PS3 [UPDATE: June 28th, '20] HW Acceleration (RSX) Project Update by @ReneRebeTM

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    UPDATE (June 28th, '20) - Another New Video Released >>> The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps
    (Original Article from Nov. 14) Is the PS3 a bit closer to gaining Hardware Acceleration (via RSX) in OtherOS (Linux) with a proper driver to enable the GPU chip? We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. Earlier this year (back in April) we detailed some of the progress that the busy dev RenéRebe has made with unlocking the potential of the PlayStation 3's RSX chip and now today we have been greeted with a new video and what we can expect with this project as the developer starts to undertake the challenge of further unlocking one more component of the Ps3 hardware,. The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse YouTube channel >>> (Bits and More) <<< many very informative video's..


    • PS3 Linux development & testing time!

      More PS3 & SPARC64 Linux kernel and distribution development!

    • Patching Linux 5.6 for PPC64 PS3, and t2sde testing, ...!

      More PS3 RSX driver code maintenance !

      Free software-only! Linux memory upgrade for your PS3 & the most curious frame-buffer setup!

      full disk encrypted and btrfs ps3 linux!

      ps3 & amd64 Linux 5.6.7 Friday Night distribution build!

      Psst: need a new ps3 Linux ISO? and more open source Linux fun!

    • Don't delay & support PS3 PowerPC Linux development watching this stream today!


      Somewhat PS3 related T2 Linux development livestream!


      Self quarantine PS3, Sgi et al. Linux work at home^W office!


      Want to see latest and greatest, HEAD of t2sde SVN Linux running on a dev PS3?


      PS3 Linux - "If I make it any nicer, you can't afford it anymore" ;-)


      PS3/Linux - guess we need to finish that ISO, too, ..!? ;-)


      Never enough (PS3) testing & adding .zstd compressed LInuux kernel module support!


    • T2 Linux, updates - AMA: ps3, Sgi, Sun et al.


      Next PS3 RSX, Voodoo 3d bits and pieces!


      Live PS3 Linux 5.2 testing!


      PS3 Linux and general T2 open source work!


      ps3fb code review: how not to write a kernel video driver!


    • PS3 Linux: something upstream broken again :-/


      PS3 Proof-of-Concept boot & hardware cursor, ..! ;-)


      PS3: Hardware cursor! aka DIY coding X drivers, ...


      Rare Debug (Tool) PS3? Or scammed?? And if: Does it work???


      Linux on the DECR-1400 PS3 was not that easy, ...


      We have Linux, twice the problems and decisions to make, ...


      Another night, another PS3 livestream!


      Light video driver code review, incl. PS3 HDCP bits


    • PS3 livestream test! [1] ;-)


      PS3 livestream test! [2] ;-)!


      PS3 livestream test! [3] ;-)


      Hopefully more PS3 Linux stuff for real!


    • PS3 RSX Sunday: continuing to update and re-basing code


      PS3 Linux RSX GPU exception low-level test live stream ;-)!


      Discussing more Nvidia RSX GPU secrets ;-)


    • The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps


      See Next Tab in article for all the details/video's from last month's progress

      Size optimizing T2 Linux, e.g for the PS3, on flights thru Europe!

      PS3: finally a small enough and (hopefully) working t2 Linux installer!

      PS3 Linux driver source & kernel patch update!

    • Let's talk PS3 plans, test Nouveau and Intel i915 details

      Update (11/15/2018) - Another New Video Released.

      DarkMode testing: 1st new ppc64 t2/linux build on my PS3 in a decade!


      Update (11/16/2018) - Third Video Released.

      Latest T2/Linux Kernel: 4.19.2 running on the PS3 (plus a bit of "live coding" too)!

      Update (11/18/2018) - Fourth Video Released.

      T2 PPC64: Linux Proof of concept PS3 Installer Testing!

      Update (11/22/2018) - Fifth Video Released.

      Building a higher performance: 32-bit PPC64 T2/Linux system for the PS3!

      Update (11/30/2018) - Sixth Video Released.

      Coding a smaller T2/Linux installer: for the PS3 & other vintage systems!

    Developer's YouTube Channel:
    Support the dev @:
    Thanks to @Neal Cullum for the alert :)
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 15, 2018.

    1. Anthonyy817
      I mentioned to him it might be a good idea to start a donation fund for this, so he will be more inclined to develop it further.

      Imagine hardware accelerated PSX games, similar to how amazing they look on the Sega Dreamcast via the Bleem! commercial emulator.

      Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
    2. sandungas
      He posted another video running a modern build of T2, pretty cool :)

      And he mentioned is going to take a look at some of the patches used in petitboot that are problematic to run modern linux kernels (because some device remapping?), from my "linux rokie" point of view this looks like something nice too, the way i see it is never late to fix a problem if you find how to solve it at the root (and then remove the patches we was using that was useful for a time but maybe not needed anymore)

      I only hope that the size of petitboot will not be bigger than the reserved area for it in dev_flash
      You know... for some unnofficial petitboots (used by gitbrew team and otherOS++) it was needed to resize the partitions of dev_flash because the unnofficial petitboots was bigger than officials (it contained some manteinance and development "extras"... and the unnofficial doesnt allows for compression as far i remember)
      Nothing bad to use big petitboots for development... is just by using a petitboot of the same size (or smaller) than the official everything is easyer
    3. psykosis
      Finally he works on it... Spent forever subscribed to the channel looking for ANYTHING that interested me until ps3 dev stuff. Hope to see some progress that makes the wait well worth it :)
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    4. Vishera
      I am so glad to see this update :)
    5. Roxanne
      There is a 3rd video released, which you can check in the main Article above.
    6. Ali888
      Seems like we have an upcoming PS4 emulator for PS3!! :D

      (Just kidding :) )
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    7. sandungas
      I just sent a message in other forum to summon r04drunner (mantainer of red ribbon PS3 linux) and ing_pereira (he was working in dynarec for PS3) advising them to take a read at this news here in the forum, and rené rebe youtube channel
      It seems they are not active since 2016 in the forum where i advised them, but well, i tryed anyway

      Im wondering if eventually rené rebe is going to read this so i said them to write here if they have something interesting to collaborate

      And im going to post some links from other people that could help

      Dudes, we need your sword (and any other weapons at hand) :encouragement:
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2018
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    8. Anthonyy817
      Ok folks, new video!

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    9. Roxanne
      I added the latest video to the main article and I will try to reach ReneRebe that he will read this Thread here.
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    10. STLcardsWS
      Also added recent comment and build link for experts..

      A more polished build will be coming later (next week)
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    11. Roxanne
      He saw this Thread and he feels glad that there is such a interest in his work but he explains that he is also a busy men which his YouTube Channel can confirm it. He recommends that if someone has some questions, that you can post your comments on his YouTube Channel right down below on each of his video he made but he also said that if he will get some access in "3D Acceleration", then he will be open to use this Forum as well for getting some collaboration and any help in general from you.
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    12. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      This is great. I hope this allows better emulation, maybe one or more other consoles to be emulated too.
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    13. Anthonyy817
      I would love to see Saturn, N64 and Dreamcast emulation for sure. If it can already handle great software emulation of PS2 and PSP then Dreamcast and N64 should be a walk in the park. Saturn might be more problematic due to it's complex architecture, but emulation is getting better all the time. However, hardware accelerated PSX games are my biggest want now. No other console really has an emulator out yet than can really enhance the image quality of the PSX games. Well the Dreamcast has, Bleem! but it only handles 3 games, and then there is a project in the works now on the OG Xbox with accelerated PSX graphics. It looks quite nice. Imagine running the PSX games in HD with acceleration, would really clean up the image a ton.
      Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
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    14. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      I know it is a dumb question but what will unlocking of this chip achieve?
    15. Anthonyy817
      Homebrew with better graphics for one. Also, there could be a possibility to install Steam on the console and potentially run Linux games from it. Obviously nothing too demanding but it is still just speculation at this point.

      Edit: Oh and also more open sourced PC ports could be done for the system, like a fully modable version of Doom 3, or other classic PC games. Pretty much any open sourced games could be ported over that have more advanced graphics.
      Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
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    16. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Will this be available for super slim?
    17. Anthonyy817
      Can the Super Slim be 100% CFW modded? If not, no.
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    18. Killer Bunny
      Killer Bunny
      Super slim is useless. It cannot run homebrew. Also it cannot run cfw. I wonder why people have super slim consoles.

      P.S. I have a super slim too
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    19. Anthonyy817
      If you know this already then why did you ask? It is obviously only for CFW consoles lol.
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