PS3 [Update August 10th] HW Acceleration (RSX) Project Update by RenéRebe

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    UPDATE (August 10) - Now the 28th Video Released >>> The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps
    (Original Article from Nov. 14) Is the PS3 a bit closer to gaining Hardware Acceleration (via RSX) in OtherOS (Linux) with a proper driver to enable the GPU chip? We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. Earlier this year (back in April) we detailed some of the progress that the busy dev RenéRebe has made with unlocking the potential of the PlayStation 3's RSX chip and now today we have been greeted with a new video and what we can expect with this project as the developer starts to undertake the challenge of further unlocking one more component of the Ps3 hardware,. The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse YouTube channel >>> (Bits and More) <<< many very informative video's..


    • T2 Linux, updates - AMA: ps3, Sgi, Sun et al.

    • PS3 Linux: something upstream broken again :-/

      PS3 Proof-of-Concept boot & hardware cursor, ..! ;-)

      PS3: Hardware cursor! aka DIY coding X drivers, ...

      Rare Debug (Tool) PS3? Or scammed?? And if: Does it work???

      Linux on the DECR-1400 PS3 was not that easy, ...

      We have Linux, twice the problems and decisions to make, ...

      Another night, another PS3 livestream!

      Light video driver code review, incl. PS3 HDCP bits

    • PS3 livestream test! [1] ;-)


      PS3 livestream test! [2] ;-)!


      PS3 livestream test! [3] ;-)


      Hopefully more PS3 Linux stuff for real!


    • PS3 RSX Sunday: continuing to update and re-basing code


      PS3 Linux RSX GPU exception low-level test live stream ;-)!


      Discussing more Nvidia RSX GPU secrets ;-)


    • The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps


      See Next Tab in article for all the details/video's from last month's progress

      Size optimizing T2 Linux, e.g for the PS3, on flights thru Europe!

      PS3: finally a small enough and (hopefully) working t2 Linux installer!

      PS3 Linux driver source & kernel patch update!

    • Let's talk PS3 plans, test Nouveau and Intel i915 details

      Update (11/15/2018) - Another New Video Released.

      DarkMode testing: 1st new ppc64 t2/linux build on my PS3 in a decade!


      Update (11/16/2018) - Third Video Released.

      Latest T2/Linux Kernel: 4.19.2 running on the PS3 (plus a bit of "live coding" too)!

      Update (11/18/2018) - Fourth Video Released.

      T2 PPC64: Linux Proof of concept PS3 Installer Testing!

      Update (11/22/2018) - Fifth Video Released.

      Building a higher performance: 32-bit PPC64 T2/Linux system for the PS3!

      Update (11/30/2018) - Sixth Video Released.

      Coding a smaller T2/Linux installer: for the PS3 & other vintage systems!

    Developer's YouTube Channel:
    Support the dev @:
    Thanks to @Neal Cullum for the alert :)
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 15, 2018.

    1. atreyu187

      He is working on it but being a single guy and it being A HUGE undertaking it isn't going to be a quick process. Glad to see he has picked up doing this again pretty consistently. When it's all said and done if all goes well it will be pretty amazing time for CFW capable systems that can run Linux. Should be able to fully utilize all 8 SPU's as well. Well considering all 8 are functional on your system.
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    2. Anthonyy817
      Ah yeah I see it now he is using openwrt. I am at the point in the video now where he is trying to mount the HDD. So just past the part you mentioned.
    3. NewFile
      What's the current status? Estimated %?
    4. Cypher_CG89
      How many sirens you counted so far in the background ...?

      Not quite sure, he's busy trying to get Linux running properly on a DECR1400 so he can use the extra RAM to his advantage for what he is doing...
    5. Anthonyy817
      At least a few sirens now hehe. I heard therm the other day too.
    6. atreyu187
      He has been steadily at it this year for sure. He has made amazing progress compared to previous attempts. Wish the GameOS dynarec wasn't such a cobbled together turd being 64bit with 32bit pointers. I doubt we will ever see one written from scratch for such a small audience so Linux will be better in the long run with more system resources being able to be allocated for emulation which once done will result in some nice Homebrew. Just look at the PS4, it has come such a long way since the initial run back on 1.76. I had so many issues with that. While I still wish Steam was being worked on as it showed a lot of promise this will do great things to bring about some nice software for the PS3.


      Seems I have been out of the PS4 loop for a while now. Steam seems to be working quiet well and picking up "Steam" yes cheesy pun intended. Now to just get this cash together so I can buy this 5.05 system from a dev here.
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    7. Anthonyy817
      I also would like to see how possible it could be to run other PC games on the PS3. This sure does open up a lot of possibilities with the system now, and hopefully we will start to see more advanced homebrew games and more open sourced PC ports. Possibilities are endless.
    8. softrain
      many theories but what if in the end you can't
    9. atreyu187

      We don't know unless we try. We didn't have HEN or CFW till someone tried.
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    10. Cypher_CG89
      And he's live again now.... midnight live stream...
    11. Anthonyy817
      I see nothing in either my notifications or email. I also can't find any live stream going on on his YT page either. Could you please post the link to it if it is still going? If over a link to the video would be great.
    12. Cypher_CG89
      Here you go: (He's not live now though)

      EDIT: I had to search my browser history to get this as I cannot see it on either of his channels , just when I was watching it and he was live streaming.
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    13. Anthonyy817
      Thanks Cypher!

      Edit: Wait he has 2 channels he is posting these videos to? Lol no wonder I didn't see it in my feed!

      Guess I have to sub to this channel as well and turn on notifications.
      Cypher_CG89 likes this.
    14. uyjulian
      He is using 3.55 custom firmware so he can spend more time programming the high level stuff instead of flash/reboot/etc.

      I could see his frustration. I wouldn't want to spend my time to do the look for screen clear/look for terminal output, make changes, reboot, transfer data again on old systems (like PS2 etc) when I can use modern source level debuggers like lldb and gdb to make breakpoints and get backtraces (instead of screen clear/serial output) and the fast program loading time of Linux or macOS operating systems.

      If a reboot/send combination takes about 15 seconds, it will add up if you are doing 240 tests (about 1 hour!)

      I can reduce the send time by using ps2link on PS2 or wired ethernet nxlink on Nintendo Switch. The PS2 can reboot to ps2link in about 5 seconds after pressing the power button, while rebooting Nintendo Switch takes a lot longer.

      It is possible to remove the reboot time by having multiple consoles online at the same time and alternating between them. With wired ethernet, it is faster to keep filesystems in sync, so no need to constantly switch the storage device. However, this requires additional hardware which most people do not have.
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    15. Cypher_CG89
      Yes he has 2 channels, the one I linked is the other channel not "101" channel. This one I posted seems to be where he does all his live streams then he put them on his other channel.

      Yep as REBUG has no OtherOS++ support on on DECR, as he was using this on his other PS3 and it makes thing easier if both the PS3 are running the same thing.

      I had no interest in anything linux at all until I started watching these, all ways used WindowsOS's

      Linux to me is = :sang banghead::sang banghead:

      Now I have more interest in it.
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    16. Roxanne
    17. Cypher_CG89
      Damn it.. you beat me to it... am watching it now lol :-p
    18. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      More stuff:-

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    19. Roxanne
      Added to the Main News.
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    20. softrain
      because apparently it is already leaving the project aside

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