PS3 [Update] Apollo Save Tool v1.0.2 released

Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by bucanero, Feb 7, 2020.

By bucanero on Feb 7, 2020 at 2:49 PM
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    Update v1.0.2 Released
    Original Introduction: PS3 development has been seeing an upkick lately and developer @bucanero has been one of the developer playing a part. The developer has recently updated Artemis with new support and also released PKGi (PS3) but now the developer shares a great utility that involves PS3 Game Saves called Apollo, built utilizing the Artemis GUI this homebrew capable of running on CFW and PS3HEN will allow you to Patch & Resign your Game Saves / Download Game Saves / Unlock Game Saves all from the convenience of your PS3 console and not PC tools are required. Below you can see the release thread from the developer himself: So i'll let @bucanero take it from here with another great release:

    It's summer, you're between jobs (a.k.a. unemployed), so what do you do with that amount of free time? You make "Apollo", a new homebrew app for the PS3! :D

    • you might wonder... why is it called Apollo?
      Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Since this project was born using the Artemis-GUI codebase, I decided to respect that heritage by calling it Apollo.

      So, without further ado, let's present Apollo:

      Apollo Save Tool is an application to manage save-game files on the PlayStation 3.
      The apollo-ps3 homebrew app allows to download, unlock, patch and resign save-game files directly on your PS3.

      • Easy to use: no crypto-key configuration or advanced setup needed.
      • Standalone: no computer required, everything happens on the PS3.
      • Save files listing: quick access to all the save files on USB and the internal PS3 HDD (+ file details)
      • Save SFO unlocking: allows the user to remove the copy-lock flag, enabling transfer of Copying Prohibited save files.
      • Save files patching: supports Bruteforce Save Data and Game Genie cheat patches to enhance your save-game.
      • Save PFD resigning: allows the user to resign save files made by other users and consoles.
      • Save downloading: access to an Online Database of save-game files to download straight to your PlayStation.
      • Automatic settings: auto-detection of PSID and Account-ID settings.

    • v1.0.2


      • Re-added resign/cheat options to HDD/USB
      • Added decrypt file option
      • Updated UI with custom font


      • Fixed game listing issue (when name has a \n)
      • Fixed custom CRC calculation bug (BSD patches)



      • Bruteforce Save Data cheat patch support
      • Changed save-game encryption/decryption method
      • Splash screen logo



      • Game Genie cheat patch support
      • Updated UI
      • Added Remove Console ID patch
      • Added Licenses backup to .Zip (/dev_hdd0/home/000000XX/exdata/)
      • Added bulk save-game copy to USB
      • Added Trophies backup to USB
      • Added owner.txt support to override auto-detected settings
      • Improved auto-update check/download

      • Solved issue when copying save-games from HDD to USB
      • Solved freeze bug when using Clear local cache
      • UI: Fixed improper titles and messages


      • Export save-game to .Zip file
      • Copy save-game to USB
      • New Settings option to clear local cache
      • New Settings option to update application data

      • Fixed patch when removing Account ID
      • Use internal PS3 fonts to fix issues with extended characters


      Hot fix release.


      • Fix unzip issue when unpacking online save files


      First public release.

      • Save file listing (+ details)
      • Save file SFO unlocking (remove lock flag)
      • Save file PFD resigning
      • Save file download from Online Database
      • Automatic detection of PSID/Account-ID settings

    • Using the application is simple and straight-forward:
      • Move UP/DOWN to select the save-game file you want to patch, and press :but x: . The patch screen will show the available fixes for the file. Select the patches and click Apply.
      • To see the item's details, press :but tri: . It will open the context menu on the screen. Press :but cir: to return to the list.
      • To reload the list, press :but square: .
      • Press left (L1/L2) or right trigger buttons (R1/R2) to move pages up or down.

    • No special setup is needed. Just download the latest apollo-ps3.pkg package and install it on your PlayStation 3. On first run, the application will detect and setup the required user settings.

    • screenshot_main.png screenshot_patches.png screenshot_savelist.png screenshot_settings.png screenshot_about.png screenshot_details.png

    • Credits

    See the full project's README for more information:
    feel free to share you comments and ideas! :cool2:

    Download link:
    As usual, full source code is available on GitHub :)
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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by bucanero, Feb 7, 2020.

    1. ashura
      hello everybody good morning i want to ask you guys how can i import my saves to the online DB because i am interested to upload some of my savedata for a couple of games into the online DB from apollo pkg, thank you in advance
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    2. bucanero
      Hello @ashura , thanks for wanting to share your ps3 saves!

      Some general notes to begin; the online save database is hosted on GitHub, everything is open-sourced there:

      The structure is simple:
      • Each game has a folder, named with the TITLE-ID. (e.g. BLUS12345)
      • game saves are stored in .zip files inside the game's TITLE ID folder.
      • The Zip filename must be , where "X" can be a number from 0 to 9. (zip extension lowercase).
      • The Zip file must contain the save-game folder and data. (e.g. MYGAME-DATA/*)
      • Each folder has a "saves.txt" file that lists the available saves, with the description.
      • On the root, a file "games.txt" lists all the games/title-id's available.
      note: if the explanation is a bit confusing, please browse the link and it will be much more clear.

      Exporting the save-game

      to start, I'll assume you already have the latest version of Apollo installed. You'll also need a USB drive (FAT32) to save the exported Zip file.

      1. Within the app, browse your HDD/USB saves
      2. Select the save-game you want to export.
      3. From the options, select "Export save game to Zip".
      4. Next, select to which USB port you want to save (USB 0 or 1).
      5. Wait for the .Zip export file to be generated.
      If everything went well, you'll have the exported .zip file ready on your USB storage device here:

      in the folder you'll also find a saves.txt file, listing the exported .zips with the title-id and the save-game names.


      Now regarding the upload:

      The simple way is to create a Github issue with the provided template, then you can write down the save description and upload the .zip file directly here (just drag&drop the .zip):

      if you're an experienced GitHub user, you can also:
      1. Fork the project
      2. Add the "" to the BLES01081 folder
      3. Edit "saves.txt" in the folder, adding with a short description
      4. Submit the changes with a Pull Request
      5. Then I merge the changes and the saves will be available to every user.

      If you don't know about Github (forks, pull requests, etc), don't worry. Just upload the .zip file you created to or any other web, then just send me a message here with the link and information/description so I can add it.

      Let me know if you can follow the process, I'm hoping to make it as simple as possible

      edit: the document can also be found at
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    3. DeViL303
      This looks great. I wonder could a "upload save" or "dump save" options be built into the application to make it easier?
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    4. bucanero
      A "dump save" should be simple enough, I'm already using the zip lib in the app, so I could build the .Zip from the selected user save and leave the zip file in the USB drive.

      Uploading would require some real work. The app would need to add on-screen keyboard support (so they can type the description), and I'd need to have a web-server backend (maybe some PHP script?) to "receive" the upload and information. It can't be done directly to Github though.

      In any case, there are a ton of ps3 saves floating around the web already, (,, etc) if someone has time to browse and download them, they could be easily uploaded and shared too.
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    5. ashura
      Bello bucanero thanks jeje sure i will upload my saves to a mega Link as soon as i can in order to share this info jeje
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    6. Md Hesam
      Md Hesam
      I couldn't understand anything about Apollo?
      Can anyone explain this
      Exactly,What can I do with Apollo?
    7. Berion
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    8. ashura
      hello guys if anyone is interested on the saves info that i uploaded, you can see the issue info directly on github where the bucaneros thread is created, best regards
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    9. pinky
      @bucanero , I don't know if xenforo has this plugin, but there's one for vb to change the order of posts via time stamps, so you could then have as many reserved spots as you needed by making a new post, then modifying its time stamp. I don't know if that would be helpful or not, just a suggestion if you run out of space in your posts or they become too verbose or confusing.

      edit: I'm not sure if there's a character limit. I think temp has one of 100,000 characters per post, so I had to split my ps3 tutorials into two. I don't have that problem here, so I'm assuming there is no limit.
      Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
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    10. bucanero
      all the saves that you've shared have been published to the online database.

      So if anyone checks the DB now, they should see ~60 new games and saves. :)
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    11. ashura
      thank you very much bucanero for uploading my saves information that took me so much time to develop i hope that this one will help a lot to everyone who like to have an advantage on most games, the only advice that i will do for the nfs the run savedata that one requires a dlc fix that you can download from a website of *** PlayStation Store *** there you will find this one that says ALL DLC FIX (Included all smaller packs) try to download that one it should be working fine that savedata by installing that fix
    12. bucanero
      I've just released Apollo v0.6.5, see the changelog for details.

      btw, current users should be able to download the latest version directly from the app
    13. ashura
      ohh thank you very much bucanero for this new update, that will help us a lot
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    14. bucanero
      now you should be able to "export to zip" and "copy to usb" easily from the Apollo app ;)
    15. ashura
      Thank hoy very much bucanero that one worked for me just fine
    16. Jin799
      So I want to use a save for Gta5 that skips the introduction/prelude so I can jump straight to the online. How do I go about using this on a HEN ps3 ?
    17. SoJustMe
      i tried on Dark Soul With Lock flag , i could not remove the lock qnd when i copy save to usb it takes longer time . i may used it on the wrong way? so what to do after selecting Remove option and "select" icon appears ?
    18. bucanero
      install the app, then you can use Apollo to resign the GTA save-game so it can be loaded on your ps3.

      after you select the "remove copy lock" option, you need to select "Apply patch & resign". Then the copy-lock should be removed on the XMB.

      The copy to USB might be a bit slow (the app hasn't been optimized yet) but it should work with no issues, no matter if the save has a copy-lock or not.
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    19. SoJustMe

      thanks . i did as you told me again qnd got succesfull message. But the lock flag still there + on XMB saved Data utility "i connot copy save file "DarkSoul" , the copy lead me to "online plus" no usb option.

      i check my usb flash memory and the save file is there!! with Extention " *user.dat ".
      ...umm...still says "not owner"....
      ......Wish ,Apollo could also
      Convert Game Disc Regines..
      ..or that would have to be the Son of apollo....Orpheus...

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