PS3 [UPDATE] IDPS Dumper (PS3 NAND / NOR ) - 4.81/4.82 OFW Compatible by Team PS3Xploit

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 11, 2017 at 10:41 AM
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    {UPDATE v0.2.3 Released(See tab)}
    Following the official announcement of the PS3Xploit news (4.81 OFW Exploit), the devs behind the project have fulfilled the promises of releasing the IDPS Dumper for OFW 4.81/4.82 as this release is ready for the public. Now there is many more things being worked surrounding the overall project but this IDPS Dumper works on all models of the PS3 (NOR and NAND, note 12 GB EMMC will be supported soon in an updated release) and no reason not to release this tool. Since PS3 firmware 4.70 Sony had blocked flatz IDPS extracting tool (IDPS Stealer) and there has not been a known way to obtain the IDPS on OFW (4.70 +) consoles , but now this tool can now obtain your PS3's ID, which can have various uses, the tool has been confirmed to work on SuperSlim models by the team. . If you have not read the previous details about the PS3Xploit project, then checkout this official thread to get the firsthand information about this ambitious PS3 project.

    (UPDATE v0.2.3)

    • UPDATE v0.2.3- IDPS Dumper for 4.82 OFW
      • Added 4.82 Support
      • Removed all extra requirements like JQuery..
      • Removed the need for string relocations to improve the initial memory search process & overall trigger times.

    • UPDATE v0.2.3- IDPS Dumper for 4.81 OFW

      • Removed all extra requirements like JQuery..
      • Removed the need for string relocations to improve the initial memory search process & overall trigger times.

    • UPDATE v0.2.1a- IDPS Dumper for 4.81 OFW

      we have some more exciting news to bring you!! :cheerful:

      We have been working very hard to bring eMMC support for the newest SuperSlims CECH-40xxA, CECH-42xxA , CECH-43xxA and that has happened. :D

      The team would like to present a nice little update to the 4.81 IDPS Dumper now supporting eMMC hardware revision consoles!!

      Please report any issues you have while using this new version on any of the flash types, NAND, NOR, and eMMC.

      Thank You to all :cool:

      • Added eMMC SuperSlim Support (CECH-40xxA, CECH-42xxA , CECH-43xxA)
      • Misc Tweaks To Exploit
      • Small typo on index.html pointed out by @Turranius - Fixed

      How to use this:
      install python to use or another HTTP server of your choosing on both Windows and Linux!​

      On windows - Install any of these optional HTTP servers:

      On linux:
      • install python for your distribution using apt-get, yum, and similar commands.
      • make script executable using "chmod a+x" or "chmod 775" or "chmod 777"
      • execute python script using "/usr/bin/python $exploitFolder/" or "./"

      on Android: (
      instructions from @No0bZiLLa)
      • I can confirm this does work if using an http server on Android. what i did was downloaded the zip (on my phone) and extracted it and then download something like Simple HTTP Server and point the server to the folder that contains index.html. once you do that just reload the server and make a note of what the ip:port is. then just go to ps3, type in ip:port (eg as specified in simple http server and then select the appropriate button for your system.

      Then run (for python):

      • On windows - windows.bat
      • On linux -

      Usage Tips:

      1) Try using a LAN connection or a solid WiFi connection during exploitation. A weak signal can cause problems.
      2) If the exploit takes more than 5 minutes to work, reload page, browser, or restart console and try again.
      3) If you are using a LAN connection and experience network issues, make sure all cables to router are in working order.​

    • IDPS Dumper Release (v0.2 - After Leak Release)
      ok....the moment all of you have been waiting for......i assume :cheerful:
      • File:
      • MD5 Hash: FFDA70AB2D1677886083F99185C54FE3
      • SHA-256 Hash: 852BDB301753C4F4A7E946188E850D3D325EEAA259B61AE2B5AE31320B2F292B

      enjoy this release from our team :victorious: we will be working hard to add eMMC support as soon as possible!!

      The documentation will be updated as time goes on. There is a readme.txt file included with basic setup and usage instructions.

      Please stay tuned for future tools and releases :D

      and once again, THANK YOU to everyone involved bringing this all together, without all of you, none of this would have happened!!!

      Additional details from @bguerville
      "The idps dumper will create a file on usb000 then beep 3 times & shutdown in all cases, even if flash memory read fails. emmc should not make a difference to this. You will get garbage in idps.bin in that case.

      Js errors with a black page message on ps3 should not happen. If ever it did, just report & in the meantime keep relaunching the exploit. Nobody has had this issue in dozens of tests though.

      And clearing cache or cookies is totally unnecessary with the exploit & the wk js interpreter. Between runs garbage collection will take care of cleaning up what is needed, the job it does is always sufficient".

    It's essential not to flood the browser memory with junk before running the exploit. The reason for this is that due to javascript core memory usage limitations we are scanning several times a small range of browser memory (a few Mb) to find some essential data in RAM, if the memory is flooded then the range to scan becomes much larger & the probabilities that our data is found in the smaller range decrease dramatically....

    So in short, never use the browser or set a homepage you cancel before running the exploit!
    If you need to, set the homepage to 'blank', close the browser then reopen it to start the idps dumper.

    Set-up Steps:
    1. Setup a small Web server on pc or smartphone. The Python http server is not required for most users, it was provided for developers. Since v0.2.3, all other extra requirements have been removed. Don't come to us for explanations about how to run a http server though. Google it.
    2. Extract the files in your http server root folder.
    3. Put a fat32 USB key in port closest to BD Drive (/dev_usb000).
    4. Open the ps3 browser & write the ip address of your server (and the port if not 80).
    5. Run until ps3 beeps & shutdown. The idps should be on your USB drive as idps.bin.
    - Downloads -
    • MD5 Hash: 3c2e1582f52e1002a12ad280f426d0c6
    • SHA-256 Hash: 1c49eabd64275171a60c90f0f06f503b7055f4ff863f87e7960d41464d127443
    • MD5 Hash: 71dd906e585bf470f84f9d4fb10c1f37
    • SHA-256 Hash: d4bffe2b7d08c1dda275590229f86903f1db487e9a78364d6a025c3734cd8f68

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 11, 2017.

    1. mcshooter
      I have a problem on my slim ps3 which is when I start the browser and put the IP I get this page cannot be displayed with an error code 80710092
    2. bguerville
      It means your browser times out on your Web server connection.
      Use LAN if possible, double check the IP address, the port if not 80, your Firewall & AV settings and your Web server settings...
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    3. Forbidden
      Any new update on CECH-30xxA/B models being fully supported, Would like to know if it's worth keeping or just get CECH-20/25xxA model instead?
    4. habib
      it might happen in next couple months.
      better just get a 25xx if you can
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    5. Forbidden
      Thanks habib
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    6. Mrjuju
      Help me!!!wait 1h
      What are u working on with WebKit since u said expect some surprises

      Sent from my SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
    8. kozarovv
      Let me help :D

      Q: What are u working on with WebKit
      A: expect some surprises
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    9. habib
      The one I worked on right now is downgrader from ofw to cfw, it’s already made and is undergoing testing for nand consoles.
      More to work is on 3xxx and 4xxx which would be execute self(up to latest fw) and lv2 exploits(known fw 4.30 only)
      DeViL303, esc0rtd3w, TOM1211 and 2 others like this.
      Thanks for the info I am willing to brick my ps3 for testing, I have a 4k model btw.

      Sent from my SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
    11. benn
      Superslim supported?
    12. habib
      3xxx/4xxx will not get cfw
      But it will be pretty close to that if we find an lv2 exploit like in 4.30
      esc0rtd3w and like this.
      and then in future maybe 4.82?

      Sent from my SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
    14. benn
      So whati will the use of our idps? The one we dumped?
    15. andrea2107
      can't we downgrade to 4.30 with this and spoof latest firmwares?
    16. habib
      Idps can be used to read protected content and write from backup utility. You can copy protected saves etc. or even use the idps on cfw ps3.

      Downgrades even to 4.30 can’t be done on 3xxx/4xxx consoles
    17. andrea2107
      what is needed to be able to downgrade? i remember there was a flag that allowed free downgrades...
      it was the qa flag i think
    18. esc0rtd3w
      when @habib magic done, and when ready for release, all 25xx and lower can go straight to CFW from OFW 4.81

      3xxx and 4xxx like he said will need different approach.
      B7U3 C50SS, TOM1211 and habib like this.
    19. habib
      It will be updated for 4.82 too :D
    20. andrea2107
      awwww, i would've preferred a permanent jailbreak on my ps3,like a CFW.... well it seems it won't ever happen

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