PS3 [UPDATE] Mr. Burns & Smither's Tools (by psykosis): A new tool for ISO Generation + Burn to disc

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

By psykosis on Mar 2, 2017 at 12:26 PM
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    Since the recent advancement in COBRA CFW (payload) thanks to one of deank additions that made playing games from a backup disc possible saving some HDD space for those wanting to keep your originals in good standing but may not have the space to hold your collection. It was only a matter of time before we started see some tools that would be designed with this new feature in mind and long time friend of psx-place developer psykosis has released Mr. Burns. This simple app is based on makeps3iso by developer estwald (Iris Manager's dev aka Hermes), the toll will convert a folder format (JB folder) to an ISO file and then will call imgburn to then burn your ISO to a disc and playable on Cobra 7.52 +.


    • v0.2
      • Merged Convert and Burn Buttons
      • Cosmetic, added icons, systray icon.
      • updated the page to show new features.
      • I'll probably be working on batch today

    • If you like mr burns, you might like smithers too!
      • Batch conversion
      • custom destination.
      • Burning not implemented as of yet, but will be once I finish the back end for it.

    • Since the best combo currently to use is supposed to be estwalds latest makeps3iso (link provided by sandugas) and imageburn. I put together this small app to make it a little easier...

      Mr. Burns
      • Very small app, just a front end for makeps3iso
      • can add more features at a later time.
      • Currently separated the convert/burn process until a bug is worked out. :)
      • Merged convert/burn process in 0.2
      • Added icons, sounds to 0.3
      • Added drag and drop folders to 0.3
      • Added minor error correction (checks for ps3_game folder)
      • Sounds are located in appfolder\tools\sounds and can be deleted without issue
      • It is required to have imgburn installed on default location (will work with 32 or 64 bit locations)
      • Now shows source directory on window as of 0.3
      Conducted Test on:
      • On Rebug 4.81.2 w/ cobra 7.52 via 2.0.13 toolbox

    • Update to the latest Mr. Smithers!!!
      I removed the deploy extension as suggested
      I added an additional form "Patches" that can do basically md5 right now, but more later
      I added an option to use genps3iso if you choose to instead of makeps3iso
      I changed how the iso files are named, to exactly as the folder is named
      I cleaned up a bunch of code not being used (msgbox type debug stuff)
      Drag and drop functionality added for both folder and iso
      I may merge "Patches" into "Mr. Smithers application at some point soon to reduce size
      More information available from github as well :)
      now with "patches", genps3iso 2.0 option, and more!

    • Added new features, and improved interface a little. removed unused code.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

    1. sandungas

      If someone finds some problem with makeps3iso please post it to have a record of the posible bugs remaining
      At this point seems to be bug-free but could happen
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    2. psykosis
      Do we know if split works? I can incorporate that as a feature, but if it's not going to work for deanks patch, no sense in adding at this point :)
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    3. sandungas
      Yes, splitted ISO was implemented in iris nearlly at the same time than ISO support
      Makeps3iso has been always the official tool to create ISO for iris, also the same code is used inside iris so any ISO made by iris or any of his forks should be exactlly like an ISO made with makeps3iso.exe on PC

      This splitted ISO support later was inherited by the iris forks.... like irisman, managunz, sonic manager etc... so all them should work fine with splitted ISO made with makeps3iso.exe

      Personally is something i never used, the only purpose of splitted ISO is to store them in a FAT32 hdd, when ISO support was implemented i decided to move to NTFS and to ignore completlly the splitted ISO feature
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    4. psykosis
      The whole purpose of this app is to use makeps3iso support deanks patch, and to make it easy for end users in the long run. Not sure if split works with deanks patch or not. :)
    5. alimao
      Testing god of war 3 ,45gb I get error. It only works by restarting the plasytatios 3 with disk inside . other so far perfect
      Genps3iso_v2.0 tool used and god of war 3 ripei with multiman method creates iso
    6. Joonie
      Weird, that's exactly the same bug caused by genps3iso (2.3-5)

      Btw mr.burns isn't responsible for your result since you didn't use mr.burns to generate the iso for your test

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    7. sandungas
      Splitted ISO are not going to work for burned discs, so there is no need to implement it in your app imo

      There is a problem with all iso creation tools though, deank explained it here and i think he was right in pointing that this could be a problem

      One of the scenarios he explained is a bit related with "splitted" files (splitted in between layers inside a dual layer disc)
      Only could happen with dual layer discs, dvd dual layer for PS2, or bluray dual layer for PS3
      It could happen that one of the files is located in between layers... and this could not be right for the consoles, maybe is bad for the laser lens (sony lenses are picky, pun intended), or maybe the game is going to crash when reading that file, is hard to know, and is hard to know the requirements for PS2/PS3 dual layer discs layouts, maybe they uses "dummyes" or maybe simply are displaced to the second layer, i have no idea

      Is going to be needed some tests and user reports to know if there is really a problem with this or we are just being paranoid (i tend to be until proved wrong)

      From PS2 days all i remember is there was at least 3 games that used DVD-DL
      -One of the gran turismos (last one for PS2 i guess)
      -One of the god of wars
      -Tourist trophy

      I tryed to burn them in DVD-DL back at the day, but all i could get was several coasters
    8. alimao
      I tested with mr.burns perfect job god of war 3. 45 gb
      Creating with multiman received error when playing the game
      Works perfect, with console restarts, with disk inside
      Great tool. Could by an option of making several in sequence
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    9. Berion
      @sandungas That's a good trail. Maybe is also important layer break sector number?

      Rogue Galaxy is also on DVD9 (as I remember).

      In case of PS2 and DL. There is also important (at least on PS2) to patch media flag (OTP vs PTP chcecks).
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    10. psykosis
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    11. psykosis
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    12. W00fer
      2 things that I miss: convert only option.
      And second is how to add other files to the ISO.
      I used genps3iso to have some other music files in a separate folder (MY_STUFF). It works.
      Burning a blu-ray for only e.g. 11GB (of total 23GB) for example is quite a waste imo.
      With genps3iso 2.0 it works by pointing it to a directory with 2 subfolders:

      GenPS3ISO has some GUI's but they are fairly limited.

      Also, for example NFS Most Wanted has stutters in the ingame movies. Deank commented that movies may be pressed on the outer positions of the disc in order to speed up reading times. The exact disc layout could be different since that game is under 5 GB.
    13. Berion
      Would be awesome for the scene if someone write a patcher for *.iso, instead of app creation ISO. There are many professional disc image tools which give user full control over ISO processing (like control over LBA or LB, or we could even use PS2 utilities to build BD image from IML (lol this one could be fun)). So... it's perfect exclusive function for GUI like this. ;)
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    14. psykosis
      Nekrovert 4.66 PR1 had an iso patching utility. :)
    15. atreyu187

      Perhaps adding a dummy file would help pushing the data further to the edge. Ah reminds me of the old Dreamcast days
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    16. psykosis
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    17. alimao
      Mr. Burns I get black screen in some games, uncharted 2, god of war 3 version rip 23gb
      Thing that in genps3iso v2.0 I do not receive and both created iso game works perfectly
    18. psykosis
      hmm. It's good to note which games do not work. Nekrovert has a genps3iso 2.0 option, and a few more features. :)
      I'll be bringing more features to smithers soon. :)
    19. psykosis
      If I can get a list of games that don't work with makeps3iso but do with genps3iso 2.0, i can write up something inside the apps to switch to genps3iso in case of those instances. currently uses latest compiled exe of makeps3iso (provided by sandugas)
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