PS Vita / Ps TV [Update - New Plans] ReDream (DreamCast Emulator) porting to VITA & PSTV from Rinnegatamante

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    UPDATE: Change in port plans, view new details listed bellow in marked update
    Developer Rinnegatamante whom we recently interviewed in the Power Supply Series and who has ported a Nintendo 64 emulator to the PS Vita / PS TV recently with the release of Deadalus x64. Has another emulation project that many will be excited for as this shapes up, especially after seeing the great progress of d x64's n64 emulation so far to this point. Now ReDream (A Sega Dreamcast Emulator) is being ported to the PS Vita as a libretro core running on RetroArch (Vita), so far its early progress, However, it looks like potential could be untapped from a developer who has some experience with the platform and emulation porting.. So far its rendering of graphics are in the early stages, so stay tuned for more progress reports from the developer..

    Until then tell us in the comments below what is your favorite Dreamcast Game or memories from SEGA last hardware adventure.


      • May 31: That's the RetroDream core running on a Ryzen 5 2600x with x86 DynaRec that's currently getting ported to Vita. As can be seen, CPU usage stands around the 3-4% over such a CPU and the RAM usage is under 200 MB. Fairly sure we can get this to work decently on Vita/New3DS.
        • EZYbUV0WoAURALz.jpg
        • As a comparison, FlyCast core requires twice the performance sticking around a 6-7% CPU usage. RetroDream target is fast DreamCast emulation sacrificying in accuracy. Kinda like what Daedalus X64 achieves for N64 emulation.
      • June 2: Started rendering something.
        • EZh3RVkWkAM4KpJ.jpg
      • June 3: Properly honoring RetroArch viewport.
      • Dreamcast (emu) on Vita UPDATE:
      • June 23 - Change of plans for what concerning DC emulation on Vita. Since ReDream opensourced code is extremely buggy on ARM devices and since we didn't manage to solve those, I'll take a look at porting FlyCast instead. This last one already has full ARM support so we shouldn't get suck.

    Checkout @Rinnegatamante 's Twitter for latest info and progress :
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 3, 2020.

    1. pinky
      I have vivid memories of this console. I went splurging at gamestop for the system and games. I must've spent $400. this was like a week before I joined the military, so I gamed as much as possible. funny thing is that the system had a price drop like a week or two later, so I felt ripped off.
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    2. DazzzteL96
      If you manage to do this, a lot of fans will be very very grateful to you for your work. It is still my dream that someday my PS3 Super Slim will be able to launch the Dreamcast games.
    3. Unbreakable
      Hola soy nuevo pero un amante mas de la psvita queria saber si aparte de este proyecto tienes pensado hacer otros mas en verdad se te agradece mucho el esfuerzo que has puesto y de parte mía muchas gracias por este maravilloso aporte espero que puedas lograr tu objetivo
    4. sandungas
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    5. STLcardsWS
      Update: New plans see main post

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