PS3 [UPDATE: March 27th, '20] HW Acceleration (RSX) Project Update by @ReneRebeTM

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    UPDATE (March 27th, '20) - Another New Video Released >>> The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps
    (Original Article from Nov. 14) Is the PS3 a bit closer to gaining Hardware Acceleration (via RSX) in OtherOS (Linux) with a proper driver to enable the GPU chip? We are not there, but we may be getting closer to a reality. Earlier this year (back in April) we detailed some of the progress that the busy dev RenéRebe has made with unlocking the potential of the PlayStation 3's RSX chip and now today we have been greeted with a new video and what we can expect with this project as the developer starts to undertake the challenge of further unlocking one more component of the Ps3 hardware,. The developer has alot of videos on other intresting subjects in his diverse YouTube channel >>> (Bits and More) <<< many very informative video's..


    • Don't delay & support PS3 PowerPC Linux development watching this stream today!

      Somewhat PS3 related T2 Linux development livestream!

      Self quarantine PS3, Sgi et al. Linux work at home^W office!

      Want to see latest and greatest, HEAD of t2sde SVN Linux running on a dev PS3?

      PS3 Linux - "If I make it any nicer, you can't afford it anymore" ;-)

      PS3/Linux - guess we need to finish that ISO, too, ..!? ;-)

      Never enough (PS3 )Ttsting & adding .zstd compressed LInuux kernel module support!

    • T2 Linux, updates - AMA: ps3, Sgi, Sun et al.


      Next PS3 RSX, Voodoo 3d bits and pieces!


      Live PS3 Linux 5.2 testing!


      PS3 Linux and general T2 open source work!


      ps3fb code review: how not to write a kernel video driver!


    • PS3 Linux: something upstream broken again :-/


      PS3 Proof-of-Concept boot & hardware cursor, ..! ;-)


      PS3: Hardware cursor! aka DIY coding X drivers, ...


      Rare Debug (Tool) PS3? Or scammed?? And if: Does it work???


      Linux on the DECR-1400 PS3 was not that easy, ...


      We have Linux, twice the problems and decisions to make, ...


      Another night, another PS3 livestream!


      Light video driver code review, incl. PS3 HDCP bits


    • PS3 livestream test! [1] ;-)


      PS3 livestream test! [2] ;-)!


      PS3 livestream test! [3] ;-)


      Hopefully more PS3 Linux stuff for real!


    • PS3 RSX Sunday: continuing to update and re-basing code


      PS3 Linux RSX GPU exception low-level test live stream ;-)!


      Discussing more Nvidia RSX GPU secrets ;-)


    • The next PS3 NVidia RSX accelerated steps


      See Next Tab in article for all the details/video's from last month's progress

      Size optimizing T2 Linux, e.g for the PS3, on flights thru Europe!

      PS3: finally a small enough and (hopefully) working t2 Linux installer!

      PS3 Linux driver source & kernel patch update!

    • Let's talk PS3 plans, test Nouveau and Intel i915 details

      Update (11/15/2018) - Another New Video Released.

      DarkMode testing: 1st new ppc64 t2/linux build on my PS3 in a decade!


      Update (11/16/2018) - Third Video Released.

      Latest T2/Linux Kernel: 4.19.2 running on the PS3 (plus a bit of "live coding" too)!

      Update (11/18/2018) - Fourth Video Released.

      T2 PPC64: Linux Proof of concept PS3 Installer Testing!

      Update (11/22/2018) - Fifth Video Released.

      Building a higher performance: 32-bit PPC64 T2/Linux system for the PS3!

      Update (11/30/2018) - Sixth Video Released.

      Coding a smaller T2/Linux installer: for the PS3 & other vintage systems!

    Developer's YouTube Channel:
    Support the dev @:
    Thanks to @Neal Cullum for the alert :)
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 15, 2018.

    1. Ali888
      Why you asking a question about HEN in RSX Acceleration topic ??!!!
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    3. Ali888
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    4. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Messaged Rene to see where the PS3 work progression is going and this is his reply:-

      wenn I feel like it. Also did you test the t2 build? I got very little feedback, and actually more questions to help getting it running on Gentoo or Debian. Which is to say not very motivating.

      I haven't tested T2 build myself as i am a complete noob when it comes to Linux OS. I hope he doesn't lose all motivation for this it would be a shame.
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    5. Anthonyy817
      Yeah I don't know Linux from my ass or a hole in the ground. A through and through windows guy. Only real experience I have with Linux is setting up my DreamPI to get my Dreamcast online for multiplayer games over modern net. So I am afraid I won't know where to start to help give feedback to this.
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    6. disyoko
      I hope he goes a little further and get some help from Linux testers. I haven't tried to install Linux yet on my ps3 although I'd like to try it at some point in the future.
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    7. Anthonyy817

      He just posted another live stream after 12 hours! Looks like he is back at this at full force!

      Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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    8. Roxanne
      Both added to the Main News again but maybe when I will find some time, I think I will write-up an all new News Thread.
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    9. Anthonyy817
      Awesome thanks!
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    10. uyjulian
      He is interested in obtaining a PS3 Reference Tool model. However, he is hesitating because:
      1. He doesn't have that much money (the price is up there)
      2. He is not sure if OtherOS will run

      Also, apparently hundreds of people unsubscribed.

      If you have a reference tool, you might want to make him an offer.

      Also, apparently Linux upstream changes are breaking stuff. This is why the binutils version of my PS2 toolchain is stuck.
    11. Anthonyy817
      Yeah it is very unfortunate he mentioned that hundreds of people unsubscribed to him since December. It is most likely people who were only interested in PS3 HW Acceleration and not interested in his other technical videos.

      But hey, 2 live stream videos in the same day is pretty great. Hopefully he stays motivated to continue work on it.
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    12. psykosis
      I unsubscribed a while ago.

      To me, it was quite underwhelming, lack of viable content, too long of delays between releases, other subjects i lacked interest in, etc. Props to him for trying tho...
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    13. Vishera
      That's the cold hard truth,i feel the same.
      I salute him for his work,I wish him success ;)
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    14. rapsincorte
      I would like a complete tutorial on how to install linux and thus be able to try new things
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    15. Roxanne
      There are already Tutorials for that and this isn't new for the PS3 to install Linux. Therefore this isn't the Goal from René to show that.
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    16. Anthonyy817
      There is a new video today folks!

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    17. Roxanne
      Added to the Main News!
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    18. Danxx444
      I was curious to know one thing ... what will be the effect of hardware acceleration in general? in games for example ... I do not own a PS3 CFW, I just asked out of curiosity.:D
    19. atreyu187
      Thanks was about to post this but I figured you might since we spoke of it in Reddit. Please share anything you might find lurking around. You always seem to find new obscure stuff, wether it be Dreamcast or PS3.
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    20. Neal Cullum
      Neal Cullum
      Better emulation I would think and possibly more homebrew. Alot I don't understand either lol. N64 could be a possibility
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