PS4 Update #4 for Orbital - An PS4 Emulator by @AlexAltea - with DS4 and other Performance Improvements!

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By Roxanne on Jun 2, 2019 at 9:27 AM
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    Following up after his Milestone Update back in March, Developer @AlexAltea showcases his third Update from his PS4 Emulator Orbital, which now supports the inputs from an original DualShock 4 Controller together with a new and updated Presentation from the current Development Stages of his PS4 Emulator on his own YouTube-Channel (know with a higher Resolution and Quality :) ). Although the support isn't perfect (the keypress shows big delays on the PS4 while running in Safe Mode - but they are fixable), it is still nice to see how difficult it is to emulate a Console from the ground-up until running a playable Game, but also how much effort he takes to get this PS4 Emulator updated and running better and better. This is already worth some kudos, don't you think? And he has already plans for future updates, such as the possibility to allow a re-installation from the PS4 System Software via an USB Mass Storage Device. Running the Operating System from a emulated Console is always very important and a good basis to make some further work profitable. If this progress will keep so strong for the future, we think we can expect some great functions from that Emulator and for emulating a PS4 on a PC in General, what do you think?​

    DualShock 4-Controller connected to the emulated PS4 running in Safe Mode

    Source: Twitter
    GitHub: Orbital
    YouTube: Alexandro Sanchez
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, Jun 2, 2019.

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