PS3 [UPDATE] Mr. Burns & Smither's Tools (by psykosis): A new tool for ISO Generation + Burn to disc

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

By psykosis on Mar 2, 2017 at 12:26 PM
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    Since the recent advancement in COBRA CFW (payload) thanks to one of deank additions that made playing games from a backup disc possible saving some HDD space for those wanting to keep your originals in good standing but may not have the space to hold your collection. It was only a matter of time before we started see some tools that would be designed with this new feature in mind and long time friend of psx-place developer psykosis has released Mr. Burns. This simple app is based on makeps3iso by developer estwald (Iris Manager's dev aka Hermes), the toll will convert a folder format (JB folder) to an ISO file and then will call imgburn to then burn your ISO to a disc and playable on Cobra 7.52 +.


    • v0.2
      • Merged Convert and Burn Buttons
      • Cosmetic, added icons, systray icon.
      • updated the page to show new features.
      • I'll probably be working on batch today

    • If you like mr burns, you might like smithers too!
      • Batch conversion
      • custom destination.
      • Burning not implemented as of yet, but will be once I finish the back end for it.

    • Since the best combo currently to use is supposed to be estwalds latest makeps3iso (link provided by sandugas) and imageburn. I put together this small app to make it a little easier...

      Mr. Burns
      • Very small app, just a front end for makeps3iso
      • can add more features at a later time.
      • Currently separated the convert/burn process until a bug is worked out. :)
      • Merged convert/burn process in 0.2
      • Added icons, sounds to 0.3
      • Added drag and drop folders to 0.3
      • Added minor error correction (checks for ps3_game folder)
      • Sounds are located in appfolder\tools\sounds and can be deleted without issue
      • It is required to have imgburn installed on default location (will work with 32 or 64 bit locations)
      • Now shows source directory on window as of 0.3
      Conducted Test on:
      • On Rebug 4.81.2 w/ cobra 7.52 via 2.0.13 toolbox

    • Update to the latest Mr. Smithers!!!
      I removed the deploy extension as suggested
      I added an additional form "Patches" that can do basically md5 right now, but more later
      I added an option to use genps3iso if you choose to instead of makeps3iso
      I changed how the iso files are named, to exactly as the folder is named
      I cleaned up a bunch of code not being used (msgbox type debug stuff)
      Drag and drop functionality added for both folder and iso
      I may merge "Patches" into "Mr. Smithers application at some point soon to reduce size
      More information available from github as well :)
      now with "patches", genps3iso 2.0 option, and more!

    • Added new features, and improved interface a little. removed unused code.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by psykosis, Mar 2, 2017.

    1. sandungas
      Yes, and some other homebrews also uses makeps3iso because is open source
      No, we can say the sony standard are the iso files generated with the official tools, someone was talking about this the other day in the cobra thread and seems to create good iso to burn in bluray in all cases
      I cant tell, i have not tested to burn any disc, i just been reading at developers comments and users reports
      It seems for dual layer BD discs the only that works is the official one
      Makeps3iso seems to be relliable for single layer BD discs
      Genps3iso seems to have some problems not present in makeps3iso
      And last is the 3k3y iso tool that has lot of problems

      As far i know most of the apps you can find to create iso for PS3 uses that tools internally, the graphical user interface and the options availables can be different, but in the core there are just these 3 unofficial options (makeps3iso, genps3iso, 3k3yiso)

      I could be wrong in what i just wrote about the reliability of this tools... maybe i missed some bug reports, if someone wants to point to a mistake please do
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    2. psykosis
      Genps3iso is more towards standards than makeps3iso, whereas makeps3iso was a more simplified approach. Multiman uses genps3iso, iris uses makeps3iso

      makeps3iso has pretty good compatibility, genps3iso 2.0 supposed to have better compatibility.
      There are supposed to be a few games that do not work with genps3iso 2.0, that do work with 2.5, and vice versa as well.

      I thought about having latest make/gen and gen2.0 on smithers, but was more along the lines of hoping that someone was able to fix the issues with any broken iso from makeps3iso, thus makng the open source solution more robust.

      I got stuck with progress due to my own inability to get genps3iso source and possibly my own skill in coding once i had source, lol.

      Hope it helps, its just the information i've come across from perusing :)
    3. sandungas
      I ordered them that way because by now i have not seen any bug report from makeps3iso (a good one well reported with accurate info)... other than the problems related with dual layer discs that seems to be common for all homebrew iso tools

      The thread i mentioned where can be seen a few reports is this one
      Im linking to a message from @borzas2010 that seems was making lot of tests, maybe he can give a bit more info about the problems he found
    4. arcadekidflo
      So , which one do i use ? I am only interested in games under 8.5GB that will burn on DVD DL . I read about makeps3iso 1.98 is that ok ? Since i can't find that generator 3.0
      Also , can you convert a PSN game to disc without adding .rap/rif files to internal hdd ? At least some c00 games .
    5. pinky
      the last question is yes, u can. look up psn liberator. u'll need the rap to decrypt files. I'm not sure if it can work with rif files or not. to convert to rap, take the act.dat of the account that purchased the game, ur idps, and the rap and use rif2rap. it can even batch convert, so u can do multiple games at once.

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