish support for XMB/PS2 Emu (Provide full Polish character support)
      • FEATURE – Cinavia protection fully disabled (Supports optical media/bd iso, AACS must be decrypted)
      • FEATURE – Homebrew store compatibility (Downloading debug signed packages is now available on retail CFW.)
      • FEATURE – PSN/SEN Accessibility (PSN /SEN Accessible , until the next OFW update)
      • FEATURE – XMBM+ Compatibility (XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now supported via standalone pkgs.)
      • FEATURE – HAN Toolbox Compatibility (HAN Toolbox Support added for testing HAN Signed pkgs on CFW)
      • FEATURE – Enhanced Remote Play (This unlocks the limitation of working apps/games for remote play, by disabling SFO flag check)
      • FEATURE – In Game Screenshot (Allows taking screenshots in Game
      • FEATURE – QA Token compatibility
      • FEATURE – OtherOS++ support enabled (Use Rebug Toolbox to Boot OtherOS with different LV1 patches)
      • FEATURE – Package Manager (Replacement for the standard ‘Install Package Files’ option)
      • FEATURE – FSELF compatibility (Fake Signed ELF is supported)
      • FEATURE (Optional) Toolbox 02.03.00
        • TOGGLE XMB CFW SETTINGS Enable or Disable mysis’s XMB CFW settings plugin v0.1. The feature is available via Network Column on XMB after Enabled.
        • TOGGLE COBRA MODE: COBRA mode ACTIVE by default, this option can toggle COBRA mode to enable COBRA 8.00 payload on boot
        • TOGGLE QA: Enable/Disable QA flag. Enable for easy downgrade and other extra features on all 3.55-4.84 CFW.
        • TOGGLE RECOVERY MODE: Enable/Disable Recover Mode flag. When enabled your PS3 will reboot into Recovery Mode.
        • LOAD LV2 KERNEL: Load lv2_kernel.self.[KERNEL_NAME] from USB or /dev_hdd0
        • BACKUP/RESTORE XREGISTRY: Backup or Restore the PS3 system settings from USB
        • RESIZE VFLASH/NAND REGIONS: Resize VFLASH/NAND Region 5 to allow install of OtherOS.
        • INSTALL PETITBOOT: Install Petitboot to VFLASH/NAND Region 5 from USB.
        • SET GAMEOS BOOT FLAG: Sets the GameOS boot flag. Use this if your PS3 is having trouble booting PS2 titles after running OtherOS or is accidentally sending you back to OtherOS when trying to enter recovery mode.
        • CREATE PACKAGES FOLDER ON PS3: Create /dev_hdd0/packages folder or your PS3 to be used with Package Manager.
        • EXPORT HYPERVISOR LV1 MEMORY: Save LV1 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.
        • EXPORT GAMEOS LV2 MEMORY: Save LV2 memory to dev_usb000 or dev_usb006 or dev_hdd0 if usb is not found.
        • EXPORT FLASH TO FILE: Backup your current NOR/NAND to file on dev_usb000. Takes about 45secs for NAND
        • DUMP EID ROOT KEY: Dump your eid root key.
      • FEATURE – XMB CFW settings v0.1a (Optional)
        • XMB Icons for various CFW tasks, available in Network Column (on XMB) Simply select and the task is executed!
        • Settings – Toggle COBRA
        • Dump Tools – Klicense, File Secure ID, IDPS, Disc Hash keyService Tools – Display Minimum Downgrade FW Version, Rebuild Database, Check File System, Entering Recovery Mode (NOR Models Only)
        • Advanced Service Tools – Entering FSM (!!!DO NOT Install FW while on FSM that may lead RSOD!!!), Remarry BD drive and RSOD fix
      • PATCHED – Appldr: LV2 memory hash check is disabled (Memory protection on LV2 is disabled in higher level)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Disable System Integrity Check (Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions or if PS3 is not QA enabled)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Undocumented function 114 (Allow mapping of protected memory)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Skip all ACL Checks (Needed to allow booting of OtherOS)
      • PATCHED – LV1: Peek and Poke support (Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)
      • PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support (LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)
      • PATCHED – LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1 (LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)
      • PATCHED – LV2: LV1 CALL System call (LV2 Syscall 10)
      • PATCHED – LV2: Allow execution of any LV2 internal function (LV2 Syscall 15)
      • PATCHED – Recovery: Prevent accidental OFW update while on Recovery mode
      • PATCHED – VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files
      • PATCHED – VSH: Disable NEW PSP DRM Check (Allowing unsigned PSP pkg contents on 4.75 or higher CFW)
      • PATCHED – VSH: Disable Epilepsy Warning for Faster Boot-Up Speed

    • TOOLBOX 02.03.00 Changes
      • 1.Added option to load a payload in kernel, with toolchain provided! its like ps3 got skprx thing going on now
      • 2.Cobra disables support 8.00 standard for which ps2 semi bc and bc wont load iso on cobra off instead of optical media

      Cobra 8.00 (changes from v7.55) - Released 3-3-19
      1.Added option to run payload with kernel privileges like ps vita skprx. this is a big thing! one can make hooks, printf to socat, do whatever they feel like they need to do. at the current time only one payload is supported at a time. in the future i might increase this
      2.Boot times are VASTLY improved there is no stage1.
      3.PS2 bc and semi bc consoles wont load iso when cobra disabled(disable cobra using opcode)
      4.Enabled cobra by default cause even rebug NEED cobra enable first boot to initialize 100%​

      UPDATE (3-3-2019)

      • COBRA v8.01 Released (See bottom of article for details)

    UPDATE COBRA v8.01 Released (via habib)


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by habib, Mar 3, 2019.

    1. Cypher_CG89
      I see, make more sense to me now when its explained like this. I have made this happen a few time's when forgetting about this, like using MM file manager then boot a game iso with webamn
    2. kadorna2
      Hey @habib are you planning to release a cobra updater for us still on REX/D-REX? Or is it not possible because of the elimination of STAGE1?
    3. Denyslav
      So, any answer to my question? There are 2 zip files with PUP. Should I extract them to a folder or do they automaticly install with PUP? I think that Ps3 doesn't open zip files. Thank you
    4. djluiluv
      @habib Thank you for this release!! Love your work btw!! Does this improve psp iso compatibility by chance? I cant ever seem to get Manhunt 2
    5. Ali888
      That's my question too ...

      There are 2 Zip file with .PUP file named;

      And i don't know what should i do with them :)
    6. aldostools
      Install the PUP and *ignore* the 2 zip files.
      They are the source code that habib used in this CFW. They are intended only for developers ;)
    7. aldostools
      I have implemented the new "tmp/loadoptical" flag in this test build for bc and semi bc consoles:

      Changes in this test build:
      - Fixed free space returned for app_home and host_root
      - Disable of stage2 in rebug now also creates /dev_hdd0/tmp/loadoptical required by cobra 8.x to force load of physical PS2 DVD on bc and semi bc consoles.
      - Disable of stage2 in rebug now performs a hard restart, instead of a lpar restart.
      - Added /dev_hdd0/tmp/loadoptical deletion when a PS2ISO is mounted
      - Removed the option "Disable firmware version spoofing" from /setup.ps3 on cfw 4.53 and later, since it used a cobra opcode that was removed from the payload few years ago due it was not working properly. For proper firmware spoof use psnpatch or sen enabler.

      Please report any issue with this build on github
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    8. Cypher_CG89
      PSN Patch does not do this afaik, unless I have not looked properly in the settings, just IDPS and PSID spoofing.
      aldostools likes this.
    9. Ali888
      How to do this ?
    10. Cypher_CG89
      when in game, press the ps button where you wnat the screen shot take to open the in game xmb menu, scroll to pictures and its the very top option, select it and it will show the a preview of the screenshot ( Basically the screen you just pressed the ps button on) and press x and it will take the screenshot and save it in you pictures section on the xmb. this has be a feature in CFW for a while now, very handy tool.
    11. Ali888
      Thanks @Cypher_CG89 but i know that (;

      I thought it's something else. Because in some games when i press PS Button to take screenshot from XMB, it just Pause the game and goes to game menu; so i cannot take SS from in-game ):
    12. Cypher_CG89
      Yeah its a pain in the arse when that happen's, and also for some reason it goes to black screen when doing the same with Oblivion lol so you cannot take a screenshot full stop in that game lol. or at least i have not figured out how to yet, but i will lol.
      Ali888 likes this.
    13. eXeToR
      Is this the final version? There are too many files scatter in the thread & it's hard to understand which the latest version is.

      Kind regards, eXeToR
    14. Cypher_CG89
      The download link in the OP will be the correct updated version.
    15. bigbossu
      Oh, didnt know 'bout that, my bad, sorry.
    16. Cypher_CG89
      Its all good, no worries.
    17. Underball
      Stupid question:

      I'm still on 4.81 CFW. If I update to this, do I need to update Multiman 4.81 with it? I checked for update in Multiman and it lists 0.00 as the latest version, and the only updates it shows is that it asks for donations through Paypal? WTF?
    18. STLcardsWS
      Since Sony has not changed much in the firmware if you update to latest version it will function fine, its just cosmetics like firmware version won't be recognized.

      There is a recent post about a month and half from deank. Suggesting there was not a strong need to push an update.

      More about donations:
      Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
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    19. Cypher_CG89
      4.82 is the latest MM version, the message your are getting 0.00, and the pay pal things was the dev asking for help to keep the online part of MultiMAN going.

      You should be fine to use this on the latest CFW if this is the backup manager your prefer to use.
    20. Underball

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